Casa Particulares in Cuba

Casa Particulares in Cuba: Everything You Need to Know

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Casa particulares in Cuba are the best-value accommodation in the world – find out how you can find an air-conditioned room anywhere on the island for CUC$15!

#1. Why You Should Stay in Casa Particulares in Cuba

Your best choice for accommodation in Cuba is staying in casa particulares.

Apart from 3 hostels in Havana, there are none elsewhere in the country.

We recommend as a trustworthy source of accommodation in Cuba. Make a booking with our link & receive $20 back on your card after your stay.

There are hotels but they’re almost all government-run & notoriously bad value for money. By staying at casa particulares, you can support the local economy.

In 30 days in Cuba, we here at DIY Travel HQ stayed at 18 casa particulares in 16 different cities.

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In this ultimate budget guide we share everything we know, including how to find a casa, how to negotiate the best rate & more.

For extreme shoestring travellers like us, eating peso street food & traveling in camiones, accommodation was by far the biggest cost – if Couchsurfing was allowed, you could travel in Cuba for almost nothing!

Nevertheless, casa particulares in Cuba are arguably the best value for money you can find for accommodation anywhere in the world – and we were glad that there were no cheaper options so we could indulge in a bit of budget luxury!

Casa particulares in Cuba

You can easily find lovely, simple rooms in casa particulares in Cuba for CUC$15

#2. How to Find Casa Particulares in Cuba

There’s no need to book ahead or book online – when you first arrive in a new city, just walk around & look for the blue anchor.

This is the sign for a casa particular.

Casa Particulares in Cuba Red & Blue Signs

Look out for the blue anchor, that symbolises a place as a casa particular in Cuba

A red anchor means it accepts Cuban guests only – standards in these casas are lower but prices are cheaper in MN$ pesos.

Visit a few casa particulares until you find one you like, for the price you’re willing to pay.

Use Lonely Planet as a guide but they generally list places above CUC$20 – you can always find a casa for CUC$15.

It’s also good to spread the love around & support places other than those listed in guidebooks.

Casa Particulares in Cuba room

Don’t stick to guidebook recommendations, there are plenty of casas to choose from in every town

#3. Casa Particulares in Cuba: What to Expect

After you’ve chosen a casa & agreed on the price, you’ll need to give your passport to the owner.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of bureaucracy to follow in operating a business like casa particulares in Cuba. The owner will fill out your details in a receipt book & you’ll be required to sign it.

You can pay at any time. Casa particulares seem to prefer you to pay at the end of your stay, in case you make additional expenses like meals, tours, etc. However there’s no problem if you want to pay in the beginning, too.

All casa particulates in Cuba are very clean, tidy & friendly. You can have as much or as little contact with the host family as you like. Note that most will only speak Spanish.

Casa particulares in Cuba owner

Me with the casa owner from Bayamo – does she remind you of a particular Disney character…?!

#4. Casa Particulares in Cuba: What to Look For

The most important thing to look for in a casa is that it has its own entrance – cuartos independientes (independent quarters).

This was you have more privacy & can come & go as you please.

Casa particulares in Cuba price

Independent, detached rooms are the best for privacy – here, we got the whole roof to ourselves!

#5. Casa Particulares in Cuba: How Much to Pay

At the beginning of our trip, we were sometimes paying CUC$20 a night, however we quickly discovered that you can find a room for CUC$15 anywhere in Cuba.

At a bare minimum, your room will include a double bed & air-conditioning.

Usually you’ll have your own bathroom but occasionally for a CUC$15 room, it’ll be located just outside your room (and can be shared or private).

Sometimes your casa particulares in Cuba will have a fridge or cable tv too.

Casa particulares in Cuba

Most of our photos don’t do the rooms justices

Casa Particulares in Cuba: What’s in a Room

In Communist Cuba, rooms in casa particulares found anywhere on the island all look very similar.

As a rule, they must include the following:

  • Double bed
  • Air-conditioner
  • Side table
  • Hangers
  • Mirror
  • Wall art
Casa particulares in Cuba

A typical room in a casa particular

Sometimes a room will include 2 double beds, a fridge and/or cable tv with a couple of English channels.

For CUC$15, you will usually have your own bathroom – for CUC$20, it’s a guarantee. There’s always hot water.

You’ll be provided with towels & toilet paper.

There’s absolutely no chance of wi-fi!

Casa particulares in cuba bathroom

Bathrooms in casa particulares in Cuba are always nice & clean

#6. Casa Particulares in Cuba: Services

Most casas offer meals, for an additional prices:

  • Breakfast – CUC$3-5
  • Lunch – CUC$6-8
  • Dinner – CUC$6-8

We didn’t take any meals in casas but they generally have excellent reviews in terms of taste & quantity.

Casa particulares in Cuba are the only places that provide laundry service – there are no laundromats on the island.

They’re very relaxed with prices – one casa suggested CUC$2-3 depending on the pile of clothes, another casa insisted that we pay what we felt like (she was happy with CUC$3 for a big load of clothes).

Casa particulares can organize tours, guides, transport, etc.

The owner of our casa particular in Havana helped me to send some postcards as I couldn’t find any post boxes – he kept his word as they arrived to my friends & family in Australia 30 days later!

Casa Particulares in Cuba

Skip the government hotels & stay in nice, clean & cheap casa particulares in Cuba with locals

#7. Casa Particulare in Cubas: How to Negotiate the Best Rate

Most casa particulares are very similar, charging the same prices, so try to negotiate to get a little more for your CUC.

Sometimes all you need to do is ask politely.

Most casas will offer their rooms for a starting price of CUC$25 – if you seem hesitant, this will quickly drop to CUC$20 or even CUC$15.

If you’re staying multiple nights, there’s even less reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a room for CUC$15. You could also try to negotiate breakfast into the price.

We got a room with breakfast for CUC$15 in Trinidad & Bayamo.

Casa Particulares in Cuba Breakfast

Can’t believe we got this awesome breakfast spread & accommodation for CUC$15! In Trinidad!

Breakfast usually costs CUC$3-5 extra per person in casa particulares in Cuba.

We usually grabbed a couple of pan con tortilla (bread with omelette) from a local peso Cuban street food stall for breakfast – they are usually 3-4 pesos / $0.12-$0.16 each.

However, if you’re keen on breakfast at the casa, negotiate it into your room rate rather than paying separately, and you can save a few pesos.

Adding CUC$5 for breakfast for 2 people is reasonable – this way the casa makes a few extra dollars & you save a few dollars. Win-win!

If you’d like to have lunch or dinner at the casa, negotiate this beforehand, too. This may leave you with a little less flexibility & spontaneity but the trade-off is you save a few convertibles.

For more information of everything you need to know about travelling to Cuba, check out our budget travel guide!

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Casa particulares are the best-value accommodation in the world – find out how you can find an air-conditioned room anywhere in Cuba for CUC$15. There are hotels but they’re almost all government-run & notoriously bad value for money. By staying at casa particulares, you can support the local economy. In this ultimate budget guide, we share everything we know, including how to find a casa, how to negotiate the best rate & more.

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*** The Final Word – Never pay more than CUC$15 for casa particulares in Cuba! ***

What’s the best casa you’ve stayed in?

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  1. Very interesting site.
    I had never previously heard of these ‘Casa Particulares’….
    ….but they sound as though they MAY offer a way to experience the ‘reality’ of a foreign town / city, rather than the ‘blandness’ of hotel accomodation.
    And, in a way, the higher the ‘star-rating’ the more bland (removed from reality) that hotel is.

    Will definitely give them a try !!

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