Rio Dulce Town Boat Tours to Livingston

Rio Dulce, Guatemala: Boat Tour to Livingston

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The Rio Dulce, Guatemala boat tour to Livingston is the reason why most tourists visit the region – find out when they depart, prices & what attractions you see along the way.

Rio Dulce, Guatemala: Boat Tour Attractions

Rio Dulce, Guatemala boat tours take in five attractions on the water before arriving in Livingston which is on the border with Belize:

  • swinging by Castillo de San Felipe
  • witnessing nesting cormorants and pelicans
  • floating past a garden of water lilies
  • stopping at a hot spring on the banks of El Golfete
  • zipping through a gorge on the way to Livingston

Let us here at DIY Travel HQ take a look at each attraction in a little more detail…

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Rio Dulce, Guatemala El Golfete

There isn’t much to see on the Rio Dulce boat, Guatemala tour except the five attractions.

  • #1. Castillo de San Felipe

The San Felipe fort was originally constructed in 1652 to defend the Izabal Lake against pirates. It was then converted into a prison when buccaneers ceased to exist.

It now the main tourist attraction in the area.

You can get there by microbus, but we feel it is best viewed from the water such as on the Rio Dulce boat tour.

If you are doing a day trip on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala boat tour, consider getting dropped off there and walking back.

Admission is Q20 / $2.75 but they have a free park that you can enjoy as well.

We recommend Lonely Planet’s Guatemala Travel Guide to help you plan your trip.

Rio Dulce Castillo de San Felipe

The best views of Castillo de San Felipe are from a Rio Dulce, Guatemala boat tour.

  • #2. Nesting Cormorants and Pelicans

After passing underneath the Rio Dulce, Guatemala bridge the next ‘stop’ consists of slowing the boat down and observing nesting cormorants and pelicans.

You can see new hatchlings all the way up to full-grown birds weighing down the mangrove branches.

Rio Dulce Guatemala Cormorants & Pelicans

Don’t you hate it when you find the perfect spot for your home, and everyone seems to move in too?

  • #3. Water Lily Garden

One of the nicer sections of El Golfete is Water Lily Garden.

It is a small enclave of water lilies with a lake house on the shore.

Your first clue that you have arrived will be a handful of young local girls paddling canoes towards you.

They hope to sell turtle shell products.

Rio Dulce Guatemala Lily Garden

You can’t have a tour without scheduled sales stops… that’s why we normally prefer DIY Travel!

  • #4. El Golfete Hot Springs

A short distance away is El Golfete Hot Springs.

We originally didn’t know what the attraction was since a sign advertised a tour to a cave. We assumed we were there to see that since we had only had 15 minutes.

Sadly, the real attraction was a hot spring on the banks of El Golfete.

There is an extended pier to the left of the dock that runs parallel to the hot water. If you look close enough, you can see the steam rising.

These hot springs had nothing compared to the hot spring waterfall at Finca El Paraiso, which can be visited on a day trip from Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

Rio Dulce Guatemala Hot Spring

Bring your bathing suit on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala boat tour. You have 15 minutes to enjoy the hot springs.

  • #5. Rio Dulce, Guatemala Gorge

The first half of the tour is through El Golfete, and the sides of the lake are kilometers away.

It isn’t until you reach Rio Dulce Gorge that the walls close in, and get steeper.

Aside from the attractions, this is the nicest stretch of the Rio Dulce boat tour as you zip along to Livingston.

Rio Dulce Guatemala Livingston

Enjoy the ride once the walls start closing in on the Rio Dulce boat tour.

Rio Dulce, Guatemala: Boat Tour Times and Prices

Colectivo boats depart both Rio Dulce Town and Livingston at 9:30 am and 2:30 pm.

One way is Q125 / $17.20 and same day return is Q200 / $27.50.

The trip takes 90 minutes for the complete tour, and only 45 minutes if there are no new passengers.

Hopefully you will not have to do the tour twice.

Rio Dulce Guatemala Boat Tours

At some point you will take a boat ride in Rio Dulce Town.

Boats in Rio Dulce Town can be caught underneath the northwest side of the bridge, and by the main park in Livingston.

We listed it as one of the places to visit in Guatemala but Rio Dulce isn’t worth a visit unless you have an extended stay in the country.

Rio Dulce Town Boat Dock & Bridge

Lots of boats for not so many tourists in Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

Rio Dulce, Guatemala: Accommodation on the Water

Near both Rio Dulce Town and Livingston, it is possible to stay on remote properties on the water.

Most appear to have a deck to lounge on, or jump off.

The colectivo boat can pick or drop you off at any of them along the way with advance notice.

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Rio Dulce Guatemala Hotel Backpackers

Hotel Backpackers may cost more all included, but it is a nicer environment.


***The Final Word – Unless you are using Livingston for transportation to Belize or Honduras, we don’t find the Rio Dulce, Guatemala boat tour to be good value ***

Have you been on any boat tours in Guatemala?

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