Playa Ancon beach in Trinidad

Playa Ancon near Trinidad: Worst Beach in Cuba

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Playa Ancon is just 15km from Trinidad but it’s almost not worth the hassle – find out why we rate it as the worst beach in Cuba. 

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Why Playa Ancon is the Worst Beach in Cuba

Apart from its timeless colonial centre, Trinidad is also a major tourist destination due to its proximity to the beach.

Playa Ancon is located just 15km away geographically & it’s a popular getaway for travellers & locals alike.

However we didn’t like Ancon beach at all.

The sandy beach felt cramped & there was a lot of sea grass in the water, making swimming really unenjoyable. The water wasn’t that clear or blue either.

We visited the beach in front of Hotel Club Amigo Ancon – with its Soviet-style building in the background, the atmosphere & surroundings were really unappealing.

The nicest thing was being able to relax under the shade of a palapa.

Cigar smoking on Playa Ancon

Cigar smoking under a palapa on Ancon beach!

Better Beaches in Cuba

However, Playa Ancon may be convenient for travellers on a short vacation as it’s only 15km from Trinidad, with a couple of affordable, all-inclusive resorts right on the beach (including Brisas Trinidad del Mar)

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If you’re already planning to visit other beaches in Cuba, we recommend giving it a miss & enjoying all your time in beautiful Trinidad. Check out Lonely Planet for more travel inspiration in Cuba.

Playa Ancon is rated as the best beach on the mediocre south coast but we much preferred Playa Larga.

But if you’re really into the sand & surf, head to the north coast & beach hop around:

Best Beaches in Cuba

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Playa Ancon in Trinidad

Such a dull beach!

How to Get to & from Playa Ancon

To get to Playa Ancon by local bus, head south out of Trinidad (on Calle Real) – ask locals for the bus stop. However, the bus comes infrequently, we waited over 1 hour.

The ride costs 1 peso / $0.04.

To get back to Trinidad, take the workers bus from Hotel Club Amigo Ancon – this is also infrequent, ask around for times.

We caught a bus at 5pm, the ride cost 1 peso / $0.04.

If you’re short on time, it’s worth considering taking a taxi or bicycle.

Hotel Club Amigo Ancon

Catch the workers bus back to Trinidad in front of Hotel Club Amigo Ancon

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Waves of sand

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*** The Final Word – don’t waste your time in Playa Ancon, stay in dreamy Trinidad ***

What do you think is the worst beach in Cuba?

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