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San Juan La Laguna: Indian Nose Base Village

San Juan La Laguna sits under the ‘nose’ of the popular Indian Nose hike on the northwest shore of Lake Atitlan. Find out how this weaving village creates a vibe of their own.

Rio Dulce Town: An Unpleasant Base

No one has visited Rio Dulce Town, and stayed longer than absolutely needed. Come see Castillo de San Felipe, Finca El Paraiso, and El Golfete by boat before moving on. Find out how to make this transit town bearable.

San Marcos: Commercialized Hippie Village

San Marcos La Laguna has seen the end of ‘free love’ with the emergence of a new class of commercialized hippies. Find out what spiritual retreats and other seminars are on offer?

Why Placencia is the Perfect Seaside Holiday Destination

Make sure to take some photos in Placencia because it’s a picture-perfect beach holiday destination – there’s not much to do so just unwind, relax & enjoy the sea breeze!

Nebaj: Welcome to the Ixil Region

Nebaj is a small town, and the base for exploring the Ixil Region. This means women wearing traditional clothing, colder temperatures, and plenty of hikes. Find out what to do in and around Nebaj.

San Ignacio Budget Travel Guide & Tour Prices

San Ignacio is the day trip mecca of Belize – find out what tours are available as well as information on attractions, food, accommodation & transport.

Belize City: What to See & Do in 2 Hours

Belize City comes with a bad reputation & no major sights of interest – but find out why it’s worth a quick stop as you transit through the country.

Caye Caulker Travel Guide: Budget Island Paradise!

If you only visit one place in Belize, make it Caye Caulker! This island paradise caters to all budgets but we’re going to show you how do it as cheaply as possible!

The Quirky & Colonial Town of Pyin Oo Lwin

What do you get if you mix a multi-cultural hill station with military cadets, horse carriages & colonial mansions? The answer is, a charming town named Pyin Oo Lwin!

Todos Santos Traditional Clothing

Todos Santos Cuchumatan is a unique village tucked away in the Guatemala Highlands. It is known for hiking and the traditional clothing BOTH the men and women wear. Find out how to identify a Todosantero when you see one.

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