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Namecheap vs GoDaddy: Best Domain Name Registrar

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If you aren’t sure which is the best domain name registrar you are in the right place with our Namecheap vs GoDaddy comparison. Find out which domain registry to choose for your domain name today!

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For the impatient, GoDaddy is the best domain name registrar for 1 year, and then it is better to go with Namecheap for anything longer than a year. Continue reading for more details…

Best Domain Name Registrar: The Basics

Each domain registry, whether Namecheap or Godaddy, has access to the same list of available domain names. For true beginners, a domain name is your online address such as

So how do you decide whether to use Namecheap vs GoDaddy to purchase your domain name? Easy; you need to consider the following:

  • Does the domain registry have an established reputation, and will it exist at least the length of your domain name registration?
  • Is the domain registry accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)?
  • Are the yearly registration and renewal fees competitive?
  • Does the domain registry offer basic services such as nameserver access, professional e-mail, and private WHOIS records?
  • Can you select manual and auto renewal based on your personal preference?
  • Is it easy to transfer your domain name to another domain registry in the future, and are there any hidden fees?
  • Can you forward similar or existing domain names you own to another domain name, which is referred to as domain forwarding?
  • Should you run into any problems, does the domain registry have good customer support?

For a quick Namecheap vs GoDaddy comparison, find out for yourself who is the best domain name registrar for your needs.

Namecheap vs GoDaddy Domain Registry Features Comparison Table

Both Namecheap and GoDaddy offer the same features, but at different price points.

Namecheap Overview

In our opinion Namecheap is the best domain name registrar.

They are reliable, have a consistently low registration price, have all the extra features, and throw in a lot of them for free.

One of the nicest aspects to choosing Namecheap as a domain registry is that they don’t try to upsell much, and have a user-friendly interface because of this.

Buying a domain is as easy as 1-2-3

GoDaddy Overview

The only reason to choose GoDaddy as your domain registry is because they offer a special promotion for the first year. Sometimes this is as cheap as $0.99 the first year!

If you only need the domain for a year, are strapped for cash, or don’t mind the extra work of transferring your domain, then GoDaddy is your best bet for the first year.

Other areas where GoDaddy differs from Namecheap are by offering phone support, and negatively by the amount of upselling that distracts the user.

Unlimited potential. Unlimited names. .COM's just $9.99 each!

Best Domain Name Registrar: Add-on Features

With all the possible add-ons, what do you need to get started when purchasing your domain?

Honestly, less is more. Stick to just the domain name, and any free extras such as private WHOIS with Namecheap the first year.

One key item to remember is that hosting should always be by another company that specializes in it.

We are currently using and recommend Bluehost. One nice feature is that Bluehost provides free Professional E-mail, which takes away one domain registry add-on.

Private WHOIS hides your contact information as the owner of the domain name. I personally don’t pay for this feature for my domain names, and no one contacts me by phone, mail, or e-mail. Until they do, I will forego this feature. Web Hosting $3.95

Namecheap vs GoDaddy Comparison

There isn’t much difference when comparing Namecheap vs GoDaddy.

The big items are price, and the amount of upselling on each domain registry.

Namecheap wins on both accounts, and I have just transferred my Chinese embroidery domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap. Surprisingly, the process was easy, straightforward, and finalized the same night.

Namecheap vs GoDaddy Pricing

Let’s take a look at the pricing comparison for Namecheap vs GoDaddy.

Unless you get a special offer for a GoDaddy domain, Namecheap wins hands down.

The difference increases each year, especially if you value your privacy with a Private WHOIS.

Namecheap vs GoDaddy Price Comparison Table

Namecheap is the clear price point winner as the best domain name registrar when compared to GoDaddy!

Best Domain Name Registrar: Settings

For my Chinese embroidery domain with Namecheap I have two renewal options. I choose to auto renew the domain so I don’t accidently forget to renew it, and loose the rights to the domain.

I also have the free Private WHOIS from Namecheap not set to auto renew as I don’t currently value the privacy despite only costing $2.88 a year.

Well that’s it in our review of the best domain name registrar – let us know…

Which domain registry did you choose when comparing Namecheap vs GoDaddy?


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