Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo

How to Get to the Golden Rock in Myanmar from Kyaiktiyo

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Love it or hate it, the Golden Rock in Myanmar is one of the most divided attractions in Myanmar. You don’t need to take a tour to visit – find out how to get there from Kyaiktiyo…

How to Visit the Golden Rock in Myanmar

If you prefer to take a tour to the Golden Rock, click here.

  • #1 Transport

The transport to the Golden Rock at the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo is a little rough so it’s something to keep in mind when deciding if it’s worth visiting.

Most buses arrive just outside Kinpun. Here at DIY Travel HQ I then took a motorbike taxi to the centre of Kinpun – the base town for the Golden Rock aka Kyaiktiyo Pagoda.

The journey begins at the Yatetaung terminal. Here, converted dump trucks wait to take passengers, 40 at a time, up to the site.


  • Tickets cost 3,000 kyat / $3.00 in 2014 (front seat) or 2,500 / $2.50 (back seat) to the top of the mountain and the trip takes 35mins
  • To Yatetaung Gate it is 1,500 kyat / $1.50 and a 45min hike.

All fares include life insurance so whether you find the Golden Rock in Myanmar worth it or not, you can make your way to the other places to visit in Myanmar…

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Truck to Golden Rock

This is your transportation to the Golden Rock in Myanmar!

  • #2 Truck Ride to the Summit

The trucks fill almost instantly, with one departing soon after another, even in the low season.

In rows of steel plank benches, passengers are squeezed in, from every direction.

Indeed, it’s not a ride for the faint of heart.

Along with the lack of any personal space, the trip is a precarious one up a steep and winding road.

However, on the back of an open-top, with the wind blow and wind chill as the truck climbs over 1,000m above sea level, it is also an exhilarating reminder of living in the moment.

Scary truck ride to Golden Rock

It’s one hell of a ride!

  • #3 Arrival at the Summit

Descending from the truck, another interesting transport option is presented – the Kyaikyito Pagoda is only a further 15min walk away, but you have the choice of taking a sedan chair if you wish.

The porters (the chair comes with 4) are only too eager to lift and carry you all the way, ensuring a grand entrance.

Either way, the ticket checkpoint can’t be bypassed.

Entrance Fee:

  • Foreigners – 6,000 kyat / $6.00
  • Locals – free
Ticket checkpoint at Golden Rock

The ticket checkpoint – go into this building to pay the entrance fee

Locals have a choice of many guesthouses on the mountain, foreigners can only stay at a select, and expensive, few.

The first truck departs at 6am and the last truck returns at 6pm, so catching sunrise and sunset at their peak, at the peak, is not usually feasible for most budget travelers.

Ticket office at Golden Rock

Locals can enter for free, foreigners are charged 6,000 kyat

  • #4 The Legend of the Golden Rock

According to legend, the Golden Rock is said to be precariously perched on a lock of the Buddha’s hair.

It was given to a hermit by the Buddha himself, who kept it secreted in his own topknot, until passing it on to King Thissa in the 11th century.

The hermit commanded the King to find a boulder in the shape of his head, and to then build a stupa on top to hold the holy follicle.

The King, who inherited supernatural powers from his alchemist father and dragon serpent princess mother, located the rock at the bottom of the sea and brought it to the summit of Kyaiktiyo Mountain.

The Golden Rock in Myanmar

The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda hangs off the cliffs of Mount Kyaiktiyo

Hanging off a cliff edge, the area of contact between the rock and the surface it rests on is perilously small, supposedly anchored by the hair of the Buddha in the stupa above.

Indeed, in Mon language, the name Kyaik-htiyo translates to “pagoda upon a hermit’s head”, in accordance with folklore.

Praying in front of Golden Rock

Worshippers pray in front of the Golden Rock

  • #5 Sunset

Surprisingly, the Golden Rock in Myanmar doesn’t win any first prizes for first impressions.

“Just” 7.6m high (with a 15m circumference), it is dominated by a massive, surrounding plaza complex, made up of viewing platforms, places, purchases and paraphernalia devoted to prayers and pilgrims.

On the long approach, it doesn’t loom larger, still looking like a replica of the real rock, even at close range.

It is this man-made environment, for a (largely) natural wonder, that greatly diminishes not only the visual but also the spiritual impact.

Golden Rock plaza complex

The huge plaza complex at the Golden Rock

Temple at Golden Rock

The temple is packed with devout worshippers

However, the longer you linger,, the more you’re charged with the atmosphere of the space and situation.

Just as the smoky clouds roll over the rolling green hills, as the highland chill sets in with the setting sun, the aura of the Kyaiktiyo is gradually all-consuming.

Golden Rock in floating clouds

The Golden Rock is beautiful against the floating clouds

The first waves of sunset break through, the sky is streaked with orange hues and the golden nugget seems to shine sharper than ever.

Mist and mysticism intensifies, as devotion centred on the rock physically and spiritually amplifies.

Ethereal in the floating clouds, the boulder balances in a transcendental purgatory between heaven and earth.

In a fine equilibrium that has been in place since antiquity, the Golden Rock continues to stand the test of time, and gravity.

Sunset at the Golden Rock

Sunset is breathtaking

Kyaiktiyo Hotel

The Golden Rock is located in Kyaiktiyo, a dive town of zero other interest.

Sea Sar Guesthouse is the most popular choice of budget accommodation.

  • Single room w/ fan and ensuite: $8.00-10.00
  • Air-con room: $30.00 

We arranged our accommodation as we traveled through Myanmar but if you prefer to book in advance check out Hostelworld or try staying with locals through Couchsurfing. Note that there are few options in Kyakitiyo.

Cabin at Sea Sar Guesthouse

A cabin at Sea Sar Guesthouse – it definitely looks better from the outside

Transport to Kyaiktiyo 

Kinpun is the transportation hub Kyaiktiyo & the Golden Rock.

From Mawlamyine, the bus times direct to Kinpun are 7:30am, 1/1:30pm and possibly 10pm. Otherwise, buses to Kyaiktiyo (the town of the same name), in the direction of Bago and Yangon, leave regularly.

This journey took 4.5hrs with a tire blow-out and a repair stop. Tickets cost around 8,000 kyat / $8.00.

A 20 minute motorcycle taxi from Kinpun to Kyaiktiyo costs 2,000 kyat / $2.00.

Bus ticket office in Mawlamyine

The bus ticket office in Mawlamyine

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Visit the Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo

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*** The Final Word – We didn’t like the Golden Rock at first but fell in love with its beauty at sunset *** 

Love it or hate it – what do you think?

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Visited in June 2014



  1. Woahzaaa! That truck ride up sounds….a bit scary. And it includes life insurance?! oh my goodness. But the Golden Rock looks interesting! I think I would actually really enjoy it…especially at sunset.

  2. The Golden rock looks incredible, so precariously placed. The place too looks charged with an atmosphere of tranquility. However not too sure of the truck ride, a bit too cramped for comfort 🙂

  3. Sheena this looks amazing! I have never heard of this but will now have to add it to my travel bucket list (although I’m not that excited about the prospect of squeezing into a truck with everyone else!)

  4. Sheena this looks amazing! I have never heard of this but will now have to add it to my travel bucket list (although I’m not that excited about the prospect of squeezing into a truck with everyone else!)

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