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Places of Worship & Ruins

San Andres Xecul: Day Trip from Quetzaltenango (Xela)

San Andres Xecul is an easy and cheap day trip from Quetzaltenango (Xela), but should you visit? No! Take a look at our pictures and save yourself some time.

Mitla Ruins: Intricate Stone Mosaics

The Mitla Ruins are worth exploring even if you have explored dozens of other Mesoamerican ruins. They are noteworthy for their intricate stone patterns. Take a look inside.

Cempoala & La Antigua: Cortez’s Footprints

Cempoala was the 1st major Mesoamerican city that Cortez discovered during his explorations – and he lived in Antigua, regarded as the 1st Spanish city in Mexico.

El Tajin: City of Thunder God

UNESCO listed El Tajin is your one stop shop for everything that Mesoamerican Veracruz has to offer… excellent ruins, voladores & the Pueblo Magico base town of Papantla.

Xilitla & Las Pozas: Jungle Surrealism

In 1945 an English poet came to the mountains of Las Pozas, Xilitla to create a Garden of Eden – join us in exploring the fun & fantasy in this natural wonderland!

Prambanan by Local Bus from Yogyakarta

The magnificent Prambanan temple complex is just 17km northeast of Yogyakarta, easily accessible on the city’s excellent & cheap local bus network.

Borobudur by Local Bus from Yogyakarta

Forget the tours & guides – read about the history & design of Borobudur & find out how to visit the world’s largest Buddhist temple by local bus for as little as 3,600 IDR!

Temples & Terraces: An Ubud Day Trip on Motorbike

The best temples & rice terraces of Ubud lie outside the city center, best explored at your own pace on 2 wheels.

Xochicalco: Crossroads of Mesoamerica

UNESCO listed Xochicalco is not your run of the mill Mexican ruins. From a distance it looks like a pile of rocks, but surprises lurk around every boulder.

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