Finca el Paraiso Waterfall

Visit Finca el Paraiso: Hot Spring Guatemala Waterfall

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This hot spring Guatemala waterfall is one of Central America’s hidden gems – find out how to get from Rio Dulce to Finca El Paraiso, secret spots and how to avoid the entrance fee!

How to Get From Rio Dulce to Finca el Paraiso

Getting to Finca el Paraiso is easy from Rio Dulce Town.

Simply hop in a microbus (Q15 / $2.05 ) at the intersection of the main highway and the street with Hotel Yair.

Ask to get off at Finca el Paraiso, and catch a return microbus across the street from the entrance.

If you’re in the region, don’t miss this hot spring waterfall – it’s one of the top designations in Guatemala!

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Guatemala waterfall

Microbuses to Finca el Paraiso and Castillo de San Felipe depart on opposite sides of the street.

Avoiding the Finca el Paraiso Entrance Fee

When you arrive from Rio Dulce to Finca el Paraiso, you may have to pay an entrance fee.

Avoiding the Q10 / $1.40 entrance fee for Finca el Paraiso is easiest if you have a smartphone with the app

Simply stop the microbus a couple hundred meters before arriving at Finca el Paraiso, walk behind the houses, and cross the shallow stream once you are 100 meters from the road.

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Locals Crossing Finca el Paraiso Stream with Wood on Backs

Cross the stream in the opposite direction, and you can avoid the Finca el Pqraiso entrance fee.

The entrance is on the other side of the stream, and isn’t very official-looking.

When we here at DIY Travel HQ showed up a guy in normal street clothes approached us for Q15 / $2.05.

We weren’t sure he wasn’t a hustler, and we would have to pay again so we checked with two ladies at the restaurant.

They seemed even shadier so we went back to the guy and asked for a ticket before paying.

The ticket stated Q10 / $1.40 so we paid him that. Have change to avoid getting ripped off.

Finca el Paraiso Entrance

Try your luck at the entrance, or go around to avoid the fee.

Visiting Finca el Paraiso

Finca el Paraiso is roughly 500 meters from the road.

Follow the path along the stream until you reach a staircase leading down to one of the most unique waterfalls in Guatemala.

The stream is deep, cold, and perfect for swimming on a hot day – just like the naturals pools at Semuc Champey.

Finca el Paraiso Path

It only takes 500 meters to remove yourself from civilization on the way to one of the best Guatemala waterfalls.

Once you have cooled off enough, head over to the hot spring fed waterfall.

We might be tempted to play in the rain if it felt this good.

Having the hot water beat down on you is like getting a massage while draped in a warm towel.

You can stand next to the rock wall in the middle, and the water is less pounding.

Hot Spring Waterfall Guatemala

Soak your worries away in this Guatemalan hidden gem at Finca el Pqraiso.

Finca el Paraiso Hot Springs

The source of the natural hot springs aren’t far away if you want to venture to see the origin.

Simply climb either side of the waterfall, using roots and trunks to help you up the path.

Follow the trail on the right side of the stream until it ends at the springs.

Be careful as you step in the water as it is very hot.

Source of Finca el Paraiso Hot Springs

Climb the waterfall, follow the path, and you will find the hot spring source.

On the way back, you can climb back down or jump into the pool below.

Just make sure you check the depth and verify it’s clear before jumping.

Waterfall in Guatemala

If you look closely, you can see one girl about to make the plunge into the pool of water.

Finca el Paraiso Secret Spots

The first secret spot at Finca el Paraiso is where the hot springs originate in this amazing Guatemala waterfall.

There is spa quality mud to the right that is perfect for a facial or whole body skin treatment.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the mud since you can wash it off easily.

Finca el Paraiso Mud Bath

Who doesn’t love a free spa quality mud bath?!

The second secret spot is located at the base of the waterfall.

Take a deep breath, and dip under the rock curtain.

You will be inside a long lip with just enough height for your head, and no one will even know you are there!

Top of Finca el Paraiso Waterfall

Jump on in, and then swim underneath. You can see every side of the waterfall.

Don’t try this with the other caves scattered around the waterfall.

They are full of bats and guano.

Don’t waste your time, or risk getting sick.

Finca el Paraiso Bats in Cave

You can smell the caves 10 feet away due to the bat guano.

***The Final Word – Now that you know how to get from Rio Dulce to Finca El Paraiso, skip one of the best waterfalls in Guatemala at your own peril! ***

Have you ever been to a hot spring waterfall?!

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Easy DIY travel outside city centres using public transport

Visited in July 2016

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  1. Why should you avoid to pay the entrance fee .. is this ethic ??? Is tourism not based on fair trade anymore but nowadays is trying to avoid to pay ???

    1. Author

      In retrospect, it is silly to go out of your way to pay a Q10 entrance fee. However we were approached by 2 different people charging different entrance fees and also met locals who got in for free, so that didn’t feel very ethical to us either.

  2. We paid the fee and happily left a tip for frederico who showed us around and watched our bags for us 😊

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