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Puerto Escondido: Beaches for All Styles

If Puerto Escondido has nothing else, it has a plethora of beaches to fit anyone’s tastes. Find out which one matches your interests best.

Ciego de Avila’s La Trocha: Cuba Divided

Was Cuba that much different than America in the 19th century? La Trocha in Ciego de Avila explains why it wasn’t.

Matanzas: Playa Coral & Varadero Base Town

There’s not much to see & do in Matanzas, but if you’re coming from Havana, it’s a good base from which to visit Playa Coral & the resort haven of Varadero.

Pinar del Rio: Cigar & Whiskey Town

Escape the tourists & casas of Vinales & head to the down to earth town of Pinar del Rio for factory tours of cigars & guava brandy!

Vinales Budget Travel Guide

Visit Vinales, one of Fidel Castro’s favourite places in Cuba – from the number of tourists here, it seems everyone agrees. But is it DIY friendly? Find out our top tips & tricks!

Sancti Spiritus Stopover

Sancti Spiritus is no little Trinidad despite what people may say – there’s a reason why few tourists choose not to make Sancti Spiritus part of their trip. Guess what made us stop…

Xilitla & Las Pozas: Jungle Surrealism

In 1945 an English poet came to the mountains of Las Pozas, Xilitla to create a Garden of Eden – join us in exploring the fun & fantasy in this natural wonderland!

Queretaro Walking Tour

Similar to the Procesion del Silencio, we are going to take a walking tour of Queretaro. Thankfully, we won’t be carrying a cross and dragging a chain around our ankle in the process…

San Luis Potosi Plaza Hopping

San Luis Potosi has enough plazas to fill a day – you will quickly find that where one plaza ends, another plaza is just around the corner…

Getting Real in Real de Catorce

It is amazing the lengths people will go to in order to reach Real de Catorce. Any visitor needs to invest at least three days to visit the reinvigorated ghost town. Is it worth it? Yes!

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