Hiking Volcan Baru for Sunrise

How to Hike Volcan Baru, Panama Without a Tour

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It’s possible to take on the Volcan Baru hike without a tour – it isn’t tough but it does require some advance planning. Find out all the details to enjoy a beautiful sunrise overlooking both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans!

Where is Volcan Baru, Panama?

Parque Nacional Volcan Baru is located along the continental divide, separating two of the world’s great oceans. The volcano is located roughly in the middle of the Central American isthmus at the northern end of Panama.

Due to its elevation and proximity to the equator, the area is prone to rain and microclimates owing to the contrast in temperatures nearby. Tackling the Volcan Baru hike for sunrise is definitely one of the best things to do in Boquete and an experience unique to Panama.

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Volcan Baru View of Atlantic Ocean
You can see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from the top of Volcan Baru, Panama

Volcan Baru Hike

There are several ways to hike to the summit of Volcan Baru National Park, but you need to be at the highest point for sunrise to witness the best views. It’s one of the best hikes in Panama.

Although there are 4×4 jeeps that can make the summit easier, they tend to be pricey ($150). We prefer to put in the effort, and earn the reward when we reach the summit.

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Volcan Baru Hiking Path
The path only gets narrower after reaching the antennas.

Volcan Baru hike at night

The best way to hike Volcan Baru without a tour is to take the tourist shuttle ($5) that most hostels in town can arrange for free.

Although sharing a taxi with friends would work out cheaper, it may be difficult to find one around midnight when you need to make the journey to the base of Volcan Baru.

Volcan Baru National Park
You may not see the entrance at night, but the ranger will find you on the way down.

There are at least two companies that service trips to the volcano, but I don’t recommend the one booked by El Machico despite being a fabulous hostel (dorms $13-16).

The safari painted truck kept overheating, and required donations from the drinking water to make it to the start! We’re not sure what is worse, not reaching the destination or having insufficient drinking water for a 12 hour hike?

Volcan Baru Midnight Hike Shuttle
Try not to take the Guameru Arte-Aventura shuttle as you might not reach Volcan Baru.

The only other group was a French couple that had hired a guide for $85. This is 100% not required as there is only one road to the peak marked by antennas.

This did lead to an awkward situation though since I wanted someone to talk to as Sheena was recuperating from our three day hike in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica.

Volcan Baru Antennas at Sunrise
Follow the road up Volcan Baru until you reach the antennas at the peak.

It felt weird joining their guided Volcan Baru tour when I didn’t pay for it so I branched out on my own after an hour.

There isn’t much to see in the dark along the way except to watch your footsteps over the uneven gravel road – be sure to bring along a headlamp of course.

It isn’t immediately clear why only serious 4×4’s can make it to the top until the 2nd half of the climb. The ruts become very serious at times!

Volcan Baru 4x4 Sunrise Tours
The road only gets worse the higher you climb on the Volcan Baru hike.

Depending on your fitness level, it only takes around 4 hours to climb. I found myself stopping and chatting with anyone I passed just to pass time.

I knew every step I took dropped the temperature a corresponding amount. I found myself sitting at lower elevations not because I was tired, but to prevent sitting at Volcan Baru’s frigid peak.

Most people don’t think about freezing when in tropical locations, but it can happen. I recommend wearing very warm clothing, including thermal gloves & a fleece beanie.

Volcan Baru View Overlooking Boquete
It gets chilly at the peak, so take long breaks at the lookouts.

In the dark, the highlights were a few lookouts to see Boquete’s lights, a bird, and a few mysteries that would need sunlight to better understand.

Scouting for night eyes along the trail to the top of Volcan Baru was pointless as there was no wildlife to be seen.

Volcan Baru Wildlife
I spy with my little eye one bird, and only one bird on Volcan Baru.

Reaching the Volcano Baru Summit

Arriving at the summit is very rewarding as the Volcan Baru hike is then half done, and the sky is starting to brighten if you timed your ascent correctly.

I was still a bit too early, so I huddled in between a few buildings that helped minimize the chilly wind.

There was a group of three others from the other shuttle that had the same idea. They were all independent hikers before the trip, but teamed up for the climb.

Volcan Baru Rocky Cross
Volcan Baru without a guide is much more fun with friends.

When you get to the top of the volcano, you really want to maximize taking pictures to the east before the sunrise. Don’t wait until the sun rises thinking the lighting will get better, as you will only get glare!

There is a well-worn path just past the antenna station on the left that is ideal for watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, and shining light on the Pacific Ocean at the same time.

I can’t think of anywhere else where you can see the world’s two great oceans at the same time.

Volcan Baru Sun Rising
Make sure you arrive early to catch sunrise on the top of Volcan Baru!

The hues from the impending sunrise are magical as they spread across the layer of clouds below, until the sun finally pops above them to greet you.

Slowly, the sun rises casting prolonged shadows from the peaks above the clouds onto the adjacent countryside of Panama.

Volcan Baru Shadow on Panama
Check out the shadow cast by Volcan Baru!

Once there is ample light, then you can safely (relatively at least) make your way to the true peak of Volcan Baru.

You can follow the same path further on until you have to boulder to the top of a rocky ledge protected by a cross.

This is when you can bask in the warming sunlight, and appreciate the hard work it took to reach the summit before retracing your steps.

Volcan Baru Summit Cross
You have officially reached the highest point in Panama!

Hiking Down Volcan Baru

Typically, you can descend a mountain, or volcano in this case, in half to two-thirds the time it took to climb to the top. However, the descent down Volcan Baru, Panama seemed to take roughly the same amount of time.

This was a combination of slippery loose gravel, finally being able to see what you were hiking past in the dark, and having met other hikers to chat with.

Volcan Baru Vegetation
The vegetation is very lush at higher elevations with a cooler and wetter climate.

There still wasn’t much to see along the way, but the road was lined with colorful flowers, and a few oddities. You could properly explore the run down camping area, and a zipline/hunter’s cage.

The most wildlife were the sheep in the cliff strewn pasture towards the bottom.The only thing left to do at the end was to “check-in” at Volcan Baru’s entrance ($5).

Volcan Baru National Park Pasture
I thought I saw sheep in the middle of the night. Now I’m not so sure.

How to get to Volcan Baru without a tour

The easiest way to reach Volcan Baru is to take a shuttle for $5 arranged by your hostel.

Getting back can entail taking a bus (minivan) that runs semi-regularly to Boquete, or a taxi with fellow hikers ($2-3 per person).

Public Buses (Yellow Vans) from Boquete to Sendero Los Quetzales
If you are in a group, taxis may be cheaper than buses (minivans) in Boquete.

Volcan Baru Accomodation

Since the best way to visit Volcan Baru without a guide or tour is to start hiking at midnight, most hostels and hotels will require you to pay for the night even though you are not there most of the time.

Your only other option is to climb Volcan Baru for sunset, camp overnight, witness sunrise, and then descend.

Volcan Baru National Park Camping Area
The Volcan Baru camping area is rough around the edges, but there are nice hidden spots.

We did see one couple hike up at midnight for sunrise, sleep during the day, catch sunset, and then return.

This saves you the park fee, but becomes more expensive due to hostel costs.

Volcan Baru Camping
Keep your valuables with you, but no one is going to bother you while camping on Volcan Baru.

Volcan Baru Weather

Whether you are camping or doing the night hike up Volcan Baru, you will need warm clothes as it gets cold near the 11,398’ (3,475 m) summit.

The obvious reason to climb to the top is for the views so check the weather on Mountain Forecast. A simpler method is to check whether you can see the antennas on the volcano before the sun sets as that is a good determinator.

Volcan Baru Sunrise
You wouldn’t want to miss this beautiful view after a long hike with poor weather.

Where to next?

Another great hike in Volcan Baru National Park is Sendero Los Quetzales, or you can try the fantastic Boom Boom Shrimp at Big Daddy’s Grill to regain your strength featuring tasty large portions.

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Know Before You Go

Location: Volcan Baru is located near Boquete, Panama

Price: Entrance to Volcan Baru National Park is $5, with transportation adding an additional $7-8.

Duration: 12 hours return

Transportation: Volcan Baru shuttle around midnight for the start, and taxi or bus for the return.

Weather: Check the forecast, view the volcano, and have warm clothes for the peak.

Things to Pack: Water, food, and a headlamp!

The sunrise hike up to Volcan Baru, Panama is one of the best things to do in Boquete. Find out how to do it without a guide and see if you've got what it takes #volcanbaru #panama #panamatravel

*** The Final Word – Volcan Baru is a relatively easy climb to do it yourself  and the views are amazing from the top of Panama ***

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that we receive a small commission if you click on a link & purchase something that we have recommended – at no extra cost to you.

Visited in February 2017
Updated in January 2020


  1. Thank you for that post! I am really concerned if I can make all the way up. I am usually hikung around 1000-1500hm in one trip and therefor am not sure if I can really make it. But I do not want to miss this experience. I also heard some cars are driving a little bit closer so you don’t have to walk that much. Do you know anything about it?
    Actually I really don’t want to do that, is I want to make it on my own, but I am scared that i cannot make it to the top and therefor it was worthless going there at all…

    1. You are very welcome! My understanding is there are companies that will drop you off at the entrance like I arranged, and a couple companies that will drive all the way to the top that cost a lot more. Personally, I didn’t find the hike difficult as you just follow the road as it climbs consistently. You just need a headlamp and determination. It just depends on your fitness level and mental preparedness. Try to find a friend so you can push each other. I had too much time from when the ride drops you off so it doesn’t have to be a race. Let us know how it goes.

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