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La Casa de Mamapan: #1 Hotel in Ahuachapan

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Stay in the heart of Ahuachapan in a gorgeous 19th century building, with comfort & character – find out why La Casa de Mamapan is easily the best hotel in town.

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan has an unbeatable spot in Ahuachapan, El Salvador, located next to Nuestra Senora de Asuncion church & directly opposite Plaza Concordia, in the center of the city.

It’s a large, historic property that has been in the same family for more than 150 years.

Here at DIY Travel HQ we found two giant El Salvadorean characters waiting to greet us at the door – say hello to Mama Nena & Papa Chepa!

Of course, don’t forget to take a photo – they may just be the most photographed tourist attraction in Ahuachapan 🙂

 Mama Nena & Papa Chepa dolls

Say hello to Mama Nena & Papa Chepa!

The quirkiness continues inside the hotel, with antiques & collectibles to feast your eyes on as soon as you set foot inside.

The old suitcases & telephones in the reception area are utterly charming!

Next to reception, there is a sun-lit space filled with rocking chairs & old typewriters.

It’s a lovely room to relax in & flick through the large coffee table books on the places to visit in El Salvador.

Reception at La Casa de Mamapan

The waiting area next to reception

King Room at Hotel La Casa de Mamapan

We stayed in the King Room at Hotel La Casa de Mamapan, with an absolutely enormous bed – as you can see, it easily holds 4 pillows!

The bed was super-comfortable as well, which for us is the most important thing.

The blanket is quite thin so if you get cold at night like we do, ask the staff for an extra one.

The room was very spacious, and with the high ceilings & arched frame over the bed on the feature wall, it all felt very grand.

Huge king room at La Casa de Mamapan

King room with enormous bed

The decorations in the room are simple but it features everything that you need, plus more:

  • Air-conditioner
  • Wifi
  • LCD TV with Spanish cable
  • Table lamps
  • Hooks & hangers
  • Bookshelf
Air-con & cable tv

Air-conditioner & cable LED tv in every room

The bathroom is also roomy with plenty of towels & toiletries provided.

The shower is electric, with excellent hot water & water pressure.

We were impressed by the cleanliness of the room & the bathroom, which was well-maintained by the daily housekeeping.

Clean bathroom at hotel

Very clean bathroom has everything you need

The Charm of Hotel La Casa de Mamapan

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan is bigger than it looks, with rooms & hallways branching off in every direction.

We loved finding cute surprises around every corner 🙂

Salvadoran artworks share wall space with old family photographs, wine bottles dangle from the roof, vintage cameras are displayed alongside flower teapots… we adored all the little antique knick-knacks around the hotel.

Common area

Antique furnishings & knick-knacks

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan features plenty of natural sunlight & green plants.

From couches to rocking chairs to, there are numerous areas you can relax in with a book or cup of coffee.

Inside Patio at La Casa de Mamapan

Enjoy the natural sunlight in the inside patio

Services at Hotel La Casa de Mamapan

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan is a small boutique hotel, providing high quality amenities & services: 

  • Wifi is available throughout the hotel
  • Free public parking on the street
  • Laundry: $5 for half a bag, $10 for a full bag
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner available on request

Though they don’t speak English, the staff are very friendly & will do their best to meet your needs.

Salvadoran meals at La Casa de Mamapon

Enjoy traditional Salvadoran breakfast, lunch & dinner in the dining room

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan also hosts events & functions, such as training workshops, business meetings, parties & weddings.

They have fully-equipped facilities, including indoor & outdoor spaces, a kitchen & large dining room hall.

Don’t forget that the hotel is located next to Nuestra Senora de Asuncion church & Plaza Concordia, which makes it a very convenient place to get to & from.

Plaza Concordia Ahuachapan

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan is located just opposite Plaza Concordia (to the left of pic)

Things to See & Do in Ahuachapan

As we mentioned, Hotel La Casa de Mamapan has the perfect location in Ahuachapan – from here, you can walk to all the attractions in town:

  • Iglesia Parroquia de Nuestra de Senora de la Asuncion
  • Plaza Concordia
  • Parque Central

Don’t miss out on the Los Ausoles geothermal springs located just 5kms from Ahuachapan.

You can get there by local bus or enquire with reception for available tours or transfers.

Los Ausoles Ahuachapan

Don’t miss a visit to the geothermal springs of Los Ausoles while in Ahuachapan

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan Wrap-Up

If you like the convenience & variety of being in a big town, explore the Ruta de las Flores & surrounding region from Ahuachapan.

Ahuachapan is also the closest major town to the Las Chinamas border with Guatemala.

Hotel La Casa de Mamapan is easily the best choice in town for accommodation, with excellent rooms, quality amenities, charming environment & friendly customer service offering great value for money.

We don’t hesitate to recommend Hotel La Casa de Mamapan & we look forward to staying there again on our next visit!

We recommend as a trustworthy source of accommodation in El Salvador. Make a booking with our link for 10% off your stay.

Check in La Casa de Mamapan

We wish we could check in & out of La Casa de Mamapan over & over again!

Know Before You Go

Location: Pasaje La Concordia, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

Price: from $45.00

Website: Hotel La Casa de Mamapan

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Stay in the heart of Ahuachapan in a gorgeous 19th century building, with comfort & character – find out why La Casa de Mamapan is the best hotel in town! Enjoy the great location across from Parque Concordia, and next to both Pasaje La Concordia and Iglesia Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion. Visit Los Ausoles geysers, or use as a base for Ruta de las Flores.

*** The Final Word – Looking for a hotel in Ahuachapan? Look no further than Hotel La Casa de Mamapan! ***

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Visited in October 2016


  1. I like places like that, which are in family since generations. I admire people which want to keep the tradition. Really nice article.

    1. Author

      It is something to keep a business in the family for over 150 years. I’m not sure how one would distribute it through all the family members over the years. That may have been the biggest accomplishment. 🙂

  2. This has such a homely feel to it. A warm friendly ambiance so evident in the pics.
    I am sure my kids will love this.

  3. I love that the hotel has been in the same family for 150 years! You just don’t see that very often anymore. What a great find! Sounds like it is the best option in El Salvador!

    1. Author

      You really don’t, Angela. That seems like such a long time now that I’m thinking about it. We can’t vouch for the whole of El Salvador yet, but it is a lovely boutique hotel. It is definitely the best in Ahuachapan!

  4. I would love to stay at this hotel, I am digging the quirky, vintage feel of it. Those giants figures are sure eye-catching. I noticed though that they kept the bedroom real simple, which is also nice.

    1. Author

      Simple yet functional is my preference. Perhaps that stems from many years on the road, and having to make do with less. The whole hotel has a nice atmosphere, and is well planned.

  5. The place is so huge and feels like an old historical place having been there for 150 years. But the cutest part is the mama Nena and papa Chepa. Both cute together! I wish I have a rest place like this.

    1. Author

      The best part is the location as you can’t buy a large piece of property right on the main square in any town these days. They sit next to the main church overlooking the central square. There is also a street filled with cafes right next door! That is why so many pictures for Ahuachapan feature the dolls.

  6. What a lovely hotel. I like how homey it feels. My children would certainly enjoy looking at the interesting decorations. Also, the location can’t be beat.

  7. This looks like a really cute and cosy hotel! Would love to stay at a place like this. Definitely going to check it out. I really like the interiors that have an antique touch to it.

    1. Author

      It looks cozy with all the decorations, but is surprisingly big. There are hidden rooms everywhere, and large event halls too! Don’t judge a book by the cover.

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