Posada Belen Museo Inn Room with Tiles

Posada Belen Museo Inn in Historic Guatemala City

Posada Belen Museo Inn is located in Zone 1, the Historic District, of Guatemala City and has become an unofficial museum for guests. Find out what makes this hotel special.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Owners

We here at DIY Travel HQ believe that it is possible to tell what the owners of a company are like 99% of the time based on how their business is run and employees behave.

Even if the description is never verbalized, you can see their priorities.

For Posada Belen Museo Inn, Francesca and family love Guatemala and want to share the rich culture with each and every guest.

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Posada Belen Museo Inn Personal Touches

Everywhere you look inside Posada Belen Museo Inn, you can find a bit of the Sanchinelli family.

Their house is filled with over 300 authentic Maya artifacts among antique furniture, local artwork, and woven bedspreads.

Every piece of décor is hand-selected and represents a memory for the Sanchinelli family.

You get to enjoy these items upon your visit, and what inspired the hotel’s name.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Garden Maya Artifacts

Hidden around Posada Belen Museo Inn are over 300 registered artifacts.

Posada Belen Museo Inn History

Posada Belen Museo Inn is a colonial home built in 1873, and converted into a hotel in 1972 by Francesca’s mother.

She later took over the operation 7 years later.

Luckily, many of the room conversions were completed prior to tight regulations that were implemented for the Historic District.

Now, local property owners need to jump through hoops in order to make the simplest of changes.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Office

Francesca can make anything you need happen from her office.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Location

Posada Belen Museo Inn is located in Zone 1, also known as the Historic District, of Guatemala City.

This is the best location for sightseeing in the capital.

The main drag is 6th Avenue, and includes the National Palace at the north end and Civic Center to the south.

The entire stretch is pedestrian only with plenty of food and shopping options.

Guatemala City National Palace

The best attractions in Guatemala City are walkable from Posada Belen Museo Inn.

You can find Posada Belen Museo Inn on 13a Calle A between 10a Avenida and 11a Avenida.

Due to the Historic District regulations, the signage is very small but any taxi should be able to bring you there given the cross streets and zone number.

Alternatively, you can arrange a pick-up from the airport by contacting Francesca in advance.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Sign

The discreet sign helps keep the hotel secure, and adheres to the Historic District’s code.

Posada Belen Museo Inn is very secure as staff need to let you in and out.

They are never long to arrive to the door.

The hotel’s street is also very quiet since it is two blocks long, and only local cars pass by.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Exterior

Posada Belen Museo Inn is located on a very quiet street, but still close to everything.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Rooms

There are 10 rooms available in Posada Belen Museo Inn that border the common areas.

The configurations vary, but each room has comfortable mattress(es), wardrobe, and desk.

The desk contains a TV with a few English channels, fan, water jug with glasses, and electric mosquito racket.

Despite being boxed in by other buildings, natural light comes in via skylights and through the uncovered sections in the common areas.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Desk

The desk is your go to source for information, refreshments, and the handy TV remote.

Bedspreads are woven similar to traditional Guatemalan clothing with different wall décor in each room.

The themes focus on different colors and textured paint, or even tiles!

All the lampshades are also made from a colorful, woven fabric.

A lot of thought and energy went into making each room an example of Guatemala culture.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Double Bedroom

Put your bag down, kick off your shoes, and relax at Posada Belen Museo Inn.

Customary for hotels, the rooms are serviced each day.

The bed is made, garbage emptied, floor swept, and water jug refilled.

Towels and bathmat were also switched daily by default, but can be left upon request for a more environmentally friendly impact.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Bathroom Rack

Towels are switched daily unless noted otherwise.

The bathrooms vary by room with some larger than others.

We stayed in room 10 at the rear of Posada Belen Museo Inn, and felt it was more than ample.

One of the interesting and recent green renovations was the installation of a solar-heated water tank.

Posada Belen Museo Inn was half-full when we visited, but there was always ample hot water.

The secret recipe to the perfect shower was turning the hot valve on 80%, and cold valve 20%

. The main tap in the center now only provides cold water.

You can thank the government for external tubing since they don’t want the original walls to be damaged during construction.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Solar Heated Water Tank

You can’t beat technology that is good for the environment, and offers the same standard.

Each bathroom comes with hand and body towels, floor mat, soap, and a virtually endless supply of toilet paper in a commercial dispenser.

Just remember that toilet paper in Guatemala needs to be placed in the bin, and not flushed

. You will also need to bring your own shampoo and conditioner as well.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Bathroom

You are never lacking for towels at Posada Belen Museo Inn.

Room 10 is also known as ‘Patch Adam’s room’ since he frequently visits during clowning workshops.

There is a lot of history for this family run business…just ask Francesca for some interesting stories.

However, the best rooms for Wi-Fi are towards the center, or you can enjoy it in the common areas.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Patch Adam's Room

Will the real Patch Adams please step up? This is his room when visiting Guatemala City.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Common Areas

All the rooms border the common areas.

There are a few tables with chairs to relax at along the corridor, but the main areas are the kitchen, dining room, and garden.

Swap a book at the exchange and relax on the hammock while the resident turtles swim nearby.

Make sure you have your mosquito racket handy as they are more frequent in the common areas assuming you keep your window closed.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Common Areas

Get some fresh air and enjoy the common areas in Posada Belen Museo Inn.

Alternatively, grab a meal in the dining room.

Dinners cost $13, and breakfast can be added as a B&B option.

Drinks and other items are also available for purchase.

There is also a fridge you may use to keep things cold.

We had a very tasty breakfast, and assume dinner would be just as delicious.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Breakfast

Francesca makes it so you never have to leave Posada Belen Museo Inn.

Onward Travel

Francesca can not only arrange the next stop of your journey, but can arrange door-to-door service for your entire stay in Guatemala as a registered travel agent.

She can also help you plan a complete Guatemala travel itinerary.

Posada Belen Museo Inn Other Services

Don’t hesitate to ask Francesca or staff for help, or make a note on the chalkboard.

Know Before You Go

  • Location: Zone 1 in Guatemala City, 13a Calle A between 10a Avenida and 11a Avenida
  • Price: $43/48 for one person, $55/67 for two people (room/B&B)
  • Additional Services: Travel arrangements and meals
  • Contact Information: Posada Belen Museo Inn; mail@posadabelen.com

***The Final Word – If you are looking for a safe, clean, quiet, and friendly hotel in Guatemala’s Historic District, then Posada Belen Museo Inn is a great choice.***

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Visited in October 2016