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Kalaw Travel Guide: Attractions & Accommodation

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Kalaw is an excellent base town to plan treks to Inle Lake & around: from markets to caves, find out what else there is to see & do in our Kalaw Travel Guide.

Kalaw Travel Guide: Then & Now

Upon a pre-dawn arrival in Kalaw, the chilly, even cold, air signals the warming prospect of a cooler climate in this mountain-top town.

Founded by the British precisely for this reasoning, the town is located at an altitude of 1320 meters.

But alas, even before noon, heat and humidity steadily climb, hopes fall, and temperatures are, in the end, not much cooler than the rest of Myanmar after all.

Nevertheless, Kalaw still made our list of the top destinations in Myanmar.

Main street in Kalaw

The main street in the centre of Kalaw

Kalaw rests high atop the western plateau of Shan State, where indeed, in colonial times, the scorching heat of Burma’s lower plains left the British literally scrambling for the hills.

Quickly establishing itself as a popular hill station and retreat, the colonists brought along with them scores of Nepalese and Indian workers to build surrounding roads and railway lines.

Many of these descendants continue to reside in here today, with Gurkhas, Sikhs and Muslims making up a significant portion of the town’s 20,000+ population.

Thanaka Lady at Kalaw market

A lady wearing Thanaka at the central market

Their influence is visible in the number of Indian and Nepalese restaurants and assortment of foreign street food offerings around town.

The town spreads over a number of hills, topped with several outlying temple complexes, from which there are picturesque views.

View from Dhamma Yon temple

The best view of Kalaw is from the top of Dhamma Yon temple

Here at DIY Travel HQ we found the centre of Kalaw to be trim and tidy.

Almost everything and everywhere was easily accessible by foot.

Together with the diversity of foods (Shan noodles are the local specialty), the inner streets are largely comprised of general stores, guesthouses, trekking agencies and markets.

Firmly established on the backpacking circuit for some time, residents possess a nonchalance towards foreigners, certainly an attitude more refreshing than that of the climate.

Trekking agency in Kalaw

There are several trekking agencies in town catering to tourists

Laid-back and unassuming, picturesque and quaint, it is an atmosphere and setting that makes Kalaw a pleasure, not only as a stop on the road to Inle Lake, but also as a destination in its own right.

Like any true rural village town, the marketplace is the heart of town. It holds a main daily market, both covered and uncovered, with the usual trading and cast of colourful characters.

Central Market everyday in Kalaw

The covered section of the daily market

Kalaw Travel Guide: Rotating Market

Every 5 days, Kalaw also hosts a traditional rotating market, where hill-tribes from surrounding villages come to sell their produce.

Palaung, Intha, Taungthu, Danu, Kayah and Danaw people all live in the proximate mountains, but it’s the Pa-O tribe with their distinctive black robes and bright head wraps that are the marketplace standouts.

Pa-O tribe woman at market

A lovely woman from the Pa-O tribe selling vegetables at the market

Unlike the everyday market with its household goods and commodities, here for sale, there are only food and drink, fruit and vegetables, chicken and fish, herbs and spices.

It is local and lovely, and as regular vendors are also part of the scene, it’s a sweet eclectic mix of the common and the exotic.

Traditional rotating market Kalaw

Traditional rotating market, where hill-tribes from surrounding villages come to sell their produce

Kalaw Travel Guide: Attractions

  • #1. Aung Chan Tha Zedi

Aung Chan Tha Zedi is the town’s most glamorous stupa, covered in gold & silver glass mosaics.

Aung Chan Tha Zedi stupa

The glitzy Aung Chan Tha Zedi stupa

  • #2. Nee Paya

Nee Paya is a temple complex high up in the hills, on the outskirts of Kalaw, holding a 500 year old gold lacquered bamboo Buddha.

A monastic residence is on the grounds.

Bamboo Buddha in Kalaw

A 500 year old bamboo Buddha is in this temple

  • #3. Shwe Oo Min Paya and Cave

Shwe Oo Min Paya & Cave is a 300 years old natural cave filled with a myriad of gold Buddha statues.

It’s damp and cool inside. The 30min walk from the centre of town passes pine forests and bamboo groves.

Inside Shwe Oo Min Paya Cave

Inside Shwe Oo Min Paya Cave

Cave of Shwe Oo Min Paya

A very colourful cave filled with Buddhist statues

  • #4. Dhamma Yon

Dhamma Yon is a two-storey temple high up on a hill with the best views of town.

There are often young monks praying, playing or sleeping around the complex.

For an insight into Burmese Buddhism, visit the Kha Khat Wain Kyaung monastery in Bago.

Sleeping monk in Kalaw

Sleeping monk on the stairway to Dhamma Yon

Kalaw Travel Guide: Accommodation

  • Golden Kalaw Inn

Room w/ various breakfast options, shared bathroom, wifi: 9,000 kyat / $9.00

  • Golden Lily Guesthouse

Double room w/ breakfast, shared bathroom (no wifi): 7,000 kyat / $7.00

  • Pine Land Inn

Room w/ shared bathroom, wifi: 5,000 kyat / $5.00

Golden Kalaw Inn

I stayed at Golden Kalaw Inn – Golden Lily Guesthouse is cheaper & right next door

Kalaw Travel Guide: Transport

  • Yangon-Kalaw bus

Approximate departure times for buses between Yangon & Kalaw are: 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm. Tickets cost 10,500 kyat & the journey takes 10 hours.

You can also check all the bus times and comfort levels on Bookaway. Although we recommend the hike to Inle Lake, they also offer private rides too.

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The Hilltop Station & Markets of Kalaw

*** The Final Word – Spend a day or two in lovely, multicultural Kalaw before going trekking *** 

Did you go trekking in Kalaw?

Visited in June 2014

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