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Bukittinggi, Sianok Canyon & Padang Food

It may not be easy to get to but once you’re there, Bukittinggi is a laid-back highland town of natural beauty, historical significance & Padang cuisine.

Jakarta Budget Travel Guide: What to See & Do

Like its fruit namesake, Jakarta is a shock at first sight & smell – a spiky & stinking megacity of overpopulation & urban sprawl!

Prambanan by Local Bus from Yogyakarta

The magnificent Prambanan temple complex is just 17km northeast of Yogyakarta, easily accessible on the city’s excellent & cheap local bus network.

Borobudur by Local Bus from Yogyakarta

Forget the tours & guides – read about the history & design of Borobudur & find out how to visit the world’s largest Buddhist temple by local bus for as little as 3,600 IDR!

Visit Yogyakarta: A Budget Travel Guide

Yogyakarta is the capital city of the Yogyakarta Special Region & the most popular tourist destination in Java – not because it’s anything special itself but for its proximity to the archaeological wonders of Borobodur & Prambanan.

How to Hike Mount Bromo for Free & Without a Tour

Mount Bromo National Park is best explored on your own two feet – here’s how to hike it for free & without a tour AND still see 2 volcano views, cross the Sea of Sand & look into the mouth of an… Continue Reading →

How to Climb Mount Ijen Without a Tour

The night hike up & into the crater of Mount Ijen is an intense, challenging & emotional experience – & it feels all the more satisfying when you accomplish it all on your own.

Ubud to Banyuwangi via Gilimanuk & Menjangan

Find out how to get to Mt Ijen in Java from Ubud & Gilimanuk in Bali and where to stay on the way, along with an optional snorkeling stopover at Menjangan Island.

Crossing the Border to East Timor Overland

Whether you’re travelling from Kupang, Kefemenanu or Atambua, be prepared for a long & bumpy road to the East Timor border – this is my personal journey…

The Long Road to Tamkessi Village

Tamkessi is a remote tribal village, similar to those found on Flores Island, with equally limited transport connections – so the question is, is it worth the trip? Read on…

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