DIY Travel is all about independent budget travel & getting the most value out of your time & money

From accommodation to attractions & transport, with a little bit of research, almost everything can be done by yourself.

However sometimes DIY travel isn’t worth the hassle & even impossible – in those case, we’ll recommend taking a tour.

On this site, each post/attraction will be rated based on the ease of DIY Travel – to help you travel longer for less. All the world. All the time.

A Guide to the Shovel System

5 Shovels-2

Super easy DIY travel around city centres


4 Shovels

Easy DIY travel outside city centres using local transport


3 Shovels

Accessible DIY travel to more distant locations via multiple connections or longer forms of local transport


2 Shovels

Not recommended DIY travel; take a tour instead


1 Shovel

Impossible or illegal DIY travel