Hotel Perkin Lenca El Salvador

Hotel Perkin Lenca, Eco Mountain Retreat in Perquin

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Hotel Perkin Lenca hosts rooms & cabins around beautiful gardens, high on a hilltop with stunning views – find out why you should make it your #1 eco mountain retreat in El Salvador!

Hotel Perkin Lenca was entirely built from oak & pine by Robert Brennerman, an former American aid worker who now also runs a local educational charity.

It’s located 1km south from the town of Perquin & it was one of our favourite places to stay while traveling in El Salvador for 1 month.

Hotel Perkin Lenca is a beautiful property, let us show you around!

Entrance to Hotel Perkin Lenca

Welcome to Hotel Perkin Lenca!

Rooms, Cabins & Bungalows at Hotel Perkin Lenca

Guests at Hotel Perkin Lenca can choose to stay in rooms, cabins or bungalows.

We here at DIY Travel HQ stayed in the former, which was located high on the property, set in a motel-like row of rooms.

There’s a shared, wide patio with tables, chairs & hammocks to enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Our room consisted of a double bed & single bed.

The décor was simple, with wooden furnishings, red walls and cream & white linen.

There’s also a ceiling fan, telephone, table lamp & large cabinet.

Hotel Perkin Lenca Room

Our simple & comfortable room at Hotel Perkin Lenca

Behind a set of swinging, saloon doors is the bathroom!

It’s spacious & spotlessly clean, with plenty of room to place your toiletries, towels & clothes.

Water is solar-powered so it’s best to shower during daylight for warm water.

Bathroom Hotel Perkin Lenca

Every room has a private bathroom

You can also choose to stay in one of the wooden, log cabins or bungalows scattered throughout the grounds.

They’re widely spaced apart, surrounded by gorgeous trees & plants, so you can enjoy utmost privacy.

The cabins contain at least 2 beds & a closet, with a separate sitting room with tables & chairs.

The bungalows feature two bedrooms, two bathrooms & a sitting room.

The private porch is perfect to sit & relax, relish the serenity & mountain views.

Cabin at Hotel Perkin Lenca

You can also stay in a rustic wooden cabin

Restaurant at Hotel Perkin Lenca

Hotel Perkin Lenca also hosts a wonderful restaurant, La Cocina de Ma’ Anita.

It’s in a huge wooden barn, which will probably be the first thing you notice on arrival. It will also likely be your first stop too, as reception is located inside.

The restaurant features high ceilings with wooden beams & large windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight.

It feels like a Swiss lodge.

All the chairs are handcrafted with the name of the hotel, complemented by the warm earthy tones of the of the red walls & decorations.

Hotel Perkin Lenca restaurant

Enjoy delicious meals at the large & popular restaurant

The kitchen staff prepare delicious meals in the open kitchen, overlooking the restaurant.

The full menu includes Western & local breakfast, lunch & dinner options.

The price of most main dishes ranges from $5.00 – $8.00.

The house specialty is a huge shared plate of 4 meats, accompanied with a combination of chips, rice, salad, bread, tortillas & drinks for $34.00 – we didn’t try it but it looked delicious!

There are also lighter meals available, along with snacks, sandwiches, desserts, soft drinks & alcohol.

Be sure to try their coffee – it’s 100% organic & hand roasted in the traditional way over coals.

Homemade jams at Hotel Perkin Lenca

Homemade pickles, jams & sauces are available to take home

The restaurant also makes all their own sauces, jams, jellies & desserts from scratch, without additives or preservatives.

These are displayed in the restaurant & you may purchase them to take home or on the road with you.

While the restaurant is spacious & lovely, you can also enjoy your dining outside on the balcony.

Here in the fresh mountain air, amongst trees & flowers, the wrought iron table settings are beautiful and the views are even better.

Outside restaurant Hotel Perkin Lenca

Dine outside in the fresh mountain air

Eco-Friendly Hotel Perkin Lenca

In their own words, Hotel Perkin Lenca is a “Mountain hotel with an ecological consciousness”.

It follows eco-friendly practices such as using solar panels & photovoltaic cells for hot water & electricity.

Solar Panels at Hotel Perkin Lenca

Hotel Perkin Lenca is largely run on solar panels

Daily housekeeping will change towels so do let them know if you would prefer not to, to minimize your environmental impact.

There are no tv’s in the rooms or restaurant – here, you don’t need it.

Simply be in nature, stroll around the gardens, relax in hammocks or read books.

However wifi is available throughout the property for those who need to stay connected.

Hammocks at Hotel Perkin Lenca

Relax in hammocks, this is also the best wifi spot!

Other Features at Hotel Perkin Lenca

  • Daily housekeeping
  • Wifi – available throughout the property including the restaurant & porches. The best connection is around the hammocks on the path heading to the block of rooms at the top
  • Laundry – washing & drying services available
  • Tours – tours to El Mozote with ex-guerilla guides can easily be arranged
  • Filtered water – water bottles are complimentary in the rooms & cabins. There was also a large water bottle for refills in the porch of our block of rooms
  • Customer service – the staff are well-trained, professional & friendly. From reception to the kitchen & cleaning staff, we received excellent service with a smile with every person & situation we encountered
Mountain views at Hotel Perkin Lenca

Enjoy the mountain views of Perquin village

Things to See & Do in Perquin

Perquin was the former headquarters for the FMLN guerilla group during El Salvador’s civil war.

There are numerous sites & attractions in Perquin & El Mozote that commemorate this chapter of history:

  • Museo de la Revolucion Salvadorena
  • El Campamento Guerillero Simulado
  • El Mozote Monument
El Campamento Guerillero Simulado gun

Rifles on display at El Campamento Guerillero Simulado

In El Mozote you can also see a bomb crater, mass graves, the hole that Rufina Amaya (the sole survivor of the massacre) hid in for 5 days & secret cave hideouts used by the guerillas.

Perquin is also developing as an eco-tourism base for the region, with opportunities for great hiking, river swimming, bird watching, cycling & coffee farm tours.

El Mozote monument

Pay your respects at the El Mozote monument

Know Before You Go

Address: Km. 205 1/2 Carretera a Perquín Perquín, Morazán, El Salvador

Price: Double room & cabin from $50.00, Double bungalow from $80.00

Contact Information:

Hotel Perkin Lenca motel rooms

The motel-like room blocks at Hotel Perkin Lenca are set high on the hilltop

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Hotel Perkin Lenca hosts rooms & cabins around beautiful gardens, high on a hilltop with stunning views. It was entirely built from oak & pine by Robert Brennerman, a former American aid worker who now also runs a local educational charity. Located 1km south from the town of Perquin it is also home to the best restaurant in town. Find out why you should make Hotel Perkin Lenca your #1 eco mountain retreat in El Salvador!

*** The Final Word – Experience a rustic mountain getaway at Hotel Perkin Lenca ***

Have you ever stayed in an eco-friendly hotel?

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* Thank you to Hotel Perkin Lenca for hosting us. No compensation was received for this review however our stayed was offered on a complimentary basis. As always, all opinions are our own.

Visited in November 2016



  1. Wow, this is such an eco-friendly Hotel to stay, really comfortable. I would love to stay in the wooden bungalow it must be really awesome. I wonder how the water would be like since it is operated because of solar power. I like how they also have something to offer like pickles, jams and sauces.


  2. I agree with LaiAriel, the wooden bungalow also caught my attention.
    I also love that more and more hotels and accommodation are run the ecological way. When I travel I am always delighted to chose one of these hotels. I took note of this one and hope to check it out someday… 🙂

  3. This place looks like a nature lover’s haven. With all its eco-friendly approach and the beautiful vistas, such properties are any day better than the super luxury hotels built in concrete jungles. Love the way you have presented a detailed account about the hotel.

  4. Eco-friendly hotels are our favorite. These rustic and simple accommodations are a great way to spend some relaxed time amidst nature away from the stress of city life. The dining area is lovely surrounded by greenery.

  5. I like that Perkin hotel is environmentally conscious and I can imagine that when I stay there, I’d be getting that much needed rest because it allows you to get close to nature. I thought that they wouldn’t have wifi so I was a bit surprised that they do. But oh wells, maybe they are just considering those customers who have to stay connected for work or something.

  6. Wow A soar powered hotel surrounded by tall trees and plants. Bring me there now! hahahaha This is my ideal retreat home. I will surely get connected to nature with this kind of place. Thumbs up for the bathroom. It looks nice!

  7. This is a lovely getaway, high in the mountains with awesome views. This is the kind of place I would lie to get lost in. The place seems to be very convenient and comfortable and yet offer a degree of seclusion which makes it an ideal place to chill out amidst nature.

  8. This hotel looks like the perfect gateway to a nature paradise and the fact that’s eco-firendly surely adds value to it. I like the common areas and the colours they used to decorate the place!

  9. I imagine my self sitting on the terrace looking north into the mountains of Honduras. I want to feel the cool breeze whispering though the pines. Surely, its refreshing. I love this place it’s rustic, looks comfortable and spotlessly clean

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