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Cancun Budget Travel Guide & Best Beaches!

To all independent travellers, give Cancun a chance! We share with you the best beaches & more in our Budget Travel Guide!

Hierve el Agua: Petrified Waterfalls in Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua translates as ‘boiling water’, but the petrified waterfalls formed from natural springs appear frozen in time. Take a closer look and find out how to reach this remote location from Oaxaca without a tour.

Monte Alban Ruins via Oaxaca City Bus

Monte Alban is one of Mesoamerica’s largest megacities. Learn about the ruins and how to get there without a tour by a local bus from Oaxaca.

Zipolite and Mazunte: Budget Beaches

Whereas Mazunte has been awarded Pueblo Magico status, nearby Zipolite still has naked tourists running around the beach. Let’s explore both villages to help you decide where to stay upon your visit.

Mitla Ruins: Intricate Stone Mosaics

The Mitla Ruins are worth exploring even if you have explored dozens of other Mesoamerican ruins. They are noteworthy for their intricate stone patterns. Take a look inside.

Puerto Escondido: Beaches for All Styles

If Puerto Escondido has nothing else, it has a plethora of beaches to fit anyone’s tastes. Find out which one matches your interests best.

Phosphorescent Plankton in Laguna Manialtepec

Have you seen Life of Pi where he sails among phosphorescent jellyfish, and a whale breaches near his boat? Good, because phosphorescent plankton is no where near as exciting.

Arbol del Tule, the World’s Largest Tree

Introducing the world’s stoutest tree! The trunk of Arbol del Tule measures 14m in diameter & it’s among the oldest trees in the world – find out what hides behind those branches.

Tlacotalpan: UNESCO Day Trip from Veracruz

Tlacotalpan is more Pueblo Magico than UNESCO. Find out why this small river town doesn’t deserve the UNESCO classification, on a day trip from Veracruz.

Cempoala & La Antigua: Cortez’s Footprints

Cempoala was the 1st major Mesoamerican city that Cortez discovered during his explorations – and he lived in Antigua, regarded as the 1st Spanish city in Mexico.

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