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Boquete Travel Guide: Hikes and More!

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Boquete, Panama is a hot spot for North Americans to retire, but we at DIY Travel HQ feel it is a better place to visit instead. Find out all the top attractions including Volcan Baru in this Boquete travel guide!

Living in Boquete

One of the main draws for North Americans to pack their bags and move to Boquete is for the cooler climate year round. The 1,200 meter elevation combined with nearby Volcan Baru creates a microclimate that keeps things comfortable, but wet. If you want dryer, more consistent weather, then perhaps El Valle de Anton is the better choice in Panama.

Unpredictable Wet Boquete Panama Weather

You need to always be prepared for rain in Boquete, Panama.

Boquete Travel Guide Restaurants

With the influx of expats, the restaurant scene has flourished with a variety of quality restaurants. You can expect western style portions and service at Central American prices. Our personal favorite Boquete restaurant was Big Daddy’s Grill.

Big Daddy's Grill Restaurant Boqete Panama

With delicious meals, Big Daddy’s Grill is one of Boquete’s most popular restaurants for good reason!

Big Daddy’s Grill had a relaxed atmosphere in the back, and served tasty margaritas along with original takes on classic dishes. The one dish not to miss is the Boom Boom Shrimp that combines Asian flavors with jumbo shrimp. Yummy!

Big Daddy's Grill Boom Boom Shrimp Boquete Panama

Boom goes the Boom Boom Shrimp! We loved it!

Boquete Travel Guide Hostels

There are a handful of hostels scattered all around Boquete, and DIY Travel HQ has picked out the three best options for this Boquete travel guide. We ultimately chose to stay at the new El Machico Hostel Boquete on the southside of town that revamped a boutique hotel into a luxurious hostel. Each room had ample space, lockers, hotel worthy bathrooms, breakfast, and a comfortable outdoor space.

For our full review, check out El Machico Hostel Boquete: At Home in the Highlands!

El Machico Hostel Boquete Garden

Enjoy nature in comfort & style in your very own backyard at El Machico Hostel Boquete

The other noteworthy hostels in Boquete are Bambuda Castle to the north that comes with a pool and jacuzzi, and Hostel Mamallena that only makes the list for being the best hostel located downtown.

Top Boquete Travel Guide Attractions

A Boquete travel guide wouldn’t be complete without the top attractions to see and do. Most of the activities center on Volcan Baru National Park. One of the highlights is reaching the peak of Volcan Baru for sunrise by foot or 4×4 jeep. Where else in the world can you see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the same time?

Volcan Baru Sun Rising

Make sure you arrive early to catch sunrise on the top of Volcan Baru!

Boqeute is also popular with birders that aim to spot the elusive Quetzal. You have two great hikes that give you a good chance to spot Quetzales in the wild. Sheena and I choose to hike Sendero Los Quetzales in order to enjoy the hike in Volcan Baru National Park in addition to trying to locate the rare bird that favors cooler and higher elevations in Central America. The other trail is called The Lost Waterfalls.

Sendero Los Quetzales Cloud Forest Trail

Sendero Los Quetzales was the only place we spotted Quetzales in Central America!

One other unique attraction in Boquete is the only place in the world where volcanic basalt rock runs horizontal. This geological formation exists elsewhere in the world, The Giant’s Causeway most notably, but never parallel to the ground. Locals have taken to rock climbing this area ($45 for 3 hours), which may be the best way to visit since it is isolated on the outside of town.

Volcanic Basalt Rock Climbing Boquete Panama

Check out these awesome volcanic basalt rock formations in Boquete, Panama!

The town itself doesn’t offer much for sightseeing, but is the commercial center with grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and the transportation hub.

Downtown Boquete Panama

The best attractions in this Boquete travel guide are all on the periphery.

Boquete Travel Guide Transportation

Boquete is a sprawling town in Panama, and the best way to get around is by car or taxi unless you are in the center. Buses in the form of minivans run on a schedule and each route has a hub downtown ($0.75 +), which makes it easier to plan. Old American school buses ply the route to David ($1.75), which is required to then transfer for onward transportation. Popular destinations include Lost and Found, overrated Bocas del Toro ($8.45 bus and $4 boat), Panama City, Santa Catalina, and Costa Rica ($2.10).

Public Buses (Yellow Vans) from Boquete to Sendero Los Quetzales

Boquete is spread out so minivan buses or taxis will be required.

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Boquete, Panama is a hot spot for North Americans to retire. Find out all the top attractions including Volcan Baru in this Boquete travel guide! DIY Travel HQ covers restaurants, accommodation, hikes, and transportation.


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***The Final Word – We hope you enjoyed our Boquete travel guide, and make the most out of the beautiful hikes scattered around the highlands.***

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