Forget Bayamo – if you’re in Cuba on a Saturday night, head straight to Las Tunas, where the streets come alive with a smorgasbord of food, drinks, music & dance!

The prices are in pesos & the locals are friendly & merry.

We were the only tourists in town – shhh this party is Cuba’s best-kept secret!

Las Tunas is a small provincial capital in eastern Cuba, often bypassed by travellers on route to bigger destinations. But what Las Tunas lacks in attractions, it makes up for with its legendary Saturday night street parties.

The action happens right in the centre of town, in the streets on & around Joaquin Aguera, to the east of Plaza Marti & Parque Vincente Garcia.

Roast pig carving Las Tunas party

One of many roast pigs being carved up for the party!

Here, it’s all about eating & drinking. And unlike all other Cuban street food, there’s so much variety to choose from. And it not only looks edible but downright delicious!

Roast pork is the king of the party – on one street, we saw at least 7 whole pigs either roasting on a spit or being carved up.

Pig on a spit Las Tunas party

We saw at least 7 pigs on the spit down 1 street!

A plate of roast pork, rice & beans, sweet potato & cabbage is 30 pesos:

Roast pork meal Las Tunas party

Mmm roast pork, the party special!

We also tried:

Roast pork roll – 5 pesos

Fried chicharon – 2 pesos

Pork brocheta – 11 pesos

Churros – 2 pesos

Corn – 3 pesos

Fried corn dumpling – 2 pesos

Popcorn – 5 pesos

Chicken & Pork Brochetas Las Tunas

Mmm yummy chicken & pork brochetas for just 11-13 pesos each!

Churros Las Tunas Street Party

Don’t forget to try the churros for 2 pesos!

There was also pizza & lasagna at very cheap prices.

Try different varieties of rum, wine & beer, by the bottle. The local cerveza “Rubia” is 10 pesos & unlike most other Cuban beer, it actually tasted pretty good.

Despite the stereotypes, nowhere else in Cuba have we really seen the streets filled with music & dancing. It was great to finally feel some real atmosphere, buzz & energy – if you’re heading to this part of the country, it’s definitely worth planning your schedule around a Saturday night in Las Tunas.

Saturday night street party Las Tunas Cuba

Stick around for the music, karaoke & dancing at night!

Attractions in Las Tunas

Las Tunas itself is a relaxed, pleasant town – unfortunately, we were only there for the night. We recommend arriving on Saturday morning or afternoon & strolling through the city, before the party.

Roman Columns Las Tunas

We stumbled across some unusual roman columns found in the city centre

This allows you to visit the Memorial a los Martires de Barbados, which is closed on Sunday. This was the home of Carlos Leyva Gonzalez, an Olympic fencer who died in the 1976 terrorist bombing of Cubana de Aviacio Flight 455. Now, it’s a museum dedicated to the victims of the attack, 57 out of 73 who were Cuban.

There are some memorials & statues on Plaza Marti & Parque Viciente Garcia.

Plaza Marti Las Tunas

Plaza Marti opposite the street party

Viciente Garcia captured the city from the Spanish in 1876 before torching it to the ground in 1897 when the conquerors tried to reclaim it. Garcia’s former home can be visited (Memorial Viciente Garcia), it’s located next to the park of his name.

There’s also the Museo Provincial General Vicente Garcia, Las Tunas provincial museum & town hall:

Museo Provincial General Vicente Garcia

Museo Provincial General Vicente Garcia in the heart of the city

You can’t be a provincial capital & not have a Plaza de la Revolucion & things are no different in Las Tunas. There’s the ubiquitous propaganda, including a massive monument to Vicente Garcia & a rather nice Che Guevera panel.

Huge memorial to Vincente Garcia

The massive Memorial Vicente Garcia

Oh & it’s not a concrete plaza but covered in grass. It’s a little out of the city centre, not worth a visit unless you’ve got time or are a propaganda billboard junkie like me.

Che Guevara propaganda Las Tunas

One of the most photogenic Che billboards in all of Cuba!

Las Tunas is known as the “City of Sculptures”, a moniker that dates back to a major sculpture exhibition that was held in the city in 1974. These days, over 150 sculptures can be found across town: some big, some small, some significant, some overlooked – but all quirky & original.

Quirky sculpture in Las Tunas Cuba

Found only in the City of Sculptures!

Accommodation in Las Tunas

We stayed at the excellent Sr. Luis Farinas, which we can highly recommend.

It’s a huge room, more like 2 rooms with the bedroom & adjoining kitchenette & dining table/area. The hosts are also very nice.

It’s hotel quality, worthy of CUC$25 but we negotiated to CUC$15.

Their contact details are:

Address – Calle Menocal #40, e/ G. de Quesada y Pepito Pena

Telephone – +53 31 34-2129, +53 5283369 (mobile)

Sr. Luis Farinas Casa Las Tunas

Sr. Luis Farinas, one of our favourite cases in all of Cuba!

How to Get to Las Tunas

In Holguin, camiones to Las Tunas depart from Carretera Central, 5 blocks west from the Omnibus Nacionales & Viazul bus terminals.

The ride costs 20 pesos & takes around 1.5 hours.

Camion truck from Holguin to Las Tunas

Hop on the camion from Holguin to Las Tunas

How to Get out of Las Tunas

Camiones depart from the train station in Las Tunas. To get to Playa Santa Lucia, we took a truck to Manite for 10 pesos, the ride took just over 1 hour – get off at the roundabout, before the camion turns right into Manite town. There are 2 cafeterias here for snacks & drinks.

Wait for your next ride on the side of the road, north of the roundabout – we caught a bus for 5 pesos, getting off at the turn off to the main road to the beach, Carretera a Playa de Santa Lucia. Here, we hitched a ride with a passing (private) camionetta all the way to Playa Santa Lucia.

*** The Final Word – Las Tunas Saturday night street party is Cuba’s best kept secret! ***

Where’s the best street party you’ve been to?

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