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Volcan Santa Maria: Hiking Without a Tour

Volcan Santa Maria, with its perfect cone, can be seen from anywhere near Quetzaltenango (Xela). Find out how to hike to the top without a tour for only Q4 (USD$0.53).

Hierve el Agua: Petrified Waterfalls in Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua translates as ‘boiling water’, but the petrified waterfalls formed from natural springs appear frozen in time. Take a closer look and find out how to reach this remote location from Oaxaca without a tour.

Laguna Chicabal Hiking Without a Tour

Laguna Chicabal is an easy volcano to climb in preparation for Volcan Santa Maria. Located inside its crater is a tranquil lake. Find out if this deserves to be #1 on TripAdvisor for Xela.

Semuc Champey: Pools on a Natural Bridge

Semuc Champey is a rare natural phenomenon located in the center of Guatamala. See why many tourists are now travelling to this remote destination.

Parque Nacional Vinales: Free DIY Hiking!

Parque Nacional Vinales offers some of the finest & most accessible hiking trails in Cuba – hire a guide, trek on horseback or simply go it alone on your own two feet.

Peña de Bernal: World’s 10th Largest Monolith

Bernal is famous for its massive monolith, which is defined as a single rock. The entire town gravitates around the crowds that Peña de Bernal pulls in.

Getting Real in Real de Catorce

It is amazing the lengths people will go to in order to reach Real de Catorce. Any visitor needs to invest at least three days to visit the reinvigorated ghost town. Is it worth it? Yes!

How to Hike Mount Bromo for Free & Without a Tour

Mount Bromo National Park is best explored on your own two feet – here’s how to hike it for free & without a tour AND still see 2 volcano views, cross the Sea of Sand & look into the mouth of an… Continue Reading →

How to Climb Mount Ijen Without a Tour

The night hike up & into the crater of Mount Ijen is an intense, challenging & emotional experience – & it feels all the more satisfying when you accomplish it all on your own.

How to Climb Mount Kelimutu for Free

Are you climbing Mount Kelimutu and don’t want to pay Indonesia 150,000 IDR? Good! We felt the same way. Find out below how we visited the three colored lakes for absolutely free.

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