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Bisti Badlands Hiking Map with GPS Coordinates

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Bisti Badlands, New Mexico is a wilderness landscape with many unique rock formations. Find out the main attractions and how to find them using our Bisti Badlands hiking map.

Sheena and I learned about the Bisti Badlands while researching our 9 day trip around New Mexico using our Lonely Planet Southwest USA guide book.

Bisti Badlands sign
Welcome to Bisti Badlands, New Mexico!

It sounded interesting, but we didn’t know where or what to see in the remote Bisti Badlands expanse, which is also known as the De-Na-Zin Wilderness.

Thankfully, our research on TripAdvisor led us to a Bisti Badlands map that the Farmington Visitor Center provides. This showed us all the top attractions at Bisti Wilderness, including the GPS coordinates. Cell phone service is hit or miss, so plugging the coordinates into was insanely beneficial.

Bisti Badlands NM
Step through these gates at the parking area and into the Bisti Wilderness

The points of interest roughly mirror the path on Your starting point is Bisti Badlands Parking South. Read on for more information regarding each unique geological formation found within De Na Zin Wilderness.

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Bisti Badlands Hiking Map

For the most part, does a great job outlining the general path. When at the Bisti Wilderness area, you typically follow the cliff face on the right hand side, and then return the same direction on the other side.

Knowing where the next attraction is can help save some time and keep you on the right path as you are hiking Bisti Badlands. Check out the key attractions below and their GPS coordinates.

Bisti Badlands Hiking Map with GPS Coordinates
Pop in to the Farmington Visitor Center for this Bisti Badlands Hiking Map

Bisti Badlands Parking South – N 36° 15.562’; W 108° 15.095’

#1. Wings – N 36° 15.969’; W 108° 13.984

#2. Remnants of Turbulent Streambed – 36° 16.018’ W 108° 13.662’

#3. Cracked Eggs – N 36° 16.035’; W 108° 13.425’

#4. Petrified Logs (Alcove) – N 36° 16.029’; W 108° 13.202’

#5. Hawk’s Nest – N 36° 16.120’; W 108° 12.773’

#6. Mouth of Wash – N 36° 16.214’; W 108° 12.636’

#7. Red Queen and Hoodoos – N 36° 16.292’; W 108° 12.706’

#8. Windows – 36° 16.381’; W 108° 13.495’

Although New Mexico and the US are relatively safe places to travel in, medical costs are high so we always recommend purchasing travel insurance before any trip. Keep in mind that you’re pretty much out on your own at places like the Bisti Badlands too.

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De-Na-Zin Wilderness
When Bisti goes Bad…

How to Get to Bisti Badlands, NM

Bisti, New Mexico is located roughly 40 miles south of Farmington. Take Highway 371 until you reach the gravel Road 7297, which will take you to Bisti Badlands Parking South.

Alternatively, you can camp at Chaco Canyon and visit the De Na Zin Wilderness area on your weekend trip of northwestern New Mexico. We wouldn’t recommend camping at Bisti Badlands.

Of course you need a car to get to Bisti Badlands, NM and to travel around New Mexico in general. It gives you more flexibility than taking a tour and you can get off-the-beaten-track.

Bisti Badlands location
You can move on but you can never forget the Bisti Badlands

If you flew into Albuquerque like us, then your best option is Budget. One of the key benefits was that they were one of the few companies open until 1 am, which worked with our late flight from New York City.

We were surprised to find that Sheena was able to rent a car much cheaper as an Australian than I was as an American. If you’re an international visitor, keep that in mind during your online research, you could save big $$$…

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The attractions listed below that are marked with an * are listed as Top Notable Sights on the Bisti Badlands map we got from the Farmington Visitor Center. If you have limited time, you might want to prioritize these over others.

Bisti New Mexico
The rock formations are out of this world!

Bisti Wilderness Attractions

#1. Wings *

The area known as Wings is a vast expanse of table top rock formations resembling wings.

Bisti Wilderness
Walk through a vast expanse of Wings

A central pillar supports a flat rock thousands of times in this acre plus portion of the Bisti Wilderness. These are hoodoos in the making.

Bisti Badlands map
Bisti Badlands gives you Wings

#2. Remnants of Turbulent Streambed

A quick storm during the spring and fall can easily bring enough rain to create dangerous, turbulent streambeds.

As all the water collects and washes down the cliff faces, it congregates in one location. This area is the remnants of such occurrences, and is still evolving today.

Bisti Badlands Wilderness
Remnants of a Turbulent Streambed

#3. Cracked Eggs *

The notable sight Cracked Eggs covers the footprint of a house, but was my personal favorite.

It was great to see these layered rock formations in the shape of tens of eggs. It reminded me of the Moeriki Boulders in New Zealand that similarly shouldn’t exist.

Bisti Badlands New Mexico
Can you crack a Bisti egg?!

#4. Petrified Logs *

Another flashback to my year traveling in New Zealand was the Petrified Logs that were similar to the Petrified Forest in Curio Bay.

The big difference is that Badlands, NM is an arid portion of the world, while the Petrified Forest formed a shoreline.

Both places were great to visit, and one of my favorite highlights of traveling is being able to see similar things but still appreciate their grandeur respectively.

Unlike Wings and Cracked Eggs, the Petrified Logs do not jump out at you. You have to search for them with a couple being on the main path, but more located through the canyon divide.

Bisti Badlands Camping
Scarily beautiful landscape at Bisti Badlands

#5. Hawk’s Nest

In order to see the Hawk’s Nest you need to use your imagination, unless we totally missed it.

There were a series of stone formations that surrounded you that gave the impression of being a nestling.

#6. Mouth of Wash

Similar to Remnants of Turbulent Streambed, this area was carved out by water over the centuries and was less than interesting with so many better options in the Bisti Wilderness.

For this reason, we decided not to venture to the farther Cairn in the Wash (N 36° 16.381’; W 108° 12.134’).

New Mexico hikes
Even desolation is hauntingly beautiful at Bisti Badlands

#7. Red Queen and Hoodoos *

Even though we didn’t know what hoodoos were at the time, this was one of the best places to take sweeping panoramic pictures.

For those that don’t know, hoodoos are hard rocks on top of softer, weathered rock towering over badlands.

Although there are countless hoodoos spread around the Bisti Wilderness, this location was full of brilliant colors as far as the eye can see after climbing a short hill.

#8. Windows

Heading back there are a couple new attractions to see in Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico. The only one we found was Windows in the cliff face.

We still had a full day ahead of us so we cheated and used our super zoom to check it out as we streamlined our path back to the parking lot.

Bisti Badlands Windows Point of Interest
If you look closely, there appear to be windows in the cliff face.

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Know Before You Go

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Fees: Free
Duration: 3 hours
Nearest Large City: Farmington at 1 hour by car
Other Considerations: Bring water, sunscreen, and make sure you have enough gas
Website: Bisti Badlands

Bisti Badlands NM
Go bad or go home!
Go hiking in Bisti Badlands, New Mexico! Check out our Bisti Badlands map with GPS coordinates and find out how to get to the Bisti Badlands eggs in the De-Na-Zin wilderness #bistibadlands #denazin #newmexico #newmexicotravel #diytravel
Go hiking in De-Na-Zin Wilderness aka Bisti Badlands, New Mexico! Check out our Bisti Badlands map and find out the top attractions in this surreal landscape #denazin #de-na-zin #bistibadlands #newmexico #diytravel
Go hiking in Bisti Badlands New Mexico aka De-Na-Zin wilderness. Check out our Bisti Badlands map and find out how to get to the Bisti Badlands eggs and more #bistibadlands #newmexico #newmexicotravel #denazin #diytravel

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Visited in October 2018

Updated July 2019

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