Travel by rail in Myanmar any chance you get! Share the journey with locals & enjoy the green countryside – for a short taste of what it’s like, come aboard with us on the train from Bago to Yangon!

The afternoon train from Bago to Yangon departs at around 3pm & takes approximately 1.5hrs.The price is 600 kyats.

Bago train station

Bago train station

For this 78km journey, with relatively minimal stops, it is positively bullet-train like, in comparison to our previous journey through southern Myanmar – see our post Myanmar’s Slowest Train: Dawei > Mawlamyine.

Once again, the ride is thoroughly pleasurable. From a window seat in the aftermath of recent rainfall, cool air rushes by, wind-blown hair over eyes contemplating the passing wet, green countryside.

Green countryside views on train

In the rainy season, the whole countryside is lush & green

Approaching Yangon, the landscapes transforms from verdant village views to a monetariy-meagre metropolitan mise-en-scene.

People waiting on train tracks

More people along the tracks as the train begins to pull into Yangon

Train tracks in Yangon

The tracks leading into Yangon

Riding in ordinary class (this time) bears witness to a camaraderie between passengers that characterizes so much of local travel and transport in developing countries, a reflection of the wider society as a whole.

Food and fruit are flung around freely, seats are shared, greetings are genuinely and generous granted, conversations carried without care.

To a foreigner, the ease of exchanges, physical and emotional, between strangers never fails to enlighten and energize.

Bridge crossing on train

A bridge crossing on the train from Bago to Yango

For more information on Bago, see our post Snakes, Stupas, Cheroots & Buddhas in Bago! 

For more information on Yangon, see our posts Yangon Attractions: What to See & Do for Free and Downtown Yangon: Most Authentic City in Asia and Shwedagon Pagoda: World’s Most Beautiful Temple.

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Bago to Yangon Train in Ordinary Class

*** The Final Word – The Yangon to Bago train is a good taster before preparing yourself for one of Myanmar’s longest rail journeys! *** 

What train journeys have you taken in Myanmar?


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