San Marcos La Laguna has seen the end of ‘free love’ with the emergence of a new class of commercialized hippies. Find out what spiritual retreats and other seminars are on offer?

Things to Do in San Marcos La Laguna

Aside from hostels, cafes, Spanish lessons, and spiritual healing there is literally nothing to do in the touristy section of town. There is one main path filled with business after business, and that’s it. Don’t expect any to be cheap as they are run by foreigners. Expats have set up spiritual retreats and other seminars that cost up to two months of living on Lake Atitlan!

San Marcos La Laguna Commercialzed Hippie Village

San Marcos La Laguna has turned well-being into an expensive set of businesses.

The best part of visiting San Marcos La Laguna was the local section consisting of a church, plaza, and playground. The stone church was ordinary inside and out.

San Marcos La Laguna Church

If you stop and listen, you can hear birds singing near the church.

We enjoyed watching the faithful crawl on their knees to the altar before returning the same way.

San Marcos La Laguna Crawlking on Knees Faithful in Church

The faithful crawl back and forth as if each lap was the same as saying a Hail Mary.

Staying in San Pedro La Laguna, you don’t get to see or hear wildlife much. Listening to birds sing showcased just how small San Marcos La Laguna really is. The whole town could probably fit inside the plaza’s auditorium.

San Marcos La Laguna Auditorium

I’m not sure who the architect had in mind when they built this auditorium.

Tucked behind the plaza is a small playground. It has a few of your childhood classics including slides and monkey bars. Sometimes you have to make your own fun, or just leave in 40 minutes like we did.

San Marcos La Laguna Playground

You should have seen us imitating our Olympic gymnastic routines on the rings and monkey bars!

Getting To and From San Marcos La Laguna

Getting to San Marcos is easy from San Pedro La Laguna. Simply hop into a ferry that stops at San Juan La Laguna, and then San Marcos La Laguna. Locals pay Q5, but foreigners are required to pay Q10. The return trip goes straight to San Pedro La Laguna.

San Pedro La Laguna to San Marcos La Laguna Boat Ride

The best part about visiting San Marcos La Laguna was the boat ride.

***The Final Word – There is absolutely no reason to visit San Marcos La Laguna, even if you are or have a hippy fetish.***

If you have visited and do like the village, what makes it appeal to you?

4 Shovels

Easy DIY travel outside city centres using public transport

Visited in September 2016