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North America

Cempoala & La Antigua: Cortez’s Footprints

Cempoala was the 1st major Mesoamerican city that Cortez discovered during his explorations – and he lived in Antigua, regarded as the 1st Spanish city in Mexico.

El Tajin: City of Thunder God

UNESCO listed El Tajin is your one stop shop for everything that Mesoamerican Veracruz has to offer… excellent ruins, voladores & the Pueblo Magico base town of Papantla.

Tampico Crocodile & Iguana Wildlife

The Gulf of Mexico provides a chance to work & play – and in Tampico, the wild crocodiles & iguanas are the star performers!

Xilitla & Las Pozas: Jungle Surrealism

In 1945 an English poet came to the mountains of Las Pozas, Xilitla to create a Garden of Eden – join us in exploring the fun & fantasy in this natural wonderland!

Peña de Bernal: World’s 10th Largest Monolith

Bernal is famous for its massive monolith, which is defined as a single rock. The entire town gravitates around the crowds that Peña de Bernal pulls in.

Queretaro Walking Tour

Similar to the Procesion del Silencio, we are going to take a walking tour of Queretaro. Thankfully, we won’t be carrying a cross and dragging a chain around our ankle in the process…

San Luis Potosi Plaza Hopping

San Luis Potosi has enough plazas to fill a day – you will quickly find that where one plaza ends, another plaza is just around the corner…

Getting Real in Real de Catorce

It is amazing the lengths people will go to in order to reach Real de Catorce. Any visitor needs to invest at least three days to visit the reinvigorated ghost town. Is it worth it? Yes!

Uruapan: Urban Oasis

Uruapan is known for it’s impressive urban jungle (Barranca del Cupatitzio National Park) & for being the avocado capital of the world.

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park

Claustrophobic people need not worry about visiting the amazing Grutas de Cacahuamilpa in Central Mexico. Caverns range from 30-80 meters in height in one of the largest cave systems in the world!

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