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Jager Knights Catamaran Tours: Sailing in Bocas del Toro

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Jager Knights Catamaran Tours makes your dream a reality by sailing around Bocas del Toro in style –  find out the destinations you visit in this group of islands & all the highlights on your day out!

If you haven’t been sailing before, then why not give it a try in Bocas del Toro with Jager Knights Catamaran Tours!

The experience costs only $49.00 & takes you to Bocas del Drago (aka Starfish Beach) & Coral Gardens for a great combination of activities.

However, the best part may just sitting in the front of the catamaran with the engine off, wind in your hair, & the sun shining.

Bocas del Toro is the #1 destination in the country with a wide range of accommodation from hostels on Isla Colon (the main island) to some of the best luxury eco-resorts in Panama on the smaller outlying islands.

If you’re short on time, check out this awesome guide on what to see & do in Panama in 10 days.

Catamaran tour

Life’s gone on a Jager Knights Catamaran Tour around Bocas del Toro

Jager Knights Catamaran Tours: Location

We here at DIY Travel HQ found out about Jager Knights Catamaran Tours on TripAdvisor & loved the positive reviews we read.

We arranged everything online & arrived at the private dock at 9:30 am per their instructions. You can find the pier along Calle 3 across from the Hotel Palma Royale.

We didn’t go the first day because a group of four didn’t show up (minimum 4 customers needed) though that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we enjoyed much nicer weather on the second day.

Those venturing to Lost & Found hostel or David can still catch an onward water taxi to Almirante & connecting bus to David after completing the Jager Knights Catamaran Tours.

Jäger Knights pier

Visit the Jager Knights pier or enquire online

Jager Knights Catamaran Tours: Catamaran!

The first phase of our catamaran tour with Jager Knights in Bocas del Toro consisted of motoring to Bocas del Drago for the famous starfish.

We took the opportunity to get acquainted with our captain Maga & the layout of the catamaran.

I’ve been sailing for over two weeks in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on a mono-hull, but a catamaran was a unique experience for both Sheena & I.

We enjoyed seeing the layout that adventurous souls brave for months on the open sea at a time.

Drinks on Jager Knights

BYO drinks & store them in the ice-box or purchase them onboard

For this reason, every nook & cranny is used for storage.

Around the captain’s cockpit are seats that double as storage.

There was also an interior room with a kitchen, more seating, & full frontal view.

Down below were two bathrooms with marine toilets, & four bedrooms.

The cabins are more spacious than I had expected, but still tight.

The highlight was the netting at the bow in front for lounging during our relaxed sailing tour with Jager Knights.

Jäger Knights catamaran

There’s plenty of room for everyone on the bow

Jager Knights Catamaran Tours: Captain Maga

Maga has been running Jager Knights sailing tours from the start & has a rich story.

He has held several positions & originally moved to Bocas del Toro to have a simpler life.

After a short foray, he joined the “Survivor” reality TV crew & traveled around the world assisting the TV show.

It wasn’t until he met his Dutch wife that he decided to settle down again.

He was granted an excellent opportunity to ‘man’ the catamaran over two years ago & has been the captain ever since.

Captain Jager Knights

You’re in safe hands with Captain Maga at the wheel!

Stop #1. Bocas del Drago (Starfish Beach)

The first stop on the Jager Knights Catamaran Tour was Bocas del Drago (Starfish Beach).

There aren’t as many as there once was, but we still managed to spot three large starfish.

Please do not pick them up as it is this behavior that prompts them to swim to more isolated and/or deeper places.

Starfish Beach

Starfish on Starfish Beach in Bocas del Toro!

Besides trying to spot starfish, the secluded beach is perfect for a swim.

You can wade in from shore for a few meters before it drops off & provides an excellent depth for floating & swimming.

It’s in these first few meters that you can see the starfish even without snorkeling.

We also saw a crab taking a stroll as well.

The other highlight was taking a stroll along the beach.

There are a collection of bars & restaurants set up for day visitors along the narrow beach, but lunch isn’t too far away on the catamaran.

You can relax on the boat, or use the shade from the palm trees for a quick nap or a chance to turn some pages in your latest novel.

Playa Estrella Bocas del Toro

Swim or stroll on the stunning Starfish Fish

Jager Knights Catamaran Tours: Lunch

Lunch onboard Jager’s Knights is served right before departing Bocas del Drago (Starfish Beach).

Maga makes a mean carbonara pasta that he has perfected over many trips.

You get a large serve with garlic bread, & he typically has extra for anyone that wants seconds.

You can bring your own drinks on board (keep them cold in the ice-box provided), or purchase from a selection of alcoholic & non-alcoholic refreshments.

Cabonara pasta

The Cabonara pasta lunch onboard Jager Knights was absolutely delicious!

Sailing from Bocas del Drago (Starfish Beach) to Coral Gardens

Part of the fun of sailing is putting the sails up.

Up until now the wind was blowing the wrong direction, but it would be at our backs for the return journey.

Depending on the weather, this is where time can be gained or lost with both having their own advantages.

Sailing Bocas del Toro

Jäger Knights Catamaran Tours crew hard at work getting the sails up

Although we would have liked a longer sailing trip with Jager Knights Catamaran Tours we were a little anxious about catching our onward transportation to Lost & Found Hostel, and we had already been out for a whole day from 9:30am-4:00pm.

Luckily, there was a strong wind filling our sails & we made record time.

It still took over an hour to reach Coral Gardens as the fastest you can expect to sail is about 9 knots.

The best part was hearing nothing but the lapping waves against the catamaran as we cut through the water.

Catamaran Bocas del Toro

Taking it all in onboard Jager Knights Catamaran Tours

For those that are prone to seasickness like myself, the waters around Bocas del Toro are typically very calm.

It was also nice being on a catamaran compared to a mono-hull once the sails opened since the yacht remained level instead of heavily sloping to one side.

This made the journey a lot more comfortable.

A lot of the guests on the Jager Knights Catamaran Tour got to relax on the front webbing under the shade of the sails on the way to Coral Gardens.

Sailing Bocas del Toro

Sails up on Jager Knights catamaran

Stop #2. Coral Gardens Snorkeling

Once we arrived at Coral Gardens it was time to grab a snorkel set & fins before plunging into the crystal clear water.

The only other people around the reef were several other dive boats having students practice drills.

Otherwise, Coral Gardens was just ours to explore.

What we liked about Jager Knights was the freedom to choose whether or not you require a life vest. We are avid snorkelers & divers so we feel comfortable in the water.

Life vests are always available, and Maga watches over the area to make sure no one is having problems.

Snorkeling Tour Bocas del Toro

Getting ready to hit the water!

Coral Gardens is perfect for snorkeling as the visibility is great, & the depth ranges from just a few meters to roughly 7 meters.

This is a great site to practice freediving without risk.

Besides hard corals, we also saw many tropical fish with the juvenile damselfish being our favorite – it’s black with bright blue dots.

There were also many sea cucumbers, Gregorian fans, & trumpet fish.

We were very happy with the quality of Coral Gardens despite being so close to Bocas del Toro town.

Coral Gardens snorkeling

Snorkeling at Coral Gardens was beautiful!

Once everyone had their fill of snorkeling & got back on the Jager Knights catamaran, we started our return journey to the pier on Bocas del Toro.

It wasn’t long before our sailing trip seemed more like a dream than the reality that it was.

Hopefully we have another great experience like this soon!

Playa Estrella Bocas del Toro

Goodbye Jager Knights Catamaran Tours & Bocas del Toro – we’ll be back!

Know Before You Go

Location: Jager Knights is located on Calle 3 across from Hotel Palma Royale on Bocas del Tore, Panama.

Price: $49 for a day tour, with lunch included

Duration: Arrive at the dock at 9:30 am, but the tour typically lasts between 10 am & 4 pm.

What to Bring: Sunscreen, towel, change of clothes, & drinks & snacks

Contact Information:


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***Your two options for getting out on the water in Bocas del Toro are sailing with Jager Knights, & a speed boat. We felt the catamaran offered more comfort for a full day trip, & loved being able to move around.***

Where in the world have you been sailing?

* We received a complimentary trip with Jager Knights Catamaran Tours, thank you to Robbin for hosting us. We only recommend fun, value for money activities & experiences that we believe our readers would enjoy. As always, all opinions are our own.

Visited in February 2017


  1. This is a wonderful way to see the exotic islands and cruise on the turquoise waters. I would love to relax on the bow of the boat and watch the beautiful environs going by. Would love to get on to one of these tours.

  2. What a wonderful tour of exotic islands! Good to know about Captain Maga too. All info is really useful and looks reasonable too for the price. I hope to get these islands some day.

  3. That is a wonderful experience. Particularly the coral garden looks so inviting 🙂 I would like to spend some time on that boat as well and enjoy my time to the fullest.

  4. wow! fantastic beaches, blue skies and sea life! I would like to see those starfishes by myself, a pity that they are less now. Do you think it is because of the tourism?

  5. Whooa! This is sooo cool! Such an awesome way to spot some wildlife and experience the scenery to the fullest! Pity the waters aren’t more clear in our region, because I really want to do this kind of tour! Beautiful pictures by the way!

  6. Sailing on anprivate boat or vessel is one of the things in my bucket list. I imagine watching the sunset while lying on that confortable net…. must be very relaxing.. good to know there is a highly recommended tour such as thos… thanks for sharing!

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