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Playa Larga on a Budget: Planning Your Visit

Playa Larga is best known for the Bay of Pigs invasion but it also offers great diving & wildlife opportunities: from accommodation to food, find out how to enjoy Playa Larga on a budget.

Varadero on a Budget: Is This Cuba’s Best Beach?

Varadero is Cuba’s biggest resort area but its beautiful beaches are absolutely free! Find out how to experience Varadero on a budget & judge for yourself if it really is the best beach in Cuba…

Playa Coral Snorkeling Options: Tours vs Free Walk-In

From free walk-in snorkeling to official tours, we present to you the 3 best Playa Coral snorkeling options – find out the pros & cons of each one and how to get there from Varadero.

Hershey Train Schedule From Havana: All Aboard!

The legendary Hershey Train in Cuba runs 3 times a day from Havana to Matanzas – find out what to expect onboard, along with the Hershey Train schedule, prices & more!

Things to do in Sancti Spiritus: Planning Your Visit

Sancti Spiritus isn’t a must-see destination in Cuba but if you’ve got some time to spare on the road from Trinidad to Camaguey, here are the top things to do in Sancti Spiritus.

Visit Arbol del Tule, the World’s Largest Tree

Introducing Arbol del Tule, the world’s stoutest tree! Learn about its claim to fame and find out how to get there from Oaxaca City.

Tlacotalpan Day Trip from Veracruz: Is it Worth it?

A Tlacotalpan Day Trip from Veracruz takes 2 hours by bus each way – it’s a colourful Pueblo Magico & UNESCO World Heritage City, but is it worth the trip?

Cempoala and La Antigua: Following Cortes’ Footprints

Cempoala and La Antigua are little-known but hugely important historical cities in Mexico – find out how they are linked with the Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes.

Visit El Tajin Ruins: Easy Day Trip from Papantla

There’s not much to see & do in Papantla but it is worth a stop to visit El Tajin, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Mexico – find out how to get there & what to expect at this stunning… Continue Reading →

Things to do in Tampico: Crocodiles & Iguanas

Looking for things to do in Tampico? We show you how to get there & where to meet the local wildlife in this low-key Mexican port city.

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