Make sure to take some photos in Placencia because it’s a picture-perfect beach holiday destination – there’s not much to do so just unwind, relax & enjoy the sea breeze!

Placencia sits at the end of a long & narrow peninsula along the Caribbean coast– it looks like an island but it just manages to hang on to inland Belize.

Palm trees in Placencia

You get the breezy island feel!

In the past, the only way to get here was by boat but these days, with a fully paved road running the entire 16 km distance off the mainland, it’s known as “the caye you can drive to”.

The centre of town revolves around a wooden boardwalk that runs through the heart of the village.

Known as the “Sidewalk”, quaint & colourful businesses, shops, places to eat & places to stay line both of its sides.

"Sidewalk" in Placencia

The “Sidewalk” in the heart of the village

There’s a lovely, easy-breezy vibe atmosphere in town. You just feel like you’re on holiday – it’s no wonder that there’s a large American expat community, many of them retirees, who have made this their permanent home.

This kind of stylish atmosphere & lifestyle comes with a price – Placencia isn’t exactly a budget destination.

However, it’s not too outrageous either & one or two days here shouldn’t break the bank. If you’re around on a Wednesday, don’t miss BZ$1.00 wings at Tipsy Tuna!

Just stick the southern end as the further north you go, the more exclusive & expensive it gets.

Tipsy Tuna bar & restaurant

Upstairs dining at the Tipsy Tuna bar & restaurant

When we visited, the beaches along the eastern peninsula were too windy for swimming or hanging out on the beach.

The only place we could swim at was at the new pier, right at the southern tip, as it was more protected from the weather.

Other than hanging out, there’s not much else to do here, and that suits our budget just fine.

Placencia New Pier

Swim at the new pier at the southern tip

But don’t worry, if you have cash to splash, there are plenty of things you can spend your money on.

Placencia is a major tourism & resort destination, offering many types of tours & activities. Some of these include:

  • Diving & snorkeling at Laughing Bird Caye National Park
  • Wildlife-watching boat trip down Monkey River
  • Canoeing or kayaking on the Placencia lagoon
  • Swimming with whale sharks between March & July

While there are no outstanding sights or attractions, for most visitors that make their way here, the atmosphere is entirely memorable & Placencia is often a highlight of any trip to Belize.

Placencia Beach

The beach right in the heart of village

Where to Stay in Placencia

We stayed at Lydia’s Guest House – a room with shared bathroom was BZ$60 / US$30 a night. We chose it for its cleanliness & kitchen access, which saved us money on eating out.

Other budget options in the area include:

  • Omar’s Guest House – BZ$50 / US$25, shared bathroom
  • Deb n Dave’s – BZ$55 / US$27.50, shared bathroom
  • Sea Spray Hotel – BZ$62 / US$31 private bathroom
Romo at Lydia's Guest House

A room at Lydia’s Guest House is BZ$60 with shared bathroom

Lydia's Guest House Placencia

Lydia’s Guest House is the best-value accommodation in town

How to Get to & from Placencia

From Dangriga, buses to Placencia run approximately every hour, on the hour or quarter hour. The ride costs BZ$10.00 / US$5.00 & takes 1.5 hours.

From Placencia, buses heading north to Belize City depart at 6:00 am, 7:00 am & 12:45 pm. There’s also a 10:30 am express service.

The ride costs BZ$5.00 to the Maya Centre & BZ$1.00-2.00 more to Hopkins.

For more information about Belize City, see our post Belize City: What to See & Do in 2 Hours.

For more information on Hopkins, see our post Hopkins: Garifuna Culture & Glovers Island Launchpad.

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Why Placencia is the Perfect Seaside Holiday Destination

***The Final Word – Experience Belize at its most relaxed & stylish in Placencia, it’s worth a visit if you have time.***

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