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Things to do in Cuernavaca: Planning Your Visit

Cuernavaca has a few important monuments but it’s better used as a base for visiting attractions in the region – but if you are stuck here, find out the things to do in Cuernavaca.

Things to do in Medan: Planning Your Visit

Most people only spend 1 night in Medan before flying out the next day – find out the stopover essentials: accommodation, transport & things to do in Medan.

Banda Aceh Tsunami Tour: Top 7 DIY Sites

Take the morning ferry from Pulau Weh & spend half a day visiting the various landmarks on a self-guide Banda Aceh tsunami tour – find out the top 7 sites not to miss.

Diving Pulau Weh on a Backpacker’s Budget

Check out our complete guide to diving Pulau Weh – from transport, accommodation & food to snorkelling & diving, find out everything you need to know about staying on this backpacker island.

Where to Find Kopi Luwak in Indonesia

The world’s most expensive coffee comes from the poo of the civet cat – read about the full process here & where to find Kopi Luwak in Indonesia!

Where to Find the Rafflesia Flower in Indonesia

Join us & guide Johnny in the jungles of Bukittinggi, where we will show you where to find the Rafflesia  in Indonesia, the largest flower in the world.  

Things to do in Bukittinggi: Planning Your Visit

Our 1 day travel guide shows you the best things to do in Bukittinggi, including Sianok Canyon & eating authentic Padang food – there’s accommodation & transport info too!

Things to do in Jakarta: Planning Your Visit

We show you the best things to do in Jakarta, along with how to get in & out of this megacity of overpopulation & urban sprawl! The capital of Indonesia is not that bad, really!

How to Get to Prambanan by Bus from Yogyakarta

Forget the tours & guides – read about the history & design of Indonesia’s biggest Hindu temple & find out how to get to Prambanan by local bus for as little as 25 cents!

How to get to Borobudur by Bus from Yogyakarta

Forget the tours & guides – read about the history & design of the world’s largest Buddhist temple & find out how to get to Borobudur by bus from Yogyakarta for as little as 25 cents!

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