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Places of Worship & Ruins

Burmese Buddhism & Lunchtime at Bago Monastery

Observe the lunchtime procession at Kha Khat Wain Kyaung monastery in Bago to gain a better understanding of Burmese Buddhism.

Study Session at Kha Khat Wain Kyaung Monastery

bStep inside Kha Khat Wain Kyaung monastery in Bago, where 500 novice monks attend a study session in silence every afternoon – it’s free & open to visitors. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Is the Golden Rock Worth It? Know Before You Go

Love it or hate it, the Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo is one of the most divided attractions in Myanmar – we didn’t like it at first but find out how it won us over & why we find the… Continue Reading →

Things to do in Zunil: San Simon & Fuentes Georginas

Zunil may not have a large Monday market anymore but you can still find San Simon and soak in Fuentes Georginas – find out the top things to do in Zunil & how to get there from Xela.

Monte Alban Archaeological Site: The Complete Guide

The Monte Alban archaeological site is one of Mesoamerica’s largest megacities. Learn about the ruins and how to get there without a tour by local bus from Oaxaca City.

San Andres Xecul: Is it Worth the Trip from Xela?

San Andres Xecul is an easy and cheap day trip from Quetzaltenango (Xela), but should you visit? No! Take a look at our pictures and find out why you should save yourself the trip!

Mitla Archaeological Site: Top Oaxaca City Day Trip

The Mitla Archaeological Site is worth exploring even if you have visited dozens of other Mesoamerican ruins in Mexico. Find out why the intricate stone pattern makes Mitla one of the best day trips from Oaxaca City.

Cempoala and La Antigua: Following Cortes’ Footprints

Cempoala and La Antigua are little-known but hugely important historical cities in Mexico – find out how they are linked with the Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes.

Visit El Tajin Ruins: Easy Day Trip from Papantla

There’s not much to see & do in Papantla but it is worth a stop to visit El Tajin, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Mexico – find out how to get there & what to expect at this stunning… Continue Reading →

How to Get to Prambanan by Bus from Yogyakarta

Forget the tours & guides – read about the history & design of Indonesia’s biggest Hindu temple & find out how to get to Prambanan by local bus for as little as 25 cents!

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