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Hospedaje Central: Backpacker’s Favourite in Ometepe

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Hospedaje Central is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a way of life! With a relaxed vibe, colourful dorms, a fantastic restaurant & cheap beers, find out why it’s the long-running backpacker’s favourite on Isla de Ometepe!

Hospedaje Central Location

Hospedaje Central is situated in the town of Moyogalpa, the largest on the island of Ometepe.

With a decent selection of restaurants, accommodation, shops & tour agencies, it’s the most convenient place to base yourself on an island visit.

Ometepe is also one of the most popular destinations in Nicaragua.

Hospedaje Central is just a short, 5 minute walk from the ferry dock – and one block from the PALI supermarket, perfect for DIY Travel!

Hospedaje Central hostel

Hospedaje Central is a short 5 minute walk from the ferry dock in Moyogalpa

Hospedaje Central Dorms & Rooms

Rooms at Hospedaje Central are simple, colourful & clean. Most rooms have recently received a paint job – ours featured a lovely palm tree feature wall.

Our room was quite spacious, with 2 double beds as well as 2 desks & chairs.

The bathroom was also clean, with excellent water pressure for the shower.

Private room at Hospedaje Central

Our room at Hospedaje Central

There are 2 dorm rooms available, with shared bathrooms: mixed & girls only. Lockers are provided, bring your own lock.

Hospedaje Central provides great value for money & it’s very budget-friendly.

They aim to accommodate all travellers, with hammocks & camping space offered for those on a shoestring budget

Dorm room Hospedaje Central

One of the dorm rooms at Hospedaje Central

Hospedaje Central Restaurant, “El Indio Viejo”

Hospedaje Central is also home to one of Ometepe’s most popular restaurants, “El Indio Viejo”.

Like the rest of the hostel, it’s a riot of colour & happiness that can’t help but bring a smile to your face!

From the brightly painted tables & chairs to the whimsical artwork & murals, it feels like an adult’s playground – especially with a bar that serves beer for less than $1! 

El Indio Viejo restaurant

The colourful “El Indio Viejo” restaurant at Hospedaje Central!

The food delivers too – the menu offers a variety of Nicaraguan & International food such as gallo pinto, sandwiches, spaghetti & tacos.

We recommend the Whole Fish with tomato sauce, salad & tarjedas (deep-fried plantain slices) – it was great value at C$155.00 / $6.00.

Dinner at Hospedaje Central

Enjoy quality meals at great prices at “El Indio Viejo” restaurant

Other alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks are also available, including fresh & delicious smoothies.

Some of the produce is organic, including fruits & vegetables, sourced directly from the hostel owner’s farm on the island.

And there’s always upbeat or relaxing music playing, keeping with the sunny & relaxed island vibes!

Hospedaje Central restaurant

“El Indio Viejo” restaurant is a great place for a meal, drink or simply to chill out

Hospedaje Central Common Areas

Apart from the “El Indio Viejo” restaurant, there are a few other spaces around Hospedaje Central that are perfect for chilling out.

The restaurant seating extends to the backyard, if you prefer al fresco dining.

Hostel guests are welcome to use the tables & chairs around the courtyard, without having to purchase anything from the restaurant.

Common area Hospedaje Central

Tables in the courtyard can be used by restaurant & hostel guests

There’s also a sofa & coffee table.

At the back of the hostel, there’s a large palapa, which is a traditional open-sided hut with a thatched roof. Here there are plenty of hammocks and more tables & chairs.

Hammocks at Hospedaje Central

Relax in a hammock at Hospedaje Central

Other Features at Hospedaje Central

  • Wifi – a strong connection in the rooms & throughout the hostel
  • Friendly staff – there’s always someone around to ask for help or advice
  • Resident cats & deer in the back property!
  • Piano – tinkle the ivories on the antique piano in the restaurant
  • Shop – you can buy snacks & basic supplies at the restaurant too
Dorm showers at Hospedaje Central

There are plenty of showers & toilets for dorm guests

Hospedaje Central Tours & Rentals

Hospedaje Central can arrange tours & locals guides to Volcan Conception & Volcan Maderas. They are one of the original hostel-operators on Ometepe, so their services are trusted, reliable & at fair prices.

You can also rent motorcycles, scooters & bicycles – it’s the best way to explore Ometepe, as the public buses are slow & don’t cover the whole island.

Motorcycle & scooter rental is $20.00 for the whole day.

Volcan Maderas Isla de Ometepe

Volcan Maderas, one of the 2 volcanoes you can climb on Isla de Ometepe

Volunteering at Hospedaje Central

Hospedaje Central is run by its owner Oosaagi, who is passionate about making the hostel & life on Isla de Ometepe more sustainable.

Oosaagi already has his own farm, where some of the produce from the restaurant is sourced. He’s looking at growing a vegetable garden at the back of the hostel & teaching the staff how to bake bread, to make the restaurant more organic.

Oosaagi is always open to receiving volunteers to assist with his farm, hostel or other projects he may have in the works. At Hospedaje Central, you can help with cooking, housekeeping, maintenance, gardening or painting – while exploring Isla de Ometepe & experiencing Nicaraguan living!

Hospedaje Central dorms

Volunteer & create your own artwork on the walls of Hospedaje Central!

Things to See & Do on Isla de Ometepe

  • Volcan Conception – hike to Nicaragua’s 2nd highest volcano (1610m)
  • Volcan Maderas – hike through cloudforest & spot wildlife on the smaller of Ometepe’s twin volcanoes (1394)
  • Playa Santa Domingo – the best beach on the island
  • Punta Jesus Maria – a narrow sandbar in the lake, the best spot for sunset
  • Petroglyphs – mysterious ancient rock carvings
  • San Ramon waterfall – hike to animpressive 35m high cascade
  • Ojo de Agua – swim at a naturally fed pool
Horse on Santa Domingo beach

Swim or go horse riding on Playa Santa Domingo!

How to Get to & from Isla de Ometepe

Ferries to Isla de Ometepe depart approximately every hour from San Jorge, 4km from Rivas.

They arrive in Moyogalpa, from where you can catch a taxi to other destinations on the island.

Ferries depart from Moyogalpa to San Jorge approximately every 1-2 hours.

Ferry to Isla de Ometepe

Hop on a ferry from San Jorge for an adventurous ride to Isla de Ometepe!

In a Nutshell

Address: Hospedaje Central, Moyogalpa, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

Prices: Private rooms $16.00 – $19.00, Dorms $5.50, Hammocks & Camping $3.50

Contact Information:

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Hospedaje Central is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a way of life! The hostel is situated in the town of Moyogalpa, the largest on the island of Ometepe. With a decent selection of restaurants, accommodation, shops & tour agencies, it’s the most convenient place to base yourself on an island visit. With a relaxed vibe, colourful dorms, a fantastic restaurant “El Indio Viejo” & cheap beers, find out why it’s the long-running backpacker’s favourite on Isla de Ometepe!


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*** The Final Word – If you’re looking for a laidback, backpacker’s hangout, Hospedaje Central is the #1 pick in Isla de Ometepe! ***

What features do you look for in a hostel?

* We enjoyed a complimentary stay at Hospedaje Central, thank you to Oosaagi for hosting us. We only recommend great value accommodation that we would choose to stay at regardless! As always, all opinions are our own.

Visited in December 2016



  1. I had to chuckle when you said you can help with painting, cooking, farming… you can come to my house and help too. lol I’ve never stayed at one, not even when I was younger, but it looks like a very comfortable, budget friendly option to minimize costs and stay on the road longer. I thought I was going to have to Google the location because you didn’t mention what country Ometepe was in until you talked about the food.

    1. Author

      If you haven’t been to Nicaragua, it is quickly becoming a popular destination in Central America. Ometepe is what you make of it…relaxing at the lake shore, physically demanding with volcano climbing, or historic with petroglyphs to name a few.

      We didn’t personally volunteer at Hospedaje Central, but we did meet a few that were. They originally stayed for a few days before deciding they wanted to stay longer. Many people really enjoy their visit at the hostel & on Ometepe.

  2. The decor is so funky and bright – right up my alley! It sounds like you had a great stay – I’m hoping to make it to Central America one day!

    1. Author

      You will love Central America! From the people to the volcanoes, to the lakes, & beaches there is something for everyone. We are glad we found Hospedaje Central on our travels.

  3. I would stay here just because f all the beautiful colors and art! Sounds like such a great deal and so many activities you can do! It’s nice that you are able to rent a motorbike and do some exploring on your own!

    1. Author

      The motorbike is essential to exploring Ometepe, Nicaragua. It allows you to stop at any of the random things you find on the island…like pink chickens!

      Hospedaje Central was a great base for us since it is convenient for the ferry & has a large collection of restaurants & supermarket. We tend to prefer convenience over remoteness (most times).

  4. This place looks great! I love staying at hostels like this. Unfortunately I don’t have any current plans to be in Nicaragua otherwise I would definitely be looking it up.

    1. Author

      Well, when you head to Central America, Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in the region & has a lot of natural attractions. The biggest attractions are probably the volcanoes. You can not only hike them, but see lava churning in the crater, swim in a crater lake, or go boarding/sledding down one as well! Other attractions include the beach, diving/snorkeling, colonial cities, & canyons you have to swim through. Definitely keep Nicaragua for a future trip.

  5. This actually looks like a super-friendly place to stay – I love all the bright colours, and your Palm Room is fabulous! I love your list of activities too – I didn’t realise there was so much ch to do there!

    1. Author

      The two volcanoes are the ‘big’ attractions, but there are a lot of smaller things to do & are best reached on motorbike/bicycle. We got lucky & came at a good time since all the rooms recently got a new paint job. The bright murals really help make the hostel pop & make the start of the day enjoyable.

  6. Hospedaje Central is very pretty and colourful. It sounds like a great hostel. Love that is has a restaurant on site with great food and cheap beer.

  7. What a coloful hostel! I visited Ometepe back in 2013, I swear I amlost died on that ferry we got caught in a storm. Looks like you had a fab time.

    1. Author

      We were shocked that no one started a high speed catamaran yet to compete against the questionable ships that sail back and forth. I have read that it gets very rough, which is surprising for a lake partially sheltered by the volcanic islands.

  8. The hostel is really giving a relaxing vibe. I loved the riot of colour & happiness theme.
    Rooms looks neat and nice to stay. There are so much fun things to do.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      No problem! The murals can really put a smile on your face. What we really liked was the space to move around in the private rooms. A lot of places try to fit too much furniture in a small space, but that wasn’t the case at Hospedaje Central. It is also convenient to get around since you can rent bicycles, motorbikes, and buses start in town too.

  9. I’ve never stayed in a hostel, but this one looks so charming! I love all the colorful paintings and furniture! I’m also a huge supporter of sustainable living and love to support local businesses that are contributing! If I ever find myself on this island I will heed your advice and stay here!

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