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Vinales Budget Travel Guide

Visit Vinales, one of Fidel Castro’s favourite places in Cuba – from the number of tourists here, it seems everyone agrees. But is it DIY friendly? Find out our top tips & tricks!

Playa Larga and Bay of Pigs

Playa Larga is best known for the Bay of Pigs invasion, but also has great budget diving and wildlife opportunities. Find out what is on offer around Playa Larga.

Varadero: Caribbean’s Best Beach?

Varadero is undoubtedly Cuba’s biggest resort area but is it the best beach in the Caribbean? Check out our review & photos to judge for yourself!

Playa Coral: Free Walk-in Snorkeling

Are you a sea fan, because Playa Coral has plenty of them? There are only a handful of excellent walk-in snorkeling locations in Cuba, so take advantage of this easily accessed spot.

Hershey Train: The Rail Truth & Nothing but the Truth

The legendary Hershey Train has long been glorified by Havana day-trippers seeking an authentic Cuban experience – is it worth the trip or have we all been taken for a ride?

Sancti Spiritus Stopover

Sancti Spiritus is no little Trinidad despite what people may say – there’s a reason why few tourists choose not to make Sancti Spiritus part of their trip. Guess what made us stop…

Arbol del Tule, the World’s Largest Tree

Introducing the world’s stoutest tree! The trunk of Arbol del Tule measures 14m in diameter & it’s among the oldest trees in the world – find out what hides behind those branches.

Tlacotalpan: UNESCO Day Trip from Veracruz

Tlacotalpan is more Pueblo Magico than UNESCO. Find out why this small river town doesn’t deserve the UNESCO classification, on a day trip from Veracruz.

Cempoala & La Antigua: Cortez’s Footprints

Cempoala was the 1st major Mesoamerican city that Cortez discovered during his explorations – and he lived in Antigua, regarded as the 1st Spanish city in Mexico.

El Tajin: City of Thunder God

UNESCO listed El Tajin is your one stop shop for everything that Mesoamerican Veracruz has to offer… excellent ruins, voladores & the Pueblo Magico base town of Papantla.

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