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Welcome to the New Palmira Hostel in Tegucigalpa!

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The popular Palmira Hostel in Tegucigalpa just got even better – check out its new property at the former Embassy of Ecuador, complete with a fabulous rooftop terrace & the best views of the capital of Honduras!

Most travellers pass through Tegucigalpa on the way into our out of Honduras.

Despite its reputation, there’s little danger during daylight – the downtown area has some attractive colonial architecture & interesting museums to spend a day or 2 exploring.

We recommend Tegus on our 1 month Honduras itinerary.

What’s more, some of Honduras’ best hiking trails can be found on its doorstep, with the beautiful Parque Nacional La Tigra just 22km away from the capital.

The new Palmira Hostel makes an extended stay in Tegucigalpa even more inviting – see why many travellers like us here at DIY Travel HQ end up staying longer than they had planned!

Hammocks Palmira Hostel

Enjoy the good life at the new Palmira Hostel!

Location of Palmira Hostel

The new Palmira hostel is still located in Colonia Palmira, the safest neighbourhood in Tegucigalpa.

This is the embassy district of the capital, with the United Nations building & American Embassy less than 2 blocks away – in fact, Palmira Hostel was actually the former Embassy of Ecuador.

So if you’ve ever wanted to spend a night at an embassy, this is your chance 🙂

You’ll also find supermarkets, restaurants & banks within walking distance of Palmira Hostel, along with pubs, bars & live music.

Palmira Hostel Honduras

Palmira Hostel is very secure, in the safest neighbourhood in Tegucigalpa

Dorm at Palmira Hostel

Palmira Hostel offers one large 16-bed dorm for budget travellers. It’s a long, large room with plenty of space, fans & locker storage (bring your own lock).

Each bed also comes with 2 pillows each!

One advantage of a large dorm is that you have a great chance of getting a sought-after bottom bunk, especially if it’s not fully booked.

The dorm actually feels more like two 8-bed dorms, as there’s additional space in between & separate light switches.

Dorm room Palmira Hostel

A dorm bed in the best neighbourhood in Tegucigalpa is just $10.00

There are also 2 full bathrooms, each with their own toilet & shower.

Both the dorm & bathrooms were always very clean during our stay.

We were really surprised to find our sheets changed everyday too – not something you ever expect from a hostel!

Dorm bathroom Palmira Hostel

There are 2 full bathrooms in the dorm room

Kitchen at Palmira Hostel

Palmira Hostel offers a huge full kitchen for use.

From an oven & microwave to a fridge & toaster, there’s really everything here you need to cook.

All the crockery & cutlery looked brand new too.

Kitchen Palmira Hostel

The huge kitchen is a pleasure to cook in!

You can enjoy your home-cooked meals in the patio area next to the kitchen.

There are 2 large picnic tables, under the shade of umbrellas.

There’s also a free barbeque for use as well as free purified drinking water.

Patio Palmira Hostel

Enjoy your meals at a picnic table in the patio

Rooftop Terrace at Palmira Hostel

The rooftop terrace at Palmira Hostel has the WOW factor!

There are beautiful outdoor lounges & chairs to relax in, around wooden coffee tables with charming bonsai plants!

It can get pretty hot up here, so put up the large sun umbrellas if you need some shade.

Other seating areas include a table & chairs, a hammock & a cute wooden swing set – you can find more hammocks on the lower level.

You can even watch tv & I loved the outdoor outlets so I could blog in the sun!

Rooftop terrace Palmira Hostel

Relax in the fantastic rooftop terrace!

There are free hand weights to use at any time of the day, if you can’t wait for the free yoga & workout sessions every evening!

Personally, we preferred watching the sun go down with a few beers 🙂

The rooftop terrace is a great social area to meet other travellers but it’s also large enough that you can have your own privacy if you prefer.

It’s surrounded by many trees around the property, facing a fantastic view of Tegucigalpa.

You can even see the 32m tall Cristo del Picacho (statue of Christ) on the pine-studded slopes of the Parque Nacional El Picacho.

Rooftop terrace views Palmira Hostel

Check out the views from the rooftop terrace!

Other Features of Palmira Hotel

  • High-speed wifi
  • Free bicycle rental
  • Free barbeque to use
  • Free walking city tours (Tues-Sat, 2:00pm)
  • 24 hour reception
  • Airport pickup upon request
  • Laundry at $5 a load (stay 5 nights, receive 1 free load!)
  • Book exchange & board games
  • City information & up to date bus schedules
Book Palmira Hostel

24 hour reception at Palmira Hostel

Things to See & Do in Tegucigalpa

With these attractions, Tegucigalpa (Tegus for short) is more than a stopover city

  • Museo para la Identidad Nacional – learn about the history & identity of Honduras
  • Galeria Nacional de Arte – check out the work of the finest artists’ in Honduras
  • Parque Nacional La Tigra – spot wildlife & hike through cloud forests
  • Basilica de Suyapa – visit the most important church in Honduras
  • Valle de Angeles – shop for handicrafts in this charming colonial town
Tegucigalpa Church

Iglesia y Convento de Nuestra Señora de la Merced in downtown Tegucigalpa

Palmira Hostel Wrap-Up

We were really surprised by the all-round value for money at Palmira Hostel.

It’s location in the embassy district of Colonia Palmira is the safest in the city & we appreciated the added security of the 24 hour reception.

The dorm & bathrooms were clean at all times – private double, triple & quadruple rooms with ensuite bathrooms are also available.

The rooftop terrace is super-stylish, especially at night with the fairy lights on.

All of the furniture & equipment throughout Palmira Hostel is brand new & of top quality. We loved cooking in the well-stocked kitchen, it’s always nice having clean cutlery & pans in a hostel and not having to search high & low for this piece or that!

The owner Hernan is Tegucigalpa born & bred so he’s a wealth of information on anything you want to know about the capital.

With added bonuses like board games & a barbecue, free bike rental & walking tour, there’s plenty of things to keep you happily entertained both inside & outside – if you’re planning to visit Tegucigalpa, there’s really no better place to stay than Palmira Hostel!

Palmira Hostel new location

Palmira Hostel is the best-value accommodation in Tegucigalpa!

Know Before You Go

Address: Colonia Palmira Ave. Republica del Peru 4ta. Calle No. 7 (former Embassy of Ecuador),  Tegucigalpa

Price: Dorm $10.00, Double room $30.00, Quadruple room $50.00, Hammock $5.00

Contact information:

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We were really surprised by the all-round value for money at Palmira Hostel. It's location in the embassy district of Colonia Palmira is the safest in the city & we appreciated the added security of the 24 hour reception. The dorm & bathrooms were clean at all times – private double, triple & quadruple rooms with ensuite bathrooms are also available. The rooftop terrace is super-stylish, especially at night with the fairy lights on.


*** The Final Word – Check out the new Palmira Hostel for the best-value accommodation in Tegucigalpa! **

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* Thank you to Hernan & Palmira Hostel for hosting us!

Visited in December 2016


    1. Author

      Like many hostels…the common areas make or break the place. Thankfully, the exquisite roof top lounge and other areas made visiting Tegucigalpa even more enjoyable.

  1. Although this might sound strange, I have never stayed in a hostel! I hope to do so someday and when I do, this place seems like the perfect place to try for a value and safe, convenient location. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Wow the hostel looks brilliant and clean and well organized with lots of space to mingle. Love the fact that it was an embassy before and that there is some history to it. It’s become so important to have good clean and well maintained hostels now with the growing backpacking trend and always nice to see people go out of their way to make something unique and inviting.

    1. Author

      You can tell a lot of thought went into all the choices during the conversion from embassy to hostel at Palmira Hostel. You are 100% correct that as backpacking becomes more mainstream hostels will have to provide better facilities to compete. Those that get a head start now will reap most of the benefits.

  3. This looks like a cool hostel. Having a clean and functional kitchen is a big plus. And the price is very reasonable.

    1. Author

      A big kitchen does make a difference, especially when it has quality cookware to use. Sometimes you just want one of your favorite dishes instead of local cuisine when on the road for a long time. The dorms at Palmira Hostel are priced the same as their competitors, but with much better common areas.

  4. This is a great review of what looks like a great hostel. I’ll have to keep this in mind whenever I make it to Honduras.

  5. When I Travel, I usally stay in a Hostel because I really love to meet new people from all over the world, and share our experiences…Honduras is on my bucket list, so for me is great to know that this is a great Hostel, so I can add it to my list…thank you so much for sharing these important infos 🙂

  6. The view from the terrace is beautiful! I haven’t yet visited Honduras (plans for last year fell through and I ended up in Guatemala instead!) but when I do I’ll be sure to keep the hostel in mind 🙂 Sounds fantastic and such a good price!

    1. Author

      Guatemala is a great country. I’m sure you enjoyed your time there. Palmira Hostel is lovely, but you also get to mix with Hondurans as well at the hostel. There are few places where locals are guests too. Many come for a holiday, or to work on getting a visa for other countries.

  7. I have never stayed in a hostel before but this looks pretty interesting. Not what I would have expected. You definitely could save a few dollars and have some great views. Thanks for sharing, always a new consideration.

    1. Author

      To me, hostel really just refers to accommodation with more character and social common space than a hotel. You can choose a dorm if traveling solo or on a budget, but you can also choose from their private rooms as well. I’m still surprised by how many people aren’t aware that hostels are more than ‘filthy dorms’. However, I still don’t see dorms in the US despite there being numerous options in cities. They just aren’t so prevalent.

  8. Central America is definitely in the cards soon but I am pretty worried about the hostel experience so this is reassuring to say the least. I love the rooftop terrace set-up, there’s nothing more comforting than a swagged out space.

    1. Author

      Not everywhere will have a hostel in Central America, but the more popular places will. However, rooms are also cheap in smaller places so you can get the best of both while traveling.

  9. You had my attention at “hiking trails,” sucked me in with great pictures, and completely sold me with $10/night lol looks amazing!

    1. Author

      La Tigra is one of the best places to spot the quetzal, which is ironically the national bird in Guatemala. Palmira Hostel is a great base for exploring around Tegucigalpa.

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