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Visit EcoTermales Hot Springs in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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EcoTermales are a great way to relax after an adventure packed day in La Fortuna. Find out how to soak up all the magic at one of the best hot springs in Costa Rica!

Volcano Arenal

If it wasn’t for Volcano Arenal, La Fortuna would still be just another sleepy town in Costa Rica.

Instead, the Arenal region has transformed into an adult playground with adventure activities galore & hot springs to indulge in.

There are many things to do in La Fortuna including EcoTermales, the only natural hot springs located on their slice of heaven in the primary rain forest.

Here at DIY Travel HQ it was one of our favourite places to visit in Costa Rica.

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La Fortuna hot springs

EcoTermales is located in primary rain forest & fed by Volcano Arenal hot springs.

Location & Hours

The resort style EcoTermales natural hot springs are located 3.5 km west of Parque de La Fortuna, & are best reached by private transportation or a shuttle.

EcoTermales offers both day (10 am – 5 pm) & night (5 pm -10 pm) time slots to enjoy the elegant natural hot springs.

There is a maximum capacity to ensure the enjoyment of all guests so reserve in advance to guarantee admission ($37).

EcoTermales Towel & Locker Kiosk

Once inside EcoTermales, grab your towels & locker assignment before venturing to the hot spring pools.

EcoTermales is more popular at night time when the temperature begins to drop, but it is also worthwhile to visit during the day for a more intimate experience if time permits.

You can take advantage of the different temperature pools & on-site bars & restaurants during either session.

It’s one of the top Costa Rica hot springs, we wish we could visit any time, day or night!

We recommend Lonely Planet’s Costa Rica Travel Guide to help you plan your trip.

EcoTermales Restaurant

You can spend the whole day at EcoTermales with on-site bars & restaurants.

Natural Pools

There are 5 hot spring fed pools designated by temperature at EcoTermales with one fresh water waterfall pool to cool off in.

EcoTermales does an excellent job blending the natural environment with landscaped pools, paths, and facilities.

Each pool has unique qualities that allows guests to find their perfect temperature (99-106 degrees Fahrenheit) & atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at your options & discover some of the built-in secret spots at one of the top La Fortuna hot springs.

EcoTermales Costa Rica hot springs

Keep an eye out for plaques to help gauge the pool temperature.

  • Lower Tier Pools

The lower tier is knee deep & has a gravel bottom for a more natural feel.

This pool is perfect for sitting & chatting with friends & family.

You can cool off anytime by either relaxing under the cold water fountain or hopping in the ‘island’ pool.

There is also a deck with sun chairs overlooking this section of EcoTermales.

EcoTermales La Fortuna Lower Tier Pools & Sun Deck

The lower tier pools are great for switching between hot & cold pools.

  • Mid-Level Pools

The mid-level pools are the most popular as they are the closest to the bar & consist of 5 unique pools by configuration with sun chairs lining the perimeter.

The two pools directly beneath the bar, & separated by a colorful plant, are deep enough to stand with a stone bottom & moderate temperature.

EcoTermales La Fortuna Mid-Level Pools

The hot spring pools in front of the bar are great for light swimming & movement.

Tucked behind these pools is the picturesque fresh water waterfall that is great at getting your body temperature back to normal.

EcoTermales has got to be one of the most picturesque Costa Rica hot springs!

La Fortuna Hot Springs Ecotermales

Cool down with the refreshing waterfall & pool at one of the best Costa Rica hot springs

Located at the far side of the mid-level pools is an extension of the two main pools as the temperature is consistent in all three.

The added bonus here are lounge chairs located in the water.

There is even a couples set with drink table in the middle & shade from the rain forest above. Look no further for things to do in La Fortuna!

Relaxing in Hot Spring Pools at EcoTermales

Grab a drink & head over to the lounge chairs located in the pool underneath the rain forest vegetation.

The last pool on this level is tucked away in the corner & the hottest hot spring pool at EcoTermales (106 degrees Fahrenheit).

It has a gravel base & is also the deepest with no seating to prevent overstaying & overheating your body.

Things to do in La Fortuna

The hottest hot spring pool at EcoTermales is tucked away in the corner.

  • Upper Tier Pools

There are a series of small waterfalls on the upper tier pools that can’t be missed & the most intimate atmosphere.

Tucked behind a bridge creating privacy is a bench for sitting in this pool at the higher end of the temperature range.

EcoTermales Intimate Hot Spring Pools Behind Bridge

Once you reach the other side of the bridge you may never go back!

The next level up is slightly hotter & deeper with a waterfall at the rear.

Let the gushing hot water massage your upper body as it falls down on you. Venture behind the cascade to find a secret spot!

Hot springs in Costa Rica

The hot water melts away any worries you may have in La Fortuna

Linking the two pools are two tiered cascades that are our favorite spots at EcoTermales.

Forming the base of each level respectively are a set of two & four seats that allow you to be partially emerged as the water runs over your body.

Things to do in La Fortuna

Sitting in the cascades allows you to let your body soak, but still receive cooling air for the perfect balance!

Bars & Restaurants

EcoTermales has two bars & two restaurants on-site in La Fortuna.

You can take advantage of their package deal of admission with either lunch or dinner ($57) that includes an upscale local meal with dessert, or order food a la carte.

EcoTermales La Fortuna Restaurant

Combine your admission with a meal for $20, or order items a la carte.

Bars are located by the pools & at the gazebo overlooking a serene pond stocked with fish.

Beers start at $4 with delicious, fresh cocktails going for $6-9.

Just remember to hydrate properly as hot temperatures & alcohol can be draining on your body.

Simply have the staff scan your bracelet’s bar code to put items on your tab, & pay upon leaving.

EcoTermales Bar Overlooking Pond

Grab a drink at the bar overlooking a pond, or near the hot spring pools.


Bathrooms are located near the restaurants & by the bar at the pools.

The largest set are by the entrance where there are showers to rinse before & after visiting the pools.

Use of a towel & lockers are included & can be obtained at the adjacent kiosk.

The key is attached to an elastic bracelet for safe keeping.

EcoTermales La Fortuna Lockers

Secure your valuables at the complimentary lockers & have a carefree La Fortuna hot springs visit.

All trails through the rain forest are lined with path lighting at night time.

There are also umbrellas scattered around EcoTermales as you transition from location to location.

Don’t let the possibility of rain deter your visit as the hot water will negate the cooling showers & they typically don’t last long.

EcoTermales Hot Springs Pathways

The main paths create a circle & you can see one of the hot spring origins at the end.

Know Before You Go

EcoTermales Location: 3.5 km west of Parque de La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Prices: Hot Spring Entrance Fee – $37 & $20 more for additional lunch or dinner

Contact Information:

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EcoTermales natural hot springs are a great way to relax after an adventure packed day in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Find out how to soak up all the magic created by Volcano Arenal!

***The Final Word – EcoTermales hot springs are a great way to relax & enjoy rejuvenating qualities in a natural setting.***

What was your favorite hot spring in Costa Rica?

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Disclaimer: We received complimentary admission to EcoTermales; thank you for hosting us. We only recommend fun, value for money activities & experiences that we believe our readers would enjoy. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Visited in January 2017



  1. These pools are so beautiful and seem so relaxing. particularly the mid and upper level ones. and it indeed looks like nothing less than a luxury resort to me

    1. We’re surprised that EcoTermales never added accommodation to their property since it already has the feel of a resort. The upper pools are perfect for relaxing in some of the hottest water while maintaining privacy at the same time.

  2. I liked the undisturbed natural setting the most. Usually I have seen such hot spots becoming tourist destinations and the nature around removed to bring up concrete buildings. I would love to while away some time there.

  3. I love hot springs! I truly believe it is more enjoyable to swim in hot than a freezing cold water. Ecotermales looks beautiful, I like the one with the waterfall the most (because I have to love waterfalls). This looks like the kind of place I’d go to when I want to escape the hustle and bustle in the city.

    1. I think just about everyone can agree that hot water beats cold water any day of the week! EcoTermales is a great place to unwind & rejuvenate the body. There are so many health benefits as well!

      The waterfall was perfect to let the water crash down on your head & shoulders. It was like a never ending hot shower. 🙂

  4. We love hot springs. Eco Termales looks like a really great one with amazing springs and so many other luxuries. We’ll have to check them out next time were in La fortuna.

  5. Woooowww! I would not mind to get lost in this place for, let’s say, a week! Beautiful design in an amazing natural surrounding.

  6. Natural Hot Springs are always my favorite. I absolutely love this one. It looks like the perfect balance between a luxury resort and the surrounding natural beauty. I want to be dipping in those pools right now 🙂

  7. EcoTermales is a must-place to be explored in Costa Rica. I love the small waterfalls with hot water. How I wish to visit the place and totally unwind and relax with the beauty of EcoTermales…

    1. Relax indeed. It felt so good having hot water ‘rain’ down on us during our visit. It’s a shame we can’t bottle the hot springs up & take them with us on our trip.

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