Casa Frolaz Hostel: Home Away From Home in Santa Ana

Casa Frolaz Hostel: Home Away From Home in Santa Ana

In El Salvador by Sheena15 Comments Frolaz & Quattro Estaciones is a quiet oasis away from the hustle of downtown Santa Ana – find out why this garden hostel-restaurant is the friendliest place in town.

Casa Frolaz was one of the first hostels to open in El Salvador & it remains a favourite for backpackers travelling around El Salvador.

In this beautiful, colonial home, there are two rooms upstairs while the former living area downstairs has since been transformed into the popular restaurant, Quattro Estaciones.

The hostel & restaurant is managed by Francisco, with the help of his brother Bruno.

They made us here at DIY Travel HQ feel very welcome in their home & we thoroughly enjoyed our stay – read on & find out what makes Casa Frolaz the best place to stay in Santa Ana!

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Casa Frolaz colonial mansion

Casa Frolaz is in a beautiful, old colonial building

Location of Casa Frolaz

If you’re looking for a quiet place to stay in Santa Ana away from the hustle & bustle of downtown, look no further than Casa Frolaz.

It’s located in a safe residential neighbourhood, while still being close to the action.

The city centre of Santa Ana is a 20 minute walk away or you take buses #51C or #51F.

Bus terminals, supermarkets, fruit & vegetable markets, the Metrocentro shopping mall, cinema, restaurants, cafes, pupuserias & street food vendors are also all within walking distance.

There’s a large park with soccer & basketball courts nearby – this is a great place to find a cheap lunch, as there are numerous comedors & snack stalls in the area, as well as a funky arts & food market on the weekend.

Entrance to Casa Frolaz

The entrance to Casa Frolaz hostel & Quattro Estaciones restaurant

Dorm Room at Casa Frolaz

Casa Frolaz has just 2 upstairs rooms, a dorm & a double.

We stayed in the dorm room, which we were lucky to have to ourselves.

It was spacious with 3 single beds & 1 double bed. The room was clean & simply decorated with original artwork & flowers.

Other features included:

  • Side tables
  • Desk & chair
  • Table lamps
  • Wardrobe
Casa Frolaz Dorm Room

2 of the 4 beds in the dorm room

Both the dorm & double room have their own private, ensuite bathroom.

The dorm bathroom was huge, it felt very luxurious! The hot water was very good & reliable, with excellent water pressure.

The dorm room opens out to a large balcony.

There are lovely plants & flowers, along with a wooden seat & coffee table. We enjoyed hanging out here with some drinks, reading & playing cards.

Overall, from the room to the bathroom to the balcony, booking a night at Casa Frolaz gives you so much space for a small price.

Shower at Casa Frolaz

Shower in the huge bathroom

Quattro Estaciones Restaurant

Along with the upstairs rooms, Casa Frolaz also features a very nice restaurant downstairs, called “Quattro Estaciones”.

In fact, it’s one of only a handful of restaurants in Santa Ana, so if you’re looking to treat yourself or celebrate a special occasion, you don’t need to go far 🙂

There are 7 tables & it can sit 28 guests comfortably & with privacy.

The restaurant is tastefully decorated with wooden tables, chairs & floorboards & colourful artwork on its red & cream walls.

Quattro Estaciones restaurant

Quattro Estaciones restaurant at Casa Frolaz

The menu is Mediterranean-inspired, focusing on fresh ingredients. Choose from:

  • Starters
  • Crepes
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Pasta
  • Meat
  • Seafood

Prices range from $2.00 for the olive starter to $18.00 for the steak & prawn mains.

There’s a full drinks menu of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

Casa Frolaz garden restaurant

You can enjoy a coffee or a meal in the garden outside too!

Garden at Casa Frolaz

The restaurant opens out to a beautiful tropical garden, where there are a couple more seating areas to enjoy a meal or a drink.

It’s a hidden green oasis back here, filled with trees, flowers & plants, including bamboo & lemon trees.

The terracotta pots, wall of rusted tools & handmade pizza oven (work in progress) add to the rustic, outdoor charm.

This was my favourite place in all of Santa Ana, I found it so relaxing & inspiring – it’s where I’m writing this review from now 🙂

Casa Frolaz garden

Relax in the beautiful garden

Other Features of Casa Frolaz

  • Kitchen access – the kitchen is shared with the restaurant, there are 2 ovens & plenty of space
  • Coffee machine – make your own coffee using a professional coffee machine
  • Cable TV with English channels – watch tv in the restaurant, the hostel also has a great movie collection
  • Laundry – laundry service is available, by the load I believe. There’s plenty of space on the balcony to hang your clothes
  • Atmosphere – with quirky artwork, collectibles & music throughout the hostel, Casa Frolaz is full of coziness & character, a home away from home
Kitchen at Casa Frolaz

Cook your own meals in the kitchen

Casa Frolaz Wrap-Up

We loved staying at Casa Frolaz for its security & serenity, along with the comfort & convenience.

Most of all, we felt very welcomed by the owner Francisco & his brother Bruno.

They always had time to chat & offer suggestions, in fluent English.

Whether it’s a country or a hostel, a place is often a reflection of its people & at Casa Frolaz & Quattro Estaciones, we experienced the warmth & love of being in a home away from home.

Casa Frolaz quirky garden art

The garden is part of your home away from home at Casa Frolaz

Know Before You Go

Location: 29 Calle Poniente, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Price: dorm room from $8.00


*** The Final Word: Casa Ana, your home away from home in Santa Ana ***

Do you prefer to stay downtown or just outside the city centre?

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* Thank you to Casa Frolaz for hosting us!

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Visited in October 2016



  1. Wow this place sounds amazing – it has it all! I prefer staying close to the sights if I only have a few days in a place, but if it’s super crowded (like Cinque Terre) then staying outside the city centre is preferable. That garden looks like such a lovely sanctuary as well. Thanks for sharing this gem!

  2. This place looks wonderful! The only hostels I’ve ever stayed in were stacked metal bunks in small rooms (Typical Japan). The beautiful furniture would be a welcome change.

    I’m like you though, I don’t mind staying outside of town if I have a few essentials close by (groceries, convenient stores etc.) I love getting away from the hustle and go. That garden would be a welcome bonus.

  3. This looks like a cool place to stay! I love that you can cook your own meals in the kitchen! Seems like the ideal place to stay in Santa Ana!

  4. Very beautiful grounds. It must have been a pleasure to sit there and write or just sit there and take in the beauty.

    1. Author

      Sheena took advantage of the tranquil setting, and actually wrote this post there. I was working on El Imposible upstairs, which is why I still haven’t finished. I needed inspiration!

  5. This place is crazy cheap for what you get! A great option for a hostel in Santa Ana, and I love that it has a garden area you can relax in making it a true home away from home.

  6. I am not a huge fan of hostels, but if you are lucky enough to find such a gem and have the dorm for yourself, it must be great. Next year we are heading to Central AMerica, I will keep this place in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  7. by its facilities, pictures and your description I can understand why this hostel is still one of the travelers’ favourites in Salvador. Do you recommend Salvador as a travel destination as well? Thanks

  8. Looks like a wonderful place! I am so happy to have run into a blog that has posts about El Salvador. I have wanted to visit this country but have been deterred by several El Salvadorians I know as they think it is simply too dangerous especially since I am traveling with kids.

    1. Author

      We both like El Salvador a lot. Despite finding mainly pupusas in the evening, we like the food here since they have a lot of tasty dishes for lunch. There is no stand out attraction like Tikal or the Great Wall that makes people come to El Salvador, but there are a lot of good things to do in close proximity to each other.

      In terms of safety, we have felt okay walking around small towns and large cities during the day with the exception of downtown San Salvador. Populated places seemed okay during the night, but we haven’t been out past 8 pm. Just use common sense and don’t flash valuables. Most gang activity takes place outside touristy areas so it is more opportunists in our opinion. A lot of the parks also have police escorts at a certain time or upon request. Hopefully this helps offer a different viewpoint.

  9. Though I appreciate a quiet accommodation, I still prefer the one that is near to the commercial center so it’s not hard to get around. So I think Casa Frolaz is perfect as you say it’s near the city center. But the coffee machine really sold it for me, nothing beats a good coffee.

  10. This hostel has exceeded my expectations just by reading it. It looks really comfortable and i love the structures and its location. Definitely a great place to stay.

  11. Traveling and walking around is sometimes exhausting and everybody deserves a hostel like this. The ambiance is so relaxing and feels like home…

  12. Seems to be perfect for a quiet holiday!
    Security and comfort – I look out for these at any place of stay. This seems to fit in ideally.

  13. Casa Frolaz, wow this looks actually like a piece of paradise rather than a hostel. The ambience is so serene and probably could give some of the star hotels a run for their money.

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