Cozumel Budget Travel & Diving Guide

Cozumel on a Budget: Planning Your Diving Vacation

Cozumel on a Budget is possible even if you plan on diving – find out what to see & do, where to stay & how to get to one of Mexico’s most popular islands!

Cozumel on a Budget: Things to Do

Life is good in Cozumel – divers come to explore the rich underwater wonders while package tourists on mega cruise ships dock in daily to indulge in great food & drinks.

With big money pouring in from these strong performing industries, it’s a prosperous island with first-class amenities and one of the top destinations in the Yucatan.

Waterfront boulevard

Waterfront boulevard

San Miguel de Cozumel is the only town on the island, located just opposite the ferry dock.

There are over 300 restaurants in town, many of which are around the central plaza & along the waterfront boulevard.

It’s also a pleasant place to stroll around, with Spanish-Colonial architecture, a photogenic clock tower & much-photographed sign.

Cozumel sign

Don’t forget to take a photo with the sign!

To explore more of the island, you’ll need wheels.

A scenic coastal drive can take you to many white-sand beaches as well as to the following attractions:

  • Museo de la Isla de Cozumel
  • El Cedral
  • Playa Palancar
  • Parque Punta Sur
  • San Gervasio ruins

But of course the main appeal here isn’t on land but under the sea.

The island is known as one of the world’s best diving areas, with an huge abundance & variety of coral reefs & marine life – there are many diving tours in Cozumel.

Dive boat in Cozumel

Dive into one of the world’s best dive spots – see our other post for where to find a cheap tour

Cozumel on a Budget: Accommodation

The cheapest place to stay is Hostelito – don’t waste your time like we did here at DIY Travel HQ looking for cheaper options, they don’t exist.

There is one huge shared mixed-dorm downstairs & a variety of private rooms on the 2 upper levels. There’s a lovely kitchen on the 1st floor, well stocked with cutlery & crockery.

The 2nd level has awesome chill-out areas with hammocks & day beds – it’s a pity it’s so hot in the day to be able to use them. A pool is under construction too, which will really make Hostelito an amazing place.

A bed in the dorm is MN$180 pesos / $10.00 a night.

Hostility dorm

Hostelito is the cheapest places to stay in Cozumel with awesome amenities

Cozumel on a Budget: Transport

There are 2 ferry operators that run services from Playa del Carmen. The prices are:

Mexico Waterjets – M$146 pesos / $8.15 (online) or M$162 pesos / $9.05 (box-office)

Ultramar – M$163 pesos / $9.10 one way / M$326 pesos / $18.15 return

There may be different promotions for return tickets at the box office.

Services run regularly, check schedules on the websites.

Mexico Wateriet ferry

Mexico Water Jet Ferry from Playa del Carmen


5 Shovels-2

Super easy DIY travel around city centres

*** The Final Word – If you’re not a diver or disembarking off a cruise ship, there’s no reason to come to Cozumel ***

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