Iguana Azul Best Hostel in Copan Ruinas

Iguana Azul: Best Hostel in Copan Ruinas

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Iguana Azul knows the backpacker market well, and does a good job making them feel at home. Find out why this hostel is the best in Copan Ruinas.

Iguana Azul Welcoming and Check-in

Even from the start, we here at DIY Travel HQ felt very welcome at Iguana Azul.

One of the staff members showed us to our room, and gave us a tour of the hostel.

Only after we had no more questions did she take care of the paperwork.

She really wanted to make sure our stay in Copan Ruinas was pleasant, and everything else came later.

Copan is one of the most popular places to visit in the country. Check out our 1 month Honduras itinerary here.

Iguana Azul Exterior

Iguana Azul is true to its name. It is blue, and has iguanas running wild throughout.

Iguana Azul Private Rooms – $16-18/room

There are 4 private rooms at Iguana Azul, and all are similar in décor.

The only differences might be size and window locations.

Each window has a screen and bars so you can still feel secure leaving them open while away all day.

Alternatively, close them before going to bed for warmth, and to be able to sleep in.

Copan Ruinas gets surprisingly chilly at night.

Iguana Azul Private Room with Shelving

Enjoy the fresh air & feel secure leaving your windows open while you are out exploring.

The rooms themselves are clean and functional.

Each one has a comfortable bed with crisp sheets, nightstand with reading lamp, desk, wastebasket, and open closet.

Displayed on the shelving are your cheat sheets to Copan Ruinas composed by Iguana Azul, and their menu for Casa de Café B&B.

It also included hanging space, towels, and spare blankets.

Overall, the room felt very warm among the wooden furniture, tiled floor, and brightly colored walls.

Iguana Azul Private Room with Desk & Shelving

Iguana Azul makes sure you have space for personal items and/or work with carefully chosen furniture.

Iguana Azul Dorms – $8/person

The 2 dorm rooms filled with 3 bunk beds carried on the same décor theme.

Instead of a desk and shelving, there was a storage locker to keep valuables.

We always find those essential when mixing a lot of unfamiliar people in a contained space.

Each bed has tightly tucked sheets, and a personal blanket and towel at the foot of the bed.

Iguana Azul Dorm Room

Iguana Azul makes sure all backpackers are comfortable & secure at the same time.

Iguana Azul Bathrooms

Regardless if you stay in the private rooms or dorms, you all share the common bathrooms.

They are conveniently split between toilets and showers, with 3 of each.

These too are clean and functional.

Both have ventilation above the door to let the rooms breathe.

Iguana Azul Bathrooms

There is no need to wait with three of everything, and all separate from each other.

The showers are one of the highlights at Iguana Azul.

Unlike many other places we have stayed in Central America, the owners put thought into designing the showers.

There is not only a hook to hang clothes and a towel, but also two shelves to put toiletries.

Too many times we have had to improvise when taking a shower.

The highlight was also having real hot water.

This isn’t an electric heater that dribbles lukewarm water, but 24/7 hot water controlled by two taps. Perfecto!

Iguana Azul Showers in Copan Ruinas

Enjoy a hot shower, and have places to put all your shower gear.

The toilet compartments are stocked with up to 5 rolls of toilet paper, and the bins are emptied periodically each day.

Across from the toilets and showers are three sinks with bars of soap and mirrors.

Iguana Azul Bathrooms in Copan Ruinas

Clean and fully stocked…need I say more?

Iguana Azul Common Areas

Iguana Azul has two common areas.

The main lobby has a couch and a pair of seats to relax on, while you surf the extremely fast Wi-Fi or do research into further travels.

Located next to the dorms is a book exchange, fridge, and as much free water as you can drink…literally.

If you finish one 5 gallon container, there are two more sitting on the floor waiting to go.

Iguana Azul Main Common Area

Relax and enjoy the fast Wi-Fi in the main lounge, while you grab a drink of water or one of your own from the fridge.

Lining the walls is a plethora of information.

There are advertisements for hostels and tours throughout Central America.

Perhaps more important are the list of free and cheap things to do in and around Copan Ruinas.

Iguana Azul Information Boards

Who needs a guidebook when all the hot spots in Central America are on the information board?

The other common area is the garden outside complete with table and chairs underneath a shade umbrella.

This is a nice spot to relax after a long day exploring Copan ruins or other surrounding attractions.

Iguana Azul Outdoor Garden

Relax outside in the garden at Iguana Azul.

Iguana Azul Security

As noted above, Iguana Azul is well protected from the outside.

There is also a guard all night to let you in to the hostel.

During the day, you can ring the bell or just stop by Casa de Café B&B next door to have someone let you in.

Casa de Cafe B&B Exterior

Drop on by Casa de Cafe B&B for a meal, or any questions should someone not be readily available at Iguana Azul.

Casa de Café B&B

The ensuite version of Iguana Azul is Casa de Café B&B, which also has nice grounds complete with gardens and a beach-style massage room with flowing curtains.

They also serve an amazing western breakfast for L150 if you want something different than local cuisine.

Virtually everything is homemade and includes the following:

  • Toast with strawberry and pineapple jam and/or butter
  • Fruit salad with yogurt
  • Unlimited coffee with warm milk
  • Juice
Iguana Azul Breakfast at Casa de Cafe B&B

There is no skimping with this gourmet breakfast. It packs a punch with so many flavors not common in Central America.

Iguana Azul Location

Iguana Azul is located in Copan Ruinas, famous for their archaeological site Copan.

The names are confusing since they seem switched, but you get the hang of it quickly.

The actual location of Iguana Azul is 4 blocks southwest of Parque Central, and a maximum 5 minute walk to anywhere in town.

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Know Before You Go

Address: Calle Rosalila in Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Prices: Dorms are $8, Private Rooms with Shared Bath are $16-18

Contact Information:

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Iguana Azul knows the backpacker market well, and does a good job making them feel at home. Find out why this hostel is the best in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. There are private rooms and 6 person dorms. Enjoy unlimited water, fast Wi-Fi, hot showers, knowledgeable staff, and friendly owners. Have breakfast next door at Casa de Cafe Bed and Breakfast.

***The Final Word – Look no further than Iguana Azul if you want a clean, well-run, and helpful hostel in Copan Ruinas.***

What do you think is the correct guest to bathroom ratio in a hostel?

* Thank you to Iguana Azul for hosting us. No compensation was received for this review, however our stay was offered on a complimentary basis. As always, all opinions are our own.

Visited in November 2016


  1. Thank you for sharing this hostel. My husband and I have been wanting to try one out but are concerned with security and the dorm type set up. This one almost sounds like a B&B 🙂

    1. You should definitely try out hostels some time. You never know if you might like the social atmosphere more than hotels. Plus, most have private rooms so you can enjoy socializing, and then retreat to your room when you want.

      The owners cater to three markets in Copan Ruinas. They have Iguana Azul as their hostel, Casa de Cafe B&B next door with ensuites and a garden cafe, and the breathtaking Terramaya for upscale clients. All are thoughtfully furnished and designed with friendly staff.

  2. Quiet a cozy and cute hostel. The kind of hospitality that you got speaks in itself for the ranking of the hostel. Does it have just 4 rooms?

    1. Four private rooms, and two dorms. What Iguana Azul lacks in size they make up for in quality. The owners could have easily made some of the private rooms into dorms to increase revenue, but must have decided it was better not to overfill the bathrooms and common areas for the sake of the guests’ comfort.

  3. Iguana Azul definitely seems to be clean and affordable hostel in Copan Ruinas. Your detailed info is useful. And the homemade breakfast seems to be yum.

    1. The breakfast was amazing. I don’t even want to know what time the staff have to get up each morning to make everything from scratch.

      In terms of the hostel, Iguana Azul is exactly as you describe it in your comment…clean and affordable.

  4. This hostel looks and sounds like a wonderful place to stay in Copan! I will be adding it to my list for when I have the opportunity to travel there. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Copan is one of the few must see places in Honduras, and is such a short distance from Guatemala if you planned on going back there. You could combine it with Quirigua and Semuc Champey besides whatever direction you then chose.

    1. There were only a few when we explored the town, but it came down to Iguana Azul & Berakah. Ultimately, we felt Iguana Azul was the better fit for us & enjoyed our stay. Let us know what you choose & how you rate it when you visit Copan Ruinas!

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