Cabin Zero Review

CabinZero Review: Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin Bag

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CabinZero bags are one of the more distinctive on the travel market – find out if there’s style & substance in the Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin Bag in our CabinZero review.

How CabinZero Began

The CabinZero journey began back in 2010 when low cost airlines entered the travel market in a big way.

Suddenly all airlines started to charge for checking-in bags above certain dimensions.d

The CabinZero founder Leo was an avid traveller who didn’t like to check-in bags. He searched for a new cabin-sized bag to fit in with the new guidelines but couldn’t find one to meet his needs.

So he decided to make one himself! And that is how CabinZero was born! But how about the name? Simply put Cabin Sized = Zero Hassles = CabinZero.

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CabinZero review

CabinZero has come a long way… even all the way to NYC!

Classic 28L – Ultra Light Cabin Bag – Purple Cloud

Here at DIY Travel HQ I am definitely a carry-on kind of traveller – I can’t remember the last time I checked in bags.

On my current travels around the world, I have a 38L backpack that has served me well these past 2 years.

Now that I’m semi-settled in New York City, what I was missing was a bag for day trips & overnight visits.

That is why I chose the Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin Bag for this CabinZero review.

CabinZero have a large range of backpacks of all shapes & sizes but they are perhaps best known for their bright & bold colour range.

I selected my bag in Purple Cloud – it’s a dark purple with orange straps & grey buckles.

Now let’s take a look at the Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin Bag in more detail:

Cabin Zero review

We love taking our CabinZero backpack on day trips around NYC!

CabinZero Review

  • Pros

Ultra Light – The bag lives up to it’s Ultra Light name. It’s very light, weighing only 600 grams

Durable – The polyester material of the bag is of high quality & it’s waterproof

Comfortable – The padded straps are comfortable to wear

Practical – The top & side handles, large front pocket & inside zipped & mesh pockets are all very handy features

Warranty – CabinZero bags come with a 10 year warranty, upgraded to 25 years if you give them a like on Facebook

Built-in Global Luggage Tracker – Register your bag online at & you have a much higher chance of seeing your bag again if it goes missing

Backpack review

Even when I’ve hit a wall with my yoga in the park, CabinZero has my back!

  • Neutral

Design – While I understand that the boxy shape is designed to maximize space, it’s not a very attractive design especially on a short girl like me!

  • Cons

Laptop Sleeve – The laptop sleeve is inside the bag which isn’t very convenient for access, especially with as it is curved. An exterior, zipped sleeve would be much better

Inconsistent quality – The overall bag is of a high quality material so I was surprised that the straps, buckles & stitching looked & felt cheap

No water bottle holder

CabinZero Review

Some of the features of the Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin Bag in Purple Cloud

The Final Verdict

As you can see, there are more pros than cons to the Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin Bag from CabinZero.

I love it for an everyday bag & while the material is durable, I would probably want something even sturdier for my hardcore, multi-year backpacking travels.

Know Before You Buy

CabinZero Bag: Classic 28L – Ultra Light Cabin Bag – Purple Cloud

Price: $69.00

Website: CabinZero

* We received the Classic 28L Ultra Light Cabin Bag for the purposes of this CabinZero review. As always all opinions & photographs are our own.

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