Airport Hotel Room

The Importance of Airport Hotels & Why You Might Want to Consider them for Your Next Trip

In many parts of the world, it’s common to see hotel accommodation near major transportation centres – find out why more & more people are choosing to use airport hotels on their travels.

History reveals how travellers sought respite and refreshments at inns strategically nestled along bustling streets in city centres. These traditional establishments offer a suitable place for man and beast to recharge and replenish their bodies for the long road ahead.

Fast forward to the present day, a time when flying is the most favoured and convenient mode of long distance transportation, hotels provide more than just luxuries and superfluities. As a matter of fact, this hospitality industry evolution found a way to combine and incorporate the transportation sector, coming up with a synergistic partnership.

By The Numbers

According to Lois Avery of JLL Real Views, “luxury hotels today account for approximately half of the global hotels market, which consists of around 13 million rooms.” The article also highlights how this number is projected to grow even further to 15.5 million by the year 2020. However, at the end of it all, these hotels aren’t solely about serving the rich and famous.

A significant part of this industry also features airport hotels. At first, people developed these so-called “pit stops for weary road travellers” out of necessity. But today, it’s a multi-billion pound commerce and a major contributor to a city’s tourism sector. Take London, for instance.

One of the Many Reasons Why London is a Top Tourist Destination

Many people deem London as a top travel destination. Thanks to its excellent public transportation network, which includes fast railways, well-paved roads, and efficient airports, tourists have an easy time seeing all the sights in the city. To a certain extent, its efficiency compensates congestion all throughout. Truth be told, it seems like the capital always has a solution to every problem. For example, London is home to the most active single-use runway airport in the world, Gatwick.

With the constant influx of commercial airline passengers, it can be quite challenging looking for an appropriate airport parking space. To solve this, Gatwick began welcoming private investors, as well as advanced technology and industry expert aggregators. This is also where airport hotels enter the picture and provide valid solutions.

Parking4Less, a company based out of Gatwick Airport, came up with a detailed list of accommodation alternatives near the airport. These, based on the aforementioned website, are perfect for those who are on an early morning or a late night flight. On the Gatwick Airport Hotels list, there are the likes of Courtyard by Marriott, Hilton, and Copthorne. Best of all, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone, as the accommodation options also serve as parking spaces.

To Sum Everything Up

Altogether, this hospitality phenomenon, airport hotels to be more specific, has come a long way from its humble beginnings as brief recharge zones for carriage and stagecoach drivers. It can even be said that the hotel industry impressively evolved in such a way that it now provides valid solutions for airline travel and airport parking concerns.

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