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How to Get a Cuba Tourist Card at Cancun Airport, Mexico

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It’s super-easy to obtain a Cuba Tourist Card in Mexico – we’ll show you exactly how it’s done along with everything you need to know about Cancun Airport.

Cancun Airport Bus

Before we show you exactly how to get a Cuba Tourist Card in Mexico, let’s take a look at how to get to Cancun International Airport in Mexico on the Cancun airport bus.

From downtown Cancun, take a bus from your accommodation to the ADO bus terminal – bus tickets cost 8 pesos / $0.45.

At ADO, take the Cancun airport bus to Cancun International Airport. Tickets cost 68 pesos / $3.85 & the ride takes 30 minutes in air-conditioned bliss.

You could also arrange an airport transport here.

Cancun International Airport

Cancun International Airport is open 24 hours but it doesn’t make it comfortable for you to sleep there.

As you enter, the only seats are the few rows on your left, and the seats have arm rests between them so it’s impossible to lay down.

People were sleeping on the tile floors here & around the airport. If you plan to do this it’s recommended that you travel with an anti-theft backpack.

Apart from the seating area, the air-conditioning through the rest of the terminal is freezing, so consider this if you’re planning to spend the night!

Backpacker sleeping at Cancun Airport

Sleeping options at Cancun Airport are uncomfortable seats or the cold tile floor with freezing air-conditioning – decide wisely before taking the plunge!

Getting a Cuba Tourist Card at Cancun Airport

As you approach the line to check-in to your flight to Havana, you’ll be stopped by an airport staff member & asked to purchase a Cuba Tourist Card at Cancun Airport.

It costs 300 pesos or US$20 – paying in pesos is a much better deal. Just hand over your passport & the staff member will fill in the details on the visa for you.

You may need to have a Cuban address to include on the Tourist Card. We recommend for the best rates & selection of accommodation in Cuba.

As we found out later, the check-in process is also the only kind of immigration there is. The airline worker will take your Mexican immigration card from you.

Next, just go through security as normal & head to your gate. It’s that easy to obtain a Cuba Tourist Card in Mexico!

Although Cuba is a very safe country to travel in, we always recommend purchasing travel insurance before any trip. We’ve been using World Nomads in our travels through 80+ countries over the past 12 years. It’s the best-value provider we’ve found in terms of price and coverage and we haven’t had any issues when we’ve had to make (fortunately) minor claims.

Check-in counters at Cancun Airport

Check-in at Cancun Airport

Flight from Cancun to Havana

Our Interjet flight was short & scenic.

We flew over Cancun’s incredible coastline, into a sea of clouds, pass the karst mountains of Vinales, across the patchwork farms of the countryside & into the runway of Havana Airport – all in less than an hour.

Our flight cost approximately US$200 return. We were served a drink & 2 packs of cookies – always a treat!

For the full story, see part 2 of our flight experience…

The Complete Guide to Havana Airport

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Clear skies from Mexico to Cuba

Bright & sunny skies

View of karst mountains of Finales

View of the karst mountains of Vinales, Cuba

Stormy skies from Cancun to Havana

A storm breaking out

Touchdown in Havana Airport

Touchdown in Havana Airport

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Havana Cuba and Cancun beach Mexico

Cancun Airport is one of the main hubs for flights into Cuba. How do you get to Cancun Airport? Can I sleep there? Do I need a visa for Cuba? What’s the flight to Havana like? We suggest that you avoid sleeping at Cancun airport or rug up if you must. And get a window seat for the scenic flight to Havana. Check out our post for the answers to more of your Cancun airport questions!

*** The Final Word – It’s super easy to get a Cuba Tourist Card in Mexico *** 

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