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Drunk Shakespeare: A Modern Interactive Comedy

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Drunk Shakespeare combines your love of theater with your other love…a tasty drink, for an unforgettable night of humor that will leave you LOL and ROTF all night long.

Not Into Shakespeare?

We here at DIY Travel HQ get it.

Shakespeare isn’t for everyone, and maybe you struggled with his literature in high school too.

Drunk Shakespeare Library

Entering the world of Drunk Shakespeare might change your mind about The Bard…

However, Drunk Shakespeare is less about the innovator of the English language, and more about having a good time.

Even when the cast recite his text verbatim, they follow it up with a CliffsNotes translation.

Mixed into each performance are pop culture references from politics to music to current events.

The creators of Drunk Shakespeare have done a tremendous job mixing comedy into the 90 minute show.

If you don’t believe us, check out the amazing reviews Drunk Shakespeare has received on TripAdvisor.

Drunk Shakespeare actors

Expect the unexpected at Drunk Shakespeare!

What is Drunk Shakespeare?

Drunk Shakespeare isn’t just about getting your drink on.

It’s about watching a classically trained actor get theirs on, and the mayhem that follows

  • Will they flub their lines?
  • What adlib jokes or requests will make it into your performance?
Drunk Shakespeare audience

Keeping it casual at Drunk Shakespeare!

To start the show, the predetermined actor/actress has to slam four shots of liquor.

To verify that the shots are all filled with liquid encouragement, an audience member randomly selects one from a tray of five for themselves. The remainder are consumed by the thespian.

During the Drunk Shakespeare show, the King and/or Queen are given the opportunity to either induce an additional two shots, or “Pardon the Fool”.

For this reason, the second show of the evening might have even more antics than the first!

Shots at Drunk Shakespeare

Macbeth takes a shot with an audience member before the show!

Getting Interactive at Drunk Shakespeare

There are loads of things to do in the Big Apple during the day & then there’s Drunk Shakespeare, which is perfect for those looking for a unique night out in New York City.

Not only do you get a taste of high-brow Shakespearean society, but also the unrefined humor from the intimate cast.

One minute you will be listening to a monologue from Macbeth, and the next dancing on-stage to a 90’s classic!

You never know what’s coming next in this Shakespeare adaptation of Macbeth.

Macbeth Drunk Shakespeare

Keeping true to its roots, it’s not Shakespeare without a cape…

The theater is very cozy with thousands of literary works forming the step-down stage.

Audience members line the performance area, and also the surrounding upper level.

The best part about being so close is that you become part of the show. Everyone is invited to sing, clap, stomp along, and partake in banter.

Those that participate are often rewarded with the holy grail of free booze!

Drunk Shakespeare NYC

The lights are out but the search for the holy grail of beer & beyond continues…

That’s right – forget going to those Broadway shows that make you wait until intermission for an alcoholic drink.

Drunk Shakespeare not only serves you a complimentary shot upon arrival, but have waiters to serve you drinks throughout the duration of the show.

How is that for service?!

Drunk Shakespeare ghost

To beer or not to beer, that is the question…

Be The King & Queen at Drunk Shakespeare

For those wanting the crème de la crème experience, you can bid to be the King and/or Queen of the show.

The winning patrons get the following items to indulge in during the Drunk Shakespeare rendition of Macbeth:

  • Front row seating in your very own throne, complete with crowns!
  • A bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne, and two signature cocktails.
  • Caviar and homemade chocolates to savor.
  • The chance to make your acting debut, and influence how the play unfolds… but let’s be honest though, who is going to “Pardon the Fool?!”
Be The King Drunk Shakespeare

YOU could Be The King or Queen for the night & be seated on the throne

Know Before You Go

Location: The Lounge located at 300 West 43rd Street (8th Avenue)

Performance Times: Wednesday to Saturday, and Monday – times vary

Price: Tickets range from $55.00-$89.00. Although there is no bad seat in the house, your interaction in Drunk Shakespeare largely depends on your proximity to the stage.

What to Bring: A license as the show is strictly 21+.

Contact Information:

Free shots Drunk Shakespeare

Empty shot glasses say it all… till next time Drunk Shakespeare, cheers!

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***The Final Word – New York City is blessed with a strong theatrical culture, and Drunk Shakespeare puts an innovative twist on a classic play ***

What’s your favourite Shakespeare play or quote?

* We received complimentary tickets to Drunk Shakespeares, thanks to the cast & crew for hosting us. We only recommend fun, value for money activities & experiences that we believe our readers would enjoy. As always, all opinions & photographs are our own.

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  1. This would definitely be a fun night. If you didn’t like Shakespeare before, I think you certainly would after this!

  2. Haha this looks so awesome, I would love to go to something like this. I especially love the “MacB” cape. Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be bawdy and entertaining and lively and appeal to the masses – not highbrow and esoteric – so I think this is a faithful interpretation.

  3. This is so quirky I love it! I could never get in to Shakespeare when I was at school so this would be perfect for me. Wish they did this in London

  4. Wow, what a concept. I love it adn would totally go. Ha ha for the holy grail of free booze comment. There is an online show that does that with a famous person and a recipe in Quebec.

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