White Water Rafting in Honduras with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras: White Water Rafting, La Ceiba

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White water rafting on Rio Cangrejal with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras was one of our highlights while traveling through Central America. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity when in La Ceiba, Honduras!

Why we Chose La Moskitia Ecoaventuras

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras is the original white water rafting company in La Ceiba, and has over 24 years of experience.

Jorge (the owner) is still hands-on, and very prompt with responding to our DIY Travel HQ e-mails

A tour includes return transportation from La Ceiba, equipment, bilingual guides, and a light meal at the end.

Plus, how many places in the world can you go white water rafting for $45 per person? It’s one of the best-value tourist attractions in Honduras.

* Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance before any trip to Honduras. We’ve been using World Nomads for over 10 years – it’s the best-value provider we’ve found & we’ve also never had any issues on the few occasions we’ve had to make a claim.

La Moskitia Ecoventuras Jungle Lodge

Welcome to the Jungle Lodge & get ready for the time of your life!

What to Expect Before Rafting with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras

My last white water experiences have been in a canoe so we were both very excited to get on the water in a raft.

(We would also go white water rafting in Costa Rica later in our travels around Central America).

Remember to come prepared to get wet, which was not something I was used to in a canoe.

A change of clothes, and sneakers are the only other things you need to worry about bringing.

You will be securing your foot in a rope so bare feet or sandals are not recommended.

Ready to Go White Water Rafting on Rio Cangrejal

All suited up & ready to get on the water!

Our first impression of Jorge was one of professionalism.

He said he would be at our hotel at 8 am, and arrived at precisely that time.

This wasn’t the Central American time we have grown accustomed to.

It took about 30 minutes to get to the Jungle Lodge from La Ceiba, which is where you typically start your white water rafting trip.

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras Transportation

Take a ride on the wild side with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras!

After descending the extended driveway, we got prepared for white water rafting.

This included finding the correct life vest, helmet, & paddle before securing our personal belongings.

At this time, we also got a briefing for the remainder of the day and signed the waiver release.

La Moskitia Ecoventuras Suited Up for White Water Rafting on Rio Cangrejal

Ready to hit the water after getting fitted for safety equipment.

White Water Rafting Instructions & Practice on Rio Cangrejal

As I mentioned earlier, most tour groups depart from Jungle Lodge.

However, we were going white water rafting after Hurricane Otto rained for the better part of a week in Central America.

This meant that the first section was too hazardous for our group of beginners.

Luckily, Jorge’s solution was to do the same section twice that met our experience level.

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras Guide Carrying the Raft

On our way back to start the second run!

Once the guides skillfully carried the rafts down to our entry point, we received our tutorial in either English or Spanish.

The group leader, Jorge in our case, demonstrated how to paddle for true beginners, the different rowing commands, how to brace for impact, and emergency procedures should you fall out.

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras Rowing Instructions

You get the same briefing if you are a pro or a beginner so don’t be shy about your experience level.

What we loved was the simplicity of everything.

As long as you can follow commands, anyone can go white water rafting. Each raft’s guide tells you exactly what to do & when.

The only thing you have to worry about is following them, and working in unison with the other rafters.

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras White Water Rafting Instructions

Taking a refresher on how to safely go white water rafting.

We were then able to practice the techniques in a calm section of Rio Cangrejal.

The main ones were rowing forward, backwards, and getting down to brace for impact.

Assuming you mastered those, your guide would then work on turning which involved both sides rowing in opposite directions.

The general goal you want to take away is to be moving faster than the current so you don’t get stuck in a ‘hole’.

White Water Rafting on Rio Cangrejal Practicing Drills

Practicing our drills & making sure we were fit to go white water rafting.

White Water Rafting on Rio Cangrejal with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras

The stretch of river that we covered was a lot of fun, and flowing very fast from the recent rainfall.

You quickly get to test your skills & see how well you work as a team since the first set of rapids were less than 50 meters from our entry point.

The three other rafts had groups of four with a guide, while we had to rely on just ourselves aside from the guide!

Rio Cangrejal White Water Rafting Groups

For safety reasons groups took turns hitting the rapids, but no one was ever far away.

Hitting the first waves quickly got your attention as the water splashed into the boat & drenched anyone in front.

It felt like a theme park ride, but in an uncontrolled environment.

You are in control of your own destiny on Rio Cangrejal as you ride the bends & avoid the boulders.

You can forget about everything else in the world as you make your way through each set of rapids.

White Water Rafting on Rio Cangrejal

Finding out if you like white water rafting is like trial by fire…you just have to go with the flow.

In between the rapids you can take a break and enjoy the stunning scenery found in Parque Nacional Pico Bonito.

They don’t call it pretty for no reason.

Just look at the stunning waterfall that pours down into Rio Cangrejal!

Rio Cangrejal Pico Bonito Waterfall

The scenery while white water rafting is absolutely stunning!

The other fun activity is having a go at the other rafts & trying to soak them with the use of your paddle.

If you are sneaky, you can also use the handle on your oar to pull someone into the river from behind.

Thankfully, the water is a pleasant temperature so you can actually enjoy these moments.

The best rapid for us was right at the end. It was the longest we experienced, and also the fiercest.

You would get through one giant wave, and then face the next one immediately.

Each dip would require you to paddle harder & faster to keep the forward momentum.

On our second run we actually got pinned against a giant boulder, and had to use all our might to escape the current that was pushing us into it.

Thankfully, everyone finished both runs safely (albeit some in the raft & others out that couldn’t wait for a swim) & we headed back to the Jungle Lodge for a light meal.

Rio Cangrejal White Water Rafting with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras

Secure your foot & hope for the best when you hit an intense set of rapids!

Return to River Lodge

How do you fit 19 soaking wet people inside a modified SUV? You don’t!

Anyone that wants a seat can get one inside, but you also have the option to try road rafting in the trailer.

This might be just as much fun as you bounce around with the countless potholes along this remote stretch of road.

La Moskitia Ecoventuras White Water Rafting Transportation

You can see the excitement from white water rafting on everyone’s faces!

Once back at the River Lodge, you can change before enjoying juice, fruits, & a light meal.

Keep an eye out for resident toucans as well. We spotted a pair in the surrounding trees.

When everyone was finished recharging their batteries, we headed back to La Ceiba.

La Moskitia Ecoventuras Fruit Snack

It’s time to replenish your energy after a great time on Rio Cangrejal.

Know Before You Go

  • Hours: 8 am – 1 pm or 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Price: $45/person with a minimum of 2 & discounts with additional members
  • What’s Included: La Ceiba return transportation, all equipment, bilingual guide, & a light meal (Bonus: Bring your GoPro with attachment adapter & they probably have a spare helmet mount to use)
  • Contact Information:

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White water rafting on Rio Cangrejal with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras was one of our highlights while traveling through Central America. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity when in La Ceiba, Honduras! La Moskitia Ecoaventuras is the original white water rafting company in La Ceiba, and has over 40 years of experience. A tour includes return transportation, equipment, bilingual guides, and a light meal at the end. Plus, how many places in the world can you go rafting for $45 per person?

***The Final Word – If you are in this part of the world, you need to go white water rafting with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras!***

Where have you tried white water rafting before?

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Not recommended DIY travel; take a tour instead

* Thank you to Jorge & La Moskitia Ecoaventuras for hosting us. No payment was received for this review, but our white water rafting tour was complimentary. As always, all opinions remain our own.


  1. This sounds really amazing!!! I would love to get soaking wet right now if it meant I was whitewater rafting in Honduras. We tried in Nepal and I also did it in the US and it is just so fun!

    1. White water rafting is a blast. I think it is helped that there really aren’t many places to do it in the world so it is always a treat when you get the chance. Nepal must be great with all the water from the Himalayas.

  2. What a deal for this experience! The surrounding nature itself is worth more and you got to ride the river with those views! It’s great to hear that the tour guide takes pride in his company and maintains the level of professionalism to ensure visitors have an enjoyable time. We have never gone white water rafting, but it seems like this would be the place if we make it there some day!

    1. Isn’t it such a bargain?! I guess all the tour guides love what they do, and want to keep doing it far into the future. Hopefully you get the chance to make it there one day.

  3. White water rafting is one of our favourite sports. We’ve been rafting in Asia and Europe, but some the most intense rafting was actually in the USA. The little state of West Virginia, has some awesome white water rafting. There’s not that many other big draws there, but the rafting is amazing.

    1. You are both very lucky to have so many great experiences. West Virginia is still relatively far from New York, but much closer than Colorado. I still need to try the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey.

  4. This really looks like a perfect spent day with a bit of everything. You had the rafting challenge, great company of good people, nice food and of course an amazing location. I really would like to try this out one for myself since it must be really fun.
    The prices also look absolutely OK if you consider for what kind of experience you get for this. really cool, thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. That scenery during the water rafting is indeed stunning. There are some similar water rafting places in India too. Rishikesh is particularly famous. You should try sometimes

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! I will have to check it out on my next trip to Central America.

    1. This area is one of the few places in Honduras worth exploring. You have diving on Utila, and white water rafting in La Ceiba. Even though the coast is slightly out of the way, it is key for a good time in Central America.

  7. This looks like it was a lot of fun to raft, especially after the hurricane! It’s comforting to know that they valued safety, sometimes you wonder what corners are being cut and it’s good you felt like they covered all of their bases.

    I’m curious how you were able to take so many photos of you rafting in action. What kind of camera did you use?

    1. We were actually very lucky that Jorge, the owner of La Moskitia Ecoaventuras was driving the van that day and agreed to take pictures for us. He knew all the key spots to catch us enjoying the rapids. You can tell this was not his first rodeo.

  8. White water rafting is so much fun! I’m glad they took care for your safety and arrived on time! Unheard of in Latin America!

    1. Haha yep that’s Latin America time… we were picked up right on the dot & were so shocked 🙂

  9. Yes, agreed! As long as we can follow commands, we can go white water rafting. Cause I just did my first white water rafting (in Indonesia) not long ago and it’s not as scary as I thought. Lol..Wouldn’t mind to do it again. 🙂

  10. I’ve always wanted to go white-water rafting. It seems terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! I’m definitely going to check out this company whenever I make my way to Honduras. Saving this post for later!

  11. Water rafting is such a blast and I’ve always loved taking so much risk into this kind of activities! In so glad you enjoyed it!

    1. At least for our tour with La Moskitia Ecoaventuras, it didn’t feel like taking a risk since we knew we were in great hands. We just looked at it as one set of rapids at a time.

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