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Carlito’s Place: Beachfront Cabins on Little Corn Island

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Get away from the action on Little Corn Island & experience the remote island life you came for – find out why the red cabins at Carlito’s Place are the pick of the bunch!

Carlito’s Story

Let us here at DIY Travel HQ introduce you to the man behind Carlito’s Place.

Carlito’s Place belongs to one Carl “Carlito” Archibold, born & bred on Little Corn Island. He made a living from lobster fishing on the island in the 1970’s, at a time when there was no electricity in the small community of 250 or so islanders.

Carlito went on to work as a captain of a fishing boat based at various US ports for over 20 years, before deciding to return home to Little Corn Island. He bought a small hotel business on the undeveloped east side of the island & hasn’t looked back since.

Carlito is constantly renovating & working on improving his little patch of paradise. You’re bound to see him around the property, fixing this or that – be sure to have a chat, Carlito is a true gentleman & always has time for his guests.

Carlito Archibold

Meet Carlito, the man behind Carlito’s Place!

Carlito’s Place Location

Little Corn Island is one of the most popular places to visit in Nicaragua.

Carlito’s Place is one of the few accommodation choices on Little Corn Island that’s situated right on the beach. It’s also the leafiest of the lot, as Carlito has tried to keep as many of the trees as possible – the extra shade & greenery really makes a difference. The grounds are also kept clean & tidy.

Carlito’s Place is located on the east side of the island, which catches a cool welcome breeze, as the days are warm & sunny year-round.

Little Corn Island beach

The beach at Carlito’s Place

It’s the spot for peace & tranquility. Swaying palm trees & white sand beaches are literally on your doorstep, while warm turquoise waters & excellent snorkeling beckon you further.

It’s the perfect setting for your very own Robinson Crusoe adventure, with restaurants & bars just around the corner!

From Carlito’s Place, there are a couple of comedors/local restaurants just a 10 minute walk away, while the main village (lined with food & drink options) is only 20 minutes away.

Carlito's Place beach

Carlito’s Place is located right on the beach

Carlito’s Place Cabins

Carlito’s Place hosts around 14 beach cabins with private & shared bathrooms. There are also 2 larger cabins with kitchenettes & 1 or 2 bedrooms.

Our cabin featured a double bed & a single bed. Big, wooden windows let in plenty of natural sunlight & cool breezes.

Cabin at Carlito's Place

Inside our cabin at Carlito’s Place

The private bathroom was separated from the room by a curtain. There’s a flush toilet but being out on a tiny island, saving water is encouraged.

Each cabin comes with a deck with a hammock & chairs. The hammock will become your close friend, it’s so relaxing – beware… once you lay down, getting up is pretty tough!

We loved our little red beach cabin at Carlito’s Place – it was simple & clean, all you need for a rustic island getaway.

Carlito's Place Cabin

One of the other rooms at Carlito’s Place

Carlito’s Place Restaurant

Carlito’s Place features a large restaurant, serving a local Nicaraguan breakfast of Gallo Pinto (rice & beans), eggs, tortillas, cheese & coffee. It’s served daily & at $3.00, it’s the cheapest breakfast we came across on Little Corn Island.

Drinks are also available throughout the day & night, including beer, rum & soft drinks.There’s also a billiards table, TV & book exchange in the restaurant’s social area.

Out on the beach, you’ll find some palapas – traditional open-sided huts with thatched roofs. It’s a great place to relax with drinks & watch the waves roll in.

Carlito's Place restaurant

Enjoy breakfast at the restaurant at Carlito’s Place or outside on the beach

Things to Know About Staying at Carlito’s Place

  • Carlito’s Place is also known as Hospedaje Sunrise Paradise
  • Meet & greet at the ferry dock – a staff member will be waiting for you when you arrive, with your name on a whiteboard – they will walk with you to Carlito’s Place!
  • Power is available from 1:00pm to 6:00am everyday
  • Locally owned, family business
  • Spanish, English & Creole spoken
  • Safe, family-friendly environment
  • Plane reservations can be made

* Top Tip: Save money by booking a cabin 1 or 2 rows back from the water or a cabin with shared bathrooms – either way, you’ll still be on the beach!

Carlito's Place

Power is only available from 1pm to 6am on all of Little Corn Island

The Karma Shack

Carlito’s Place is super-convenient if you’re interested in practicing yoga or meditation or indulging in a massage during your time on Little Corn Island.

At the back of Carlito’s Place, you’ll find a cute, blue wooden cabin surrounded by trees – that’s The Karma Shack. It’s run by a Dutch woman named Leo who has been living on Little Corn Island since 2005.

At the Karma Shack, yoga classes run from Monday-Saturday at 7:30am, for 90 minutes.

The price is $8.00 – bring your own water bottle for a free water refill. Private classes are also available. Meditation & massage sessions are by appointment.

The Karma Shack

Take a yoga class at The Karma Shack, just behind Carlito’s Place

Things to do on Little Corn Island

  • Dive, Snorkel & Fish
  • Horse-riding on the beach
  • Climb the old Lighthouse for the best views of the island
  • Swim & sunbathe at North Beach & Pelican Beach
  • Taste Rondon, a Caribbean coconut seafood stew
Pelican Beach Little Corn Island

Swim & sunbathe on Pelican Beach

How to Get to Little Corn Island

The easiest way to get to Little Corn Island is to fly from Managua to Big Corn Island & take a ferry to Little Corn from there.

The hard way is to take the bus from Managua to El Rama, then a panga boat to Bluefields, a ferry to Big Corn Island & finally another ferry/panga to Little Corn Island.

Note that the ferry from Bluefields to Big Corn Island only runs once a week – it departs Bluefields on Wednesday morning at 9:00am & takes 6-7 hours.

The return ferry from Big Corn Island to Bluefields also runs once a week – it departs Big Corn on Thursday morning at 9:00am.

Ferries/pangas between Big Corn & Little Corn islands run twice a day (once in the morning & once in the afternoon) weather permitting.

More information on schedules & times will be coming soon.

Panga Little Corn Island

Take the panga boat between Big Corn Island & Little Corn Island

In a Nutshell

Prices: Seasonal, double cabins from $40.00 (high season) – contact Carlito for current prices

Contact (Carlito Archibold):

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Get away from the action on Little Corn Island & experience the remote island life you came for! Carlito’s Place is one of the few accommodation choices on Little Corn Island that’s situated right on the beach. It’s the spot for peace & tranquility with white sand beaches & great snorkeling on your doorstep. There are 14 beach cabins with private & shared bathrooms. Also known as Hospedaje Sunrise Paradise, find out why the red cabins at Carlito’s Place are the pick of the bunch!

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*** The Final Word: The rustic beachfront cabins at Carlito’s Place are the best-value accommodation on Little Corn Island! *** 

What’s your favourite beach or island in the world?

* We enjoyed a complimentary stay at Carlito’s Place – thank you to Carlito for hosting us. We only recommend great value accommodation that we would choose to stay at regardless! As always, all opinions are our own.

Visited in December 2016



  1. Nicaragua was on my travel lost for some time, but now Corn island and Carlito’s place are too! Thank you for sharing this amazing peaceful experience and all the practical stuff!
    Hope to visit it soon!

    1. Author

      We really enjoyed both Corn Islands, & recommend Nicaragua highly. You can already see that this is starting to become the next hot spot as people work their way up from Costa Rica.

  2. Oh how I’d love to go there and spend a few days relaxing in a hammock and doing yoga!

  3. Loving the vibrant colors both of the interior and exterior of the cabins. Perfect seaside getaway!

    1. Author

      Carlito’s Place is a great location to enjoy the island life on Little Corn Island. The turquoise Caribbean water is at your doorstep, and you can easily pass several days in a hammock as the wind glides past.

  4. This island looks so good. And I love a simple restaurant with fresh fish just by the water.

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