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Things to do in Ciego de Avila & the History of La Trocha

There aren’t many things to do in Ciego de Avila, a city in Cuba that wasn’t much different than the United States in the 19th century. Learn about the history of La Trocha, how to get there & more.

Things to do in Matanzas: Is It Worth Visiting?

There are a number of things to do in Matanzas but none are outstanding – check out the accommodation & transport options and decide for yourself if it’s worth the trip…

Things to do in Pinar del Rio: Planning Your Visit

Cigar & guava brandy tours are some of the best things to do in Pinar del Rio – find out what else makes the list, along with information on accommodation & transport.

Vinales on a Budget: Things to do & More!

Visit Vinales, one of Fidel Castro’s favourite places in Cuba – from the number of tourists here, it seems everyone agrees. From accommodation to food, find out our top tips to enjoy Vinales on a budget.

Playa Larga on a Budget: Planning Your Visit

Playa Larga is best known for the Bay of Pigs invasion but it also offers great diving & wildlife opportunities: from accommodation to food, find out how to enjoy Playa Larga on a budget.

Varadero on a Budget: Is This Cuba’s Best Beach?

Varadero is Cuba’s biggest resort area but its beautiful beaches are absolutely free! Find out how to experience Varadero on a budget & judge for yourself if it really is the best beach in Cuba…

Things to do in Sancti Spiritus: Planning Your Visit

Sancti Spiritus isn’t a must-see destination in Cuba but if you’ve got some time to spare on the road from Trinidad to Camaguey, here are the top things to do in Sancti Spiritus.

Tlacotalpan Day Trip from Veracruz: Is it Worth it?

A Tlacotalpan Day Trip from Veracruz takes 2 hours by bus each way – it’s a colourful Pueblo Magico & UNESCO World Heritage City, but is it worth the trip?

Visiting Las Pozas, Xilitla: Jungle Surrealism in Mexico

In 1945 an English poet came to the mountains of Mexico to create a Garden of Eden – from transport to accommodation, find out about everything you need to know about visiting Las Pozas, Xilitla.

Things to do in Queretaro: Walking Tour

Queretaro is a UNESCO World Heritage City in Mexico, that is perfect for exploring on foot – join us on a walking tour as we make stops at all the top things to do in Queretaro!

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