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Casa Particulares: Where to Stay in Havana for $20

Casa particulares are everywhere in Havana, Cuba! Find out why it’s the best type of accommodation in the city & how to choose the right one that fits your needs and budget.

Top 20 Propaganda Billboards in Cuba

While the Cuban Revolution ended in 1959, in reality the Revolution is alive & well – join us on a tour of Cuba via its Top 20 Propaganda Billboards!

7 Day Cuba Itinerary: Top 4 Destinations

Experience the best of Cuba with our 7 Day Cuba Itinerary – find out which places make the list & start planning your Cuban vacation today! You can see it all in 7-10 days!

One Month Cuba Itinerary: Top 18 Destinations

Take full advantage of the 30 day visa & experience Cuba before it changes forever – find out the Top 18 places to visit in our one month Cuba itinerary!

Cuba’s Dual Currency: CUC and CUP Money FAQ

  Cuba has dual currency. Learn the difference between Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) and Cuban Pesos (CUP), how to get money, and where to exchange it. We answer all your questions regarding Cuba’s dual currencies.

Old Havana, Cuba: Self-Guided Walking Tour

bookOld Havana tries hard to separate you from your convertibles, but you can plaza hop with food and drink for less than 5 CUC ($5). Find out more on our self-guided walking tour of Old Havana.

Cuba Budget Travel Guide: 7 Essential Things to Know

From transport & casa particulares to food & money, our Cuba Budget Travel Guide gets straight to the essentials you need to know before you go.

Government, Private & Tourist Restaurants in Cuba

So you know all about peso street food… now find out the differences between government, private & tourist restaurants in Cuba!

Camiones in Cuba: Budget Local Transport

Forget Viazul buses & colectivo taxis – jump aboard camiones in Cuba & discover the cheapest way to travel around the island. Do you have what it takes?

Transport in Cuba: 7 Ways of Getting Around

There’s Viazul buses, secondhand French trains, colectivo shared taxis… find out what else makes out list of the 7 most popular forms of long-distance transport in Cuba!

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