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Labyrinth Games Room Escape: Unlock the Mystery in Helsinki

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Labyrinth Games Room Escape offers 2 exciting escape room challenges – find out what lies behind closed doors as we unlock the mystery behind Helsinki’s most intriguing adventure game!

We here at DIY Travel HQ had never experienced the escape room phenomenon before. I had an extended stay in Helsinki, Finland where I was travelling with my parents, so it gave us all the opportunity to try it for the 1st time.

After reading awesome reviews on Tripadvisor, we made a booking with Labyrinth Games Room Escape.

They also had a great location in the trendy hipster district of Kallio – it’s within walking distance of downtown Helsinki though we decided to save our energy for the games & took the tram instead!

Labyrinth Games escape room

Are you ready to enter the world of Labyrinth Games Room Escape?!

What’s an Escape Room?

You may have heard a lot about escape rooms & there are likely to be a few in your city, but what are they exactly?

An escape room is an intellectual adventure game where players are locked in a room & have to search for clues to solve puzzles & complete missions within a set time limit.

Each escape room has a theme, such as a murder mystery or bank robbery, with a matching storyline.

Escape rooms actually originated from the “Escape the Room” video games, where players have to click on objects (like locked doors) & interact with them. They were first brought to life in Japan in 2006 & since then, escape rooms have been popping up all around the world.

Let’s unlock the mystery behind Labyrinth Games Room Escape in Helsinki!

Best Helsinki Escape Room

The clock is always ticking at Labyrinth Games Room Escape!

Getting Started at Labyrinth Games Room Escape

We were greeted at Labyrinth Games Room Escape by our game master extraordinaire, Katarina!

Katarina speaks 4 languages – Finnish, English, Swedish & Russian – so there’s a good chance she’ll be able to speak with you in your native tongue.

As we had never played before, Katarina explained to us the concept of the escape room (see above!) before giving us the background behind our first room, “The Internship”.

Katarina Labyrinth Games Helsinki

Our game master Katarina giving us the brief before entering our 1st escape room

We were given torches to enter the darkened room, as well as a walkie-talkie to communicate with our game master on the outside. We could call anytime to ask for additional clues & Katarina would also be watching us on closed-circuit TV & offering hints if we appeared to be stuck or taking too long.

I don’t want to give too much away as escape rooms are all about the mystery, but here’s a little teaser of what you can expect to find behind the locked doors…

Top times Labyrinth Games

Take a seat as we unlock the mystery at Labyrinth Games Room Escape…

“The Internship” at Labyrinth Games Room Escape

Armed with our walkie-talkies & torches, we entered our 1st escape room – a mental hospital! We had to find out what happened to a missing patient named Anna, in only 60 minutes.

Shining my torch around the room, I could quickly see that her disappearance was no accident…

We frantically started searching around for our first clue, with no idea what to look out for.

Top escape room Helsinki

“The Internship” is not for the faint-hearted!

As we would quickly realise throughout the game, you’ll know when you find a clue… there’s no need to force anything, break stuff or even stand on your tippy toes… in the meantime, just keep moving, keeping your eyes & ears peeled.

We didn’t end up making it out of “The Internship” in time, the 60 minutes just raced past.

We got pretty close though, so for our 1st time in an escape room I was pretty happy with that!

The Internship escape room

PS: There may be more than 1 room in “The Internship”…

“The Great Mind” at Labyrinth Games Room Escape

Having tested the waters in “The Internship,” we were determined to do better & beat the clock in our 2nd room.

Leaving our walkie-talkies & torches behind, we entered “The Great Mind” with just a notepad & pen. We could communicate with our game master Katarina through an intercom in the room.

Entering “The Great Mind”, this escape room kind of took my breath away! It was beautifully designed in an old-world style to resemble a professor’s office, straight out of Agatha Christie.

Labyrinth Games Room Escape

“The Great Mind” is as enigmatic as it looks

In this setting, a professor by the name of Dr. Schultz has been kidnapped. Our mission was to retrieve his important research documents before his captors returned.

The puzzles here matched the enigmatic theme of the room perfectly, with tricky riddles & crafty mechanisms.

It was all a little too mysterious for us and after 60 minutes, we failed to make it out of another escape room! Oops 🙂

The Great Mind escape room

We failed to escape but I wouldn’t mind being locked in this beautiful room!

Top Tips to Success at Labyrinth Games Room Escape

Just because we failed to escape both rooms at Labyrinth Games Room Escape doesn’t mean you have to!

It just takes a bit of time to get into the concept, so here are my top tips for any 1st time players:

  • Search everywhere – both rooms were simply designed, it’s amazing that clues were still able to be so cleverly hidden
  • Think outside the box but don’t think too hard – some clues are a bit cryptic but most just require logical thinking
  • Don’t get too stuck on 1 train of thought – the clock is ticking…
  • Ask for extra clues when you need it – it’s more fun to get as far through the game as you can, rather than trying to do it without help or in record time
Labyrinth Games hiding spot

The rooms at Labyrinth Games are simple with clever hiding spots – search everywhere for clues!

Which Room to Choose at Labyrinth Games Room Escape?

The 2 escape rooms at Labyrinth Games are completely different in theme – not just in design but also in their challenges.

“The Internship” is a darkened room needing torches to see, with a minimalist design. The tasks involve locks, codes, magnets & mirrors.

“The Great Mind” is a bright, opulent room with a lot of attention to detail. Cords, buttons, secret compartments, morse code, telephone & radio are all a part of the fun.

Both rooms also create an authentic atmosphere that immerses you into the game, with clever use of hiding spots, lighting & motion-censored movement.

I would recommend doing both rooms if you can but if I had to only choose one, “The Great Mind” was the standout for me.

Escape room Labyrinth Games

“The Great Mind” was my favourite room for its beautiful design & clever mechanisms

Booking with Labyrinth Games Room Escape

The easiest way to make a booking with Labyrinth Games Room Escape is to head over to their website.

Here, you’ll find a full calendar of all the available dates & times. Labyrinth Games Room Escape is open everyday from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

So just make your selection & you’ll have an instant reservation – you can pay online or with cash when you arrive.

This is one of the best-kept secrets of Helsinki so whether you’re a traveler or a local, a rookie or a pro, you’re guaranteed to have some mind-bending fun at Labyrinth Games Room Escape!

What you need in escape room

All you need for a session of mind-bending fun & games at Labyrinth Games Room Escape!

Know Before You Go

Address: Viides linja 2, 00530 Helsinki

Price: €100 per room, 2-4 people

Duration: 60 minutes

Contact Information:

Read Labyrinth Games Escape Room’s Tripadvisor reviews here

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Labyrinth Games Room Escape offers 2 exciting escape room challenges, “The Internship” & “The Great Mind”. We can’t give too much away as escape rooms are all about the mystery, but we offer a teaser of what to expect as well as top tips for success – just because we didn’t escape in 60 minutes doesn’t mean you can’t! Find out what lies behind closed doors as we unlock the mystery behind Helsinki’s most intriguing adventure game!


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*** The Final Word: Put your thinking caps on & head over to Labyrinth Games Room Escape for the best fun & games in Helsinki! *** 

Have you ever been in an escape room? Let us know where & how you went in the comments! 

* We received a complimentary visit to Labyrinth Games Room Escape, thank you to Dmitri & Katarina for hosting us. We only recommend fun, value for money activities & experiences that we believe our readers would enjoy. As always, all opinions & photos are our own.

Visited in March 2017


  1. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time. I would probably fail as well, but it’s all about the fun, right? They are popping up all over the place. I’ve got to try it. Love your write up.

  2. Keep hearing about escape rooms but have not had a chance to go to one. Sounds fun!

  3. This looks like an exciting adventure game. Having been weaned on a staple diet of mystery and adventure books, this definitely appeals to me. I would love to get going int the mysterious labyrinths of this game.

  4. I gave an escape room experience to a London-based friend as a birthday gift. She loved it! After reading your post, I’m realising I need to give it a try too! This looks like such fun!

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